MOAS Internship: Harry Potter Madness and More

We started off the week as we always do with camp registration. Normally, Thanya and I, handle the 4 to 6 year old but, there was a registration incident with a new camper in the 7 to 9 group thus I has to covered for Nicole while she sorted out the problem. As it so happen the class for 7 to 9 year olds was the Harry Potter one so there was an abundance of new campers and parents that required paperwork and explanations of how attendance and the picking up process worked out. While the registration was hectic at moments when multiple families required assistance I managed to swiftly handle their paperwork and questions. Once we concluded registration we update our paper records for all the camp groups.

That morning we not only did a tour but, we also helped a number of times in the Harry Potter camp that was being lead by Kelsey. We arrange the entrances to Platform 9 & 3/4 by taping the “brick wall” we completed last week to the door that lead to the train cars in the Root Gallery. There the campers enter the usually off-limit train cars. After this we had a house sorting that went as well as it could have gone considering that the kids had pre-established preferences. It was nice to see the Sorting Hat that we created being used and the kids be so excited about it.

The 7 to 9 year old campers sitting in the train as the head off to Hogwarts.

We continued with our help to the Harry Potter themed camp throughout the week by making stencils that would be used by the campers in a painting project. We later assisted in a game of Quidditch where we were goal post, score keeper and tired to keep the game friendly.

Outside of helping in the camp we concluded the planets for the mobile planetarium (which is to scale). We also took photos of each MOAS rock we made to create an index for museum as the project will soon be rolling out to the general public. We also began to really working on the coloring that we have been discussing for some time with the head of the department. He provided us with a previous and rather outdated example of one that the Musuem used. Thanya and I will be using that material as a foundation where we plan to bring in more aspects of the Prehistory of Florida exhibit as well as activities.

Planets in order, starting with Mercury, from left to right.

Week 8 MOAS Internship

This week was rather slow as far as tours go because we only toured one group for the entire week, and they gave us no trouble. We had expected more groups, but the rest of them just never showed up. We opted to helping out with the 7-9 yr old camp. It was the Hogwarts camp, and last week we had created the sorting hat, and at the start of the week we tried to simulate the 9 & 3/4 station, by placing our paper brick wall on the entrance to the trains display in the Root Gallery.

Soon afterwards, we guided the kids inside the train, which was a special privilege for them since normally visitors aren’t allowed inside the trains. We had to supervise them just to make sure they didn’t damage anything, but overall it was a fun treat for everyone.

Note: All parents/guardians have consented for their children to be photographed.

Additionally, we also created stencils of a Hogwarts silhouette. The kids used these stencils for a negative space painting, and of course the kids got to keep their paintings. The end result would have looked something like this:

On the last day of camp, we had to help the “Quidditch” game by holding up hula hoops as the goal posts. Then after quidditch, the kids got to watch one of the Harry Potter movies, and we served them butter beer.

While the camp was going on, we also finally finished the planet’s that we have been working on. We sanded and painted the monstrous ball that is Jupiter, as well as these tiny balls that represent smaller planets, such as Earth and Venus.

Martha Stewart Photo Shoot

Much like our David Tutera partnership, we also have a large partnership with with Martha Stewart. Currently we have been developing new products and branding with Martha Stewart’ s team for her new paper crafting line coming out in 2018. For this, we are doing a large scale venue photo shoot much like the one with David Tutera. Our photo shoot will feature both her new party and paper lines. We’ve also been building this entire set. Our process with the Martha team is a bit different however due to her large scale of designer recognition. Every step that we take constantly needs approval and recognition from her team. One of our products that needs to be featured is a cupcake paper shell. Meaning we need to find either real cupcakes or make fake ones for our photo shoot. We spent about 2 weeks building our own artificial cupcakes as well as ordering a dozen of differently decorated cupcakes from a total of nine bakeries in the Cleveland area until we finally found a cupcake that was approved by our partnering Martha Team. We also are building 3 new kinds of walls for this photo shoot. These also needed to be approved by the Martha Team before being allowed to move forward with our projects. We had originally scheduled this photo shoot for July 17, but due to the delay in communications on Marthas side and  our chaotic schedule due to our David Tutera photo shoot going on at the same time.

David Tutera Photo SHoot

Our Team not only covers normal crafting trends but we also cover wedding, party, home decor and many more crafting trends. A large part of our jobs while developing products is also developing new brands and packaging. This being said we work with our in house product commercial photographers on a regular bases to acquire product shots as well as hold photo shoots. We work with our in house designers in addition to large r outside designers for all of our product production and photo shoots. Currently our company has a partnership with the large wedding designer David Tutera. This past spring, my colleague Rachel who has all creative direction on photo shoots held a large scale wedding photo shoot and David Tutera came to Cleveland to be in it with the rest of our models. This coming week we will be doing another large scale photo shoot focusing on three new wedding trends in David’s line for 2018. Instead of going to a venue for our photo shoot this time, we built one in our storage building called Q2. We layed flooring, built walls (that are also being used for a Martha Stewart photo shoot), installation pieces, built faux windows, and ordered furniture, and other venue specific items. Ive been asked to model for our Old Hollywood themed wedding trend for our packaging photos and will get to have that experience while working with my team as well! As a smaller business we commonly use our own staff as models and for packaging materials.

