During the Baseball Game

On Wednesday April 25th at 5:00pm Andrew worked the baseball game. Jeffrey assigned him to the audio room to control the ambient sound,announcers’ headphones, and the black storm. He had to listen in on what Jeffrey wanted him to either turn up or down. He could only speak through the headsets if anyone in the trailer needed something.He had to mute everything when commercial was about to start and to unmut everything when the game was about to come back on by listening to the count down. Also, he had to watch the levels to make sure that they did not turn red, which indicated that it was too loud. They had to remain in the yellow indicator that showed everything sounded normal. All the sounds had to be mix together in order for the meter to take in the sound properly. After the game ended he had to stop the taps from recording. Some of the things that Andrew wished that he could have learned was being able to learn the different color switches that helped control each sound effects.Also, he wished that he could have taken a break from the audio for at least an hour and been behind one of the cameras during the game.

Andrew Adams’s Beach Volleyball Job


Beginning of the End at Collective

There hasn’t been a ton to do after Easter, but there’s always something to help out with at Collective! With the start of the Badass Lady Preachers series, I’ve been searching for different Sunday Facebook event graphics that fit each week’s theme. The only thing that’s really stopping me from completing it is figuring out what my supervisors see for their own vision (or what represents each theme to them). This is something I usually take some liberties on, and it’s nice to see some of my “edgier” Facebook graphics on the page as well as my own interpretation of the theme being sent out.

We’re also figuring out how to create a monthly calendar of Collective events to post outside in the lightbox. Jess (one of my supervisors) and I have been swapping ideas back and forth, and we were (finally!) able to figure out a monthly calendar with small strips of event names on each day. Rather than going through too much work by creating a calendar from scratch, I pulled a free template from online and I am customizing it from there. This includes adjusting the length, size, color, type, holidays, and days for the month of May. I understand that working from scratch can be helpful when first starting to learn graphic design, but when it comes to very standard pieces like calendars, I enjoy some leeway and time-choppers. Especially when everything ends in about a week! This will make it much easier to work within dimension boundaries and adhere to Collective branding. I’ve said it before, but it’s always a great feeling to see my work approved and displayed.


On April 11th Tony and I had a great studio session as we spent the afternoon recording drums. For our electronic EP we wanted to incorporate real drums into one of our longer (and heavier I guess you could say?) songs. When Tony first brought his ideas to me and we first started working on it it immediately reminded me of Twenty One Pilots, and thinking about how they incorporate real drums into their mostly electronic songs, it inspired me to take a shot at it. I took an initial pass at this about a month before this session by recording drums by myself in the studio (which was incredibly difficult even with only 4 mics), and getting what were essentially scratch tracks. I was able to do a quick mix of these and showed it to Tony, who was then completely sold on it. So on the 11th, we set up 9 mics and did a legit drum recording session; this happened to be the most mics I had ever used on a drum kit and I was excited at the challenge of mixing everything. After setting up the usual close mics and overheads, I decided to set up an additional mic on the outside of the kick using the Rode NT2A, a room mic using the large ribbon mic, and a hi hat mic using the AKG C3000.  I ended up being very happy with the results I achieved with the extra microphones as the room mic added some more ambience and space without compromising the perceived distance of the close mics, and the hi hat mic allowed me to be more precise in the mix with the main beat of the verse. All-in-all, I find the process of recording drums to be quite fascinating as every studio has slightly different practices and differences in mic choice, placement, and mixing. It’s an incredibly in-depth process in which I really want to improve.


April 6th in the studio was fairly productive afternoon as I worked on a large amount of paperwork stuff that needed to be turned in for my senior hearing. I was feeling quite nervous about getting all of my music notation for the album done in time as there’s  just a lot of material and layers to every song. Not only that but a great deal of the content on the album is noise that was generated with all kinds of electronics that exist outside of any kind of pitch or rhythm, and I was unsure of the best method in which to actually do this, even after researching several “modern” approaches to notation. Ultimately I decided on exporting a picture of the waveform of the electronics and cut it into the bars in Finale, which achieved what I wanted to convey as the dynamics were the largest change over time. Anyways,  my original plan was to create MIDI versions of every song in Logic, edit the notation in the Score Editor, and then export and print it. That day I was able to get another huge chunk of the MIDI done for several songs that I had just finalized. Eventually I came to find out that I was having formatting issues in the Score Editor and wasn’t able to get the header looking the way it needed to, and I was unable to get the instrument names to appear on the left side of the score to indicate what bars belonged to what part. It was an incredibly frustrating endeavor but in the end it came together.

