An Experience That Will Benefit A Lifetime

This week I had to say goodbye to my internship at Rox Volleyball and I didn’t quite realize how much I would miss the environment and people there. Although I only went there every Friday, I still was on a consistent schedule and I will miss that consistency. I have learned so much throughout the past two-three months and I know it will benefit me in the future, even if I do not pursue a career in a clothing business.

Over the course of this internship, I learned not only about product photo editing but also printing on clothes and social media, as well as typography and mock-ups. All of the knowledge I have gained will stick with me throughout any career path I may choose and I cannot be more grateful for that. I know I will be able to utilize these new skills in any career I may choose and that is what is so incredible. I will miss my time at Rox Volleyball but maybe in the future I will find myself back there.

Reflecting as Time Ends

As my internship comes to an end soon, I’ve been taking the time to reflect and truly appreciate the experience I’ve had while at Rox Volleyball. Although I’ve only been an intern for about three months, I’ve learned a great amount and I cherish all of the knowledge I’ve gained and all of the people I’ve made connections with.

On my second to last day though, I was taught how to do mock-ups for men’s jerseys, as well as casual wear. This was an exciting project for me because it involved a real-time order and the mock-up I was doing would be sent to an actual customer. I’ve learned that I become most excited about a project/work when I know others are going to see it and appreciate it, even more so than simply just in class/a class assignment.

As my first internship experience, I know I am going to genuinely miss Rox Volleyball and everyone who I have met. I’ve seen the company itself change and I’ve also witnessed myself as an artist change. I’ve gained knowledge that I never quite expected to and I now have experiences that not many can say they have had. With my last week approaching, I am sad but also extremely grateful for my time at Rox Volleyball.

Your Work and Your Passion

I’ve never blogged before, but sometimes I feel like that’s just what I’m doing through this internship. My personal, introspective posts written for the internship page are of course more blog-like than the informational or publicity pieces I put up on the department website. Either way, the writing has done me some good.

I’ve heard it said before that making your passion into a career is not the most sage advice. You may cease to enjoy the passion if you make it into work. As an English major, I’ve noticed this trend. The time I had previously allotted in my life for pleasure reading has greatly shrunk. So has time for writing. It’s difficult to prioritize extra time for the activities when I spend the majority of my hours outside of class completing reading and writing assignments. And sometimes, my eyes just get tired.

This internship has reminded me why I thought writing was so much fun as a child. I always had a passion for it. Teachers did not have to ask me twice to enter a writing contest, and I often sought out more on my own. In college and the latter years of high school, that fervor waned. I was all wrote-out. I thought working on academic instead of creative writing would aid me more in my future career, mostly writing critical theory and research papers. In fact, I can only think of two fiction pieces that I’ve authored since coming to Stetson.

But there’s good news! My internship with the Creative Arts department has been a chance to explore my creativity once again. Though the work is still in the non-fiction realm, I’ve been given the freedom to explore different structural styles and perspectives. I’ve found myself writing more in my spare time, just for fun once again. I’ve been reminded of an integral part of myself, and for that, I’m grateful.

Trust Issues! (youtube tutorials)

Adobe Premiere never ceases to amaze me!! Let me tell you I’m the type to things the HARD WAY!! I also would like to say I don’t trust YOUTUBE tutorials whatsoever! They’re the reason I’ve been editing my videos the hard and long way! So, Thursday I was editing, and I discovered the Graphic essentials panel! It was like unlocking a treasure chest too! I mean I discovered all types animated title pages and was like “you gotta be kidding me!” All this time I could’ve been typing my names and titles within Premieres graphics and simply change colors to what I want and move on to the next details of my video! I was literally making the shapes and graphics myself while placing keyframes on everything. No wonder it took me 15 hours to make a 2-minute video! I’m not embarrassed though, I just said to myself there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and I’ll also say my poor cat is bald!