Trend Reports

While at darice, the range of work i have done has been very wide but a main responsibility of my department are trend reports. Over the course of my time here this summer, I have contributed to a total of  over 27 Trend Reports; Day of the dead, Day of the dead kids, Friendsgiving, Hocus pocus, Happy harvest, Hypnotic horror, Kids harvest, Simply cozy, Urban luxe, Snail Mail, Felt, Bubble July_Trend_Felt July_Trend_Soaps JULY_Trend_SNAILMAIL Bars, Holiday Cabin Christmas, Holiday Metallic Christmas, Holiday Brights Christmas, Summer Barefoot Backyard, Summer Letters from Camp, Summer Poolside Cool, 3 new Spring trends, 3 new Harvest/Halloween themes, and the 3 mentioned previously in my 1st post (some attached to post).  Each Trend report has a multitude of steps to it. first is coming up with a trend or theme that is rising into popularity for the next years quarters – all the trends Ive done are for 2018. Second we find blogs, Pinterest reference, Instagrammers, and more that the leaders of this trend to research and have visual designs of the styles or trends we are looking at advertising. After this we create a reference board (usually on pinterest) similar to a mood board that is taught in Graphic Design by Madison Creech. Once his is done – we create pdfs in adobe illustrator for our buyers to then understand our trend and begin working with our Product Development and Sales Team to accomplish everything that needs to be done to get these into our stores. We also create “make and take” sheets for our common crafters. We take specific crafts within our trend reports and find the product that we sell that are necessary for this craft. We put it all together so it is easy for our customers to see what to buy together for their target audience to easily create these crafts. We also create inspiration boards for our project craft managers for them to make tangible examples of the things our materials can make that go along with each trend. I have been luck enough to be a part of every step in this process at some point in my working here this summer. Because of this, I was allowed to go to a large meeting with the Vice President of Trend from Michaels Craft Stores (since we are undergoing transitions into their corporation) where she introduced our direction and lead for the next two years in crafting retail. After this I was offered a position throughout the school year of being a “Trend Lookout” for the Michaels headquarters located in Irving, Texas. This means I will constantly be doing research for them remotely and sending them new ideas and trend reference for fresh ideas.

My Snapchat Takeover

About a week ago I got the opportunity to takeover the Stetson University official Snapchat. I felt so honored to be able to do it! As mentioned in my previous post, I had been working with Gerri Bauer in The Office of University Marketing. I mentioned to her that it might be cool to do a Takeover with one of the summer camps that are going on within Stetson, not one of the external camps that uses Stetson’s campus. Currently the School of Music had their Summer Flute Workshop going on, so I emailed Carrie Methany asking if it would be of interest to them for me to do a Snapchat Takeover. She ran it by the camp director, sent me a schedule, and we set up the Takeover for that Friday!

Friday comes and I show up to Presser and I have NO IDEA WHERE I AM GOING! I just started wandering and eventually found the campers, but all the while I had to think, “How am I going to create a Snapchat story that promotes Stetson, the School of Music, and Summer Camp?”

It may not really seem that a background in Digital Arts really helps with creating good Snaps, but I was able to take some of the things I learned from Digital Video and apply them to this project.

Thinking about things like how to get good lighting, decent audio, proper framing… All of these made the Snapchat story look professional and put together.

Gerri said I could continue to do Snapchat Takeovers if I want to, I just have to talk to her first. I would love to brainstorm some ideas of how to maybe integrate more design aspects into Snapchat stories. So far I have that something could be designed beforehand and using Snapchat’s Scissors Creative Tool to save the design and put it into the snap.. If you have any other ideas please let me know!

But that’s all for this post!

See you next time friends 🙂

-Taylor Hamilton


Week 7 MOAS Internship

My schedule this week was a little different because Nicole had asked us to come for four days instead of the normal three. Monday and Friday we were there for the whole day, whereas on Tuesday and Thursday we were only there till noon. The reason for the change was because one of the summer camps had an “outreach”, where they basically go on field trips all week, which requires some of the staff to go on the outreach as well. Basically we had to fill in for all the missing staff this week. Overall, most of the days were like any other, but Tuesday was significantly rough just because we had huge groups to tour, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.

Last week I mentioned that we started working on painting planets, and I was expecting to continue working on that project, but Nicole wanted us to stop so that we could work on a couple of props for next week’s Harry Potter camp. The teacher in charge of the camp had been out of town for nearly a whole month, so we had to help her out. The camp is supposed to start with a “sorting ceremony”, where the kids will be placed into one of the four Hogwarts houses, thus we needed to create the famous Sorting Hat.