Fixing the Galleries

After I did all that work and backdated all the galleries last week, I realized I had done them wrong. Instead of adding a gallery into the post, I simply put the pictures straight into the post. Some of the posts I also forgot to add a featured image, which made just a blank space on the main page where a linked picture should have been. I went back through every single post and added a featured image, as well as changed the line of pictures into a gallery. It definitely looks a lot nicer with it in gallery format, more professional and easier to look through.

After showcase yesterday, there were several winners for the Creative Art department. I believe Jasmine Ramos won the Maris prize, while Anna Chun and Ian Felpel both got honorable mentions. That’s so awesome that there was so much talent that they had a tie! I think I should write a post about the winners, but does that go in a post along with the 2017 Student Honorees or does that go in a post by itself? I’ve put up a draft of the 2017 Student Honorees, I just need the names of the winners to finish that one. After that, the only thing really left is the concert from Computer Music II, which we can create a featured event about. We may need some more profiles as well, but no one seems to want to do those anymore. Maybe Laura should send out one more asking for a last chance mention on the website.

Easter Recovery and Success

So the big event was last Sunday and it went incredibly well! We had the largest Sunday Soul Brunch ever with 225 people attending, but it required much more planning and organizing than a regular Sunday Soul Brunch.  The residential pastor, Kathy, called one of our strategies “Cheesecake factory-ing” where we would walk each group to their reserved table in order to avoid chair stealing, table mixing, and general chaos. It worked great!

The special poster we had created for the event was definitely tough to agree on, and I was the monkey-in-the-middle as each supervisor liked/disliked different aspects of the design. Eventually we did find one that most of us agreed upon, but there wasn’t a 100% satisfaction rate. The majority of the problems came from a branding standpoint. Collective Church is very stern (and rightly so) about keeping their brand and their look consistent. This means using the same type family and design style throughout everything I make, and has gotten me to be used to designing for the purpose of the brand. I won’t doubt that’ll be handy to mention in the future as I expand my horizons and enter different working environments.

For the rest of the semester, there’s not too much to do in regards to big events. There is the next Sunday Soul Brunch next month, and there are always Sunday Services to create Facebook graphics for! We’re starting a new series names “Badass Lady Preachers” and I’m focused on creating something that conveys a symbol of “badass womanhood” instead of just “being female.” We have this Tuesday off because of all the hard work we put into last Sunday, and even then I’m constantly on the look-out for something that’ll aid Collective’s brand for each Sunday to come.

Backdating the Gallery

This week I’m focusing mainly on backdating the gallery for the Digital Arts and Theater Arts Gallery. I’ve also included my own Profile that will be up tomorrow, and am working on a show post. The problem with the opening reception for the Studio Art show is that I don’t have the catalogue, pictures, or any information on who all the artists are so I can’t really write anything. I also don’t have the catalogue or name of the show. I’ve posted in Kappa Pi, so hopefully anyone who knows that info can give it to me, or Laura can send me an email with all the information.

**Update** I got a hold of Jasmine Ramos, who is creating the catalogue for the show, and she sent it over to me. I finished and posted an event for the show opening on April 17. I included the names of the participants (it’s only 6 seniors), the dates the show is open, and the Hand Art Center hours. I also added their picture from the poster, because it’s pretty fun.

I’m also struggling adding media into the galleries, it keeps trying to make me make a post so I think I’m doing it wrong. Am I supposed to be doing separate posts for each event? I did it for Unity of the Arts, so you can look at it before I do any more and let me know if that’s the right way to do it. If it is, I will continue to do this for the Theatre shows as well.

**Other Update** I figured out I could look at other galleries for help, and went through them all and figured out myself how to do it. I backlogged all the ones that I could find that were not already put in. There may still be more, as I only looked back until about 2015, but there is now about 7 more show galleries that didn’t exist before. Woohoo!

Last week

Last week was fairly uneventful as it was busy for both myself and Dr. Pras. The studio didn’t really need much in terms of tidying up or maintenance, and I had ended up with a ridiculous schedule on both Tuesday and Thursday. Over the course of the coming week I intend to use my studio time to record upright bass and do some mixing on my album. Something I’ve noticed is that every time I mix in the studio and then bring back to listen on my own monitors or headphones is that it just sounds entirely off. This might just be due to me going in between two different audio environments and being used to one over the other. I’ve read several articles saying that it doesn’t really matter how detailed or amazing your speakers are, as long as you’re 100% aware of how to get your intended results with your specific setup. Next time I go in I’m planning on bringing my AKG K712 headphones (which were designed for mixing) so that I have a reference.