Anyway, this will make the process of editing much easier! I think what’s so great about my internship this semester is that my supervisor gave me one project to do and I don’t have to rust to get it done! Although it’s in me to turn it in right away Michael reassures me that I’m ok and to take my time! You know it’s hard to find supervisors like that so I’m grateful! Working with so many different programs my brain is on overload I have to say to myself often “keep it simple Phaedra.”

I Forgot But I’m back!

I forgot, but I’m back!

Well, its been a while since I’ve blogged about my internship and believe me every week I intended to update you all on my process, but time gets away from me. Anyway, this semester started out slow and steady, and I loved every bit of it; but in true Stetson form the pressure has hit and I must deliver. Over the past 2 months I’ve been meeting with professors to get information and footage on Stetson’s Honors and SPREES program, and with my schedule stretched thin, I must say it’s been a journey. Anxiety has gotten the best of me and I have moments of asking “why did I sign up for this?” Nevertheless, I keep going and find out interesting details each time.

The Honor’s and SPREES program at Stetson are one of a kind, and to hear professors and students speak on the development of them truly intrigued me. I’ve been apart of Stetson’s community since 2014 and I had no clue what the SPREES program was and how it prepares students for great careers within the government and classified positions. I remember walking into the SPREES exhibit and watching students study and tutor one another in the Russian Language, and it made me realize how privilege we are as students that faculty want to see us truly succeed in various areas.  One thing Dr. Mayhill said to me was “we want our students to leave”, meaning get the education they need to go off into other parts of the world to as successful as possible. Some of the greatest careers are missed because we sometimes dismiss the small details.

I’ve been in awe of how all areas of this great university prepares students and faculty for greater success. No one believes in passing you along if you don’t do the work, and sometimes that can be frustrating, but it brings out the best in you. I don’t really have much more to say in this blog post but that I’m ecstatic to watch myself and others pursue their education with passion.


Graduation Brain

I never particularly liked the term “senioritis”. To me, it implies a sort of lackadaisical behavior, as if a senior has determined the last month or two of the final semester simply doesn’t matter. I have found myself experience a different set of feelings as graduation draws nearer, and for the purposes of this web post, I’ll call it graduation brain.

Between trying to keep up with the normal daily to-dos of a student and trying to plan post-graduation life (where to live, on what funds, working or more school), time gets stretched even thinner than usual. What I have discovered is not an urge to ignore my classes and responsibilities, but a difficulty jumping between my here-and-now mindset and my graduation mindset. I must go from signing leases for my next apartment on Sunday to studying for my business law exam on Monday. I’m starting to realize why some students take a gap year after their undergraduate graduation to figure things out.

Just a month is left before I will have officially finished my degree. Right now, that means working hard to ensure that my “graduation brain” doesn’t overpower my here-and-now brain. I’m not feeling the tug of senioritis as I work to finish the last weeks of my classes, internship, and job, but I certainly see the distractions of having to plan the future. In response, I am recognizing that “graduation brain” and keeping it in check.

New Exciting Project + Goodbyes

Unfortunately this week I found out it was the last day for one of my supervisors. Although it will be odd not seeing her, I was glad to see how excited she was for her next journey at her next job! Overall, it was a generally relaxing day and the vibe felt different this week. I’m not sure if this is because the office is renovating so all the departments are connected and everyone is settling in still or I’ve felt comfortable in the environment and space finally, but it was a better vibe.

To add onto this, I also got to start on a new and the most exciting project yet! The creative team has begun working on casual wear (t-shirts) for a collaboration between AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) and Rox Volleyball. We started off the day by spending about an hour looking for inspiration and creative designs that we would like to incorporate into the shirts we were going to design. Then, we went over all of the inspirations and spoke about them as a team. For the rest of the day, we used these ideas and inspirations to create our own t-shirt designs. This was a new but really exciting experience for me and it got me more enthusiastic about the clothing design field and I have a new passion/appreciation for it all. I’ll be continuing this project until the end of my internship but I’m most excited because this project will become available worldwide and these t-shirt designs will actually be available to the public eventually. A product/project that I’ve made that can actually be held/worn by tons of people!