First we cut the base out of cardboard, molded the hat’s skeleton with chicken wire, and later glued the wire to the base:

Then we made paper mache and covered the entirety of the wire and base:

Once the newspaper was dry, we spray-painted the whole hat brown and added finer details with acrylic paint. We also glued foam inside the hat so the wires couldn’t prick someone’s head.

This was easily one of the funnest projects to work on since I have enjoyed Harry Potter since I was a kid. Besides the hat, we also made a simple “brick wall” out of construction paper to recreate the train station entrance and cut out banners for all the Hogwarts houses.

MOAS Internship: Projects, Projects and More Projects

This week at MOAS was not the typical week; instead of our usual three day schedule, we work every day except Wednesday. On Monday and Friday we had normal full day, while Tuesday and Thursday were half days where we mostly came in to deal with the morning tours. The education department staff was stretched rather thin doing a variety of outreach programs and camps, thus this week’s tours mostly fell upon us. We had numerous groups a day, some that were fairly large but, we were still able to organize their schedules pretty well.

Registration for camps on Monday went without a hitch, many of the campers were returnees and those that were new brought in all the required paperwork. Each day that we came in and we did our routinary morning check-ins on the Children’s Musuem to ensure that everything was functioning for the tours and the camps.

The more interesting part of our week was spent doing projects and crafts for this upcoming week’s camp for 7-9 year olds based around Harry Potter. We started out by creating a Sorting Hat out of paper mache, chicken wire and cardboard. For Thanya and I, this was the first time, in a long time, that we had to work with paper mache so there was a bit of re-learning. Additionally, of all the projects this was the more time consuming due to the process and nature of paper mache. We wanted to ensure our work resulted in a sturdy outcome since the hat would be handled by a good deal of kids and the department wanted to use it in future camps.

Working stage of the Sorting Hat.
The finished Sorting Hat.
























Apart from the hat we created a “Brick Wall” that would stand in for Platform 9 3/4 and the house banners. While the banners where pre-designed they did require a couple of hours of cuting, adhering and arranging to get the final result. The final steps of set-up will be done Monday morning so I’m really excited to see the final result.

The logo and banner ready to be arranged.
This is the final result for the house banners. They are being held together with fishing line.
The brick wall of Platform 9 & 3/4.

Week of July 17th- July 24th MACZUL INTERNSHIP-Finishing the week

Another interesting lesson I have learned by interning at the museum has been the value of the limited amount of materials that are available. For instance, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on the labels for one of the exhibits. However, when I was printing, I forgot to adjust the printer settings to the thickness of the paper I was using, so the first page of labels was smudged. Consequently, when I went to get another sheet of paper, I noticed I had used the last one. Due to the economic crisis in Venezuela, that paper has become very expensive and difficult to find, so I apologized profusely with my supervisor and she told me to print it on the other side of the sheet since the labels were going to be put up against the wall anyhow. She also reminded me to cut and keep the half of the sheet that was blank since there were only 4 labels(and they only took half of the sheet). She was very nice about my mistake, and I understand the museum is on a tight budget and that is why she always tries to recycle and reuse as much as she can.

I don’t think it matters whether one is working for a company with a tight or unlimited budget. It is always important to avoid wasting the materials that are available since this could benefit the company by avoiding unnecessary costs and it is a more environmentally- friendly approach.

On the other hand, on Friday I finished the week by organizing all the files I have worked on since I started, which led me to remember my Digital Video class from last semester. In the past, I have struggled when working with video since my audio files and my footage are always scattered in multiple flash drives and folders; so, last semester, as I worked on three different video projects, I learned to organize my files correctly, which of course,  saved me a lot of time. Thus, my goal on Friday was to properly name all the files and classify them by date and project, so that my supervisor can easily access them in the future.

Week of July 17th- July 24th MACZUL Internships

These past 3 days at the museum I have worked on a few different projects, such as creating labels for an upcoming exhibit, trying to finish the newsletter, taking and editing more photos of the current exhibits, and finishing the image to promote the tours at the museum. Also, one of the images I created for the Instagram story was posted earlier this week! The museum also shared my photos from the press conference with a local newspaper and they used it in the article about the burglary. Check them out below!
On the other hand, attempting to finish the newsletter has been time-consuming but fun. After the layout, the images, the fonts, and the buttons were beautifully displaying in the emails I sent in Gmail, I noticed the same did not happen in Outlook. So, I have been redoing a couple sections in which I used div tags—I thought I could get away with using a couple but now I understand why tables are the best for emails—I have also been checking my links, and the image blocking options in Outlook to ensure the images are displayed properly. Additionally, I have been consulting with my supervisor to make sure I am including all the external links. Lastly, I have typed detailed instructions about how to upload images to the free hosting service, so my supervisor can easily do it after I leave, and I am planning on also typing instructions on how to change the links for the buttons.
By this point, I am very familiar with the graphic elements and the visual identity of the museum, which has been helpful when creating the images to promote the tours and with the newsletter. I think I will mostly be finishing the newsletter, taking photos of the art workshops for children, working on content for social media and organizing all my files before finishing on July 31st.

Instagram story post
Screenshot of the article in the local newspaper’s website