Internship Week Five June 25-29

This week is still moving ceramics from Sampson Hall to the Hand Art Center. It was been delayed due to rain almost everyday but has been successful for us to find them new homes in the vault. We have been getting ready for the reception that will be on Thursday for the Louis Freund exhibit and I am looking forward to my first reception in order to meet people. I think it is very important for students especially in my field to connect with faculty and make connections.

I really enjoyed working the reception, around 54 people came to the event and it has a good turn out and their was great food. I think these events are crucial for the Hand Art Center in order for more people to come and look at the exhibits. It was awesome being able to see other people and even some students and alumni come to the event and be able to talk to them and for them to ask us questions. I really enjoyed this and I cant wait for more events like these when I am able to continue to work here in the fall.

Internship Week Four June 18-22

This week was little hectic as the previous. We began moving the ceramics collection from Sampson Hall into the Hand Art Center. My job was to of course catalog all the pieces and set their new location and take pictures for them all. So this took most of the days of the week. Tonya was always away at a conference so the only tasks were to really watch the front desk and count visitors and catalog. Due to the rain we have not received many visitors so it has been very slow. I have been looking through past perfect trying to see all the things I have to take pictures for and I hope to completely finish pictures by the end of the internship so the database is completely up to date and we will no longer have problem knowing what piece it is. other than this small cataloging the week has been pretty slow but efficient for me.

Am I Interning Baseball…or Hockey?

I’m so glad I waited to post until after the infamous doubleheader, because the two games last night were the craziest ones I’ve witnessed in my short term as an intern. Heck, I think they were the craziest baseball games I’ve witnessed period!

The week leading up to the doubleheader was typical. I took numerous pictures and videos as per usual at the home games, and was able to make two [x] [x] posts on Instagram that ended up gaining some attention! I’m particularly proud of the sunset shot, I must say. The limbo contest was also super fun to document because it was incredibly improvised; it was simply a way to keep the crowd and players entertained during an hour long rain delay. I can safely say it did its intended purpose!

While those games were fun however, they were nowhere near as entertaining as the dreaded doubleheader. This game had to have been cursed, I swear. There was just some kind of weird energy surrounding it. This is the game I mentioned in my previous blog posts that got cancelled twice, before being pushed back to the 25th of June (yesterday).

I could already tell things were going to be rocky as I walked through the stadium’s gates; it started to rain yet again, just enough to make the field a giant sauna. The first game was muggy and hot, but went just fine, with our home team winning. The second game however…I guess the heat got to both the umpires and players.

I watched as the umpires made a few sketchy calls, only to have one of our home team’s coaches get right up in his face to argue with him. Those particular calls helped the rival team score 4 points, so our nearly undefeated home team was not happy. Tensions continued to rise throughout the innings, and the crowd joined in with the heckling, the whole stadium turning into a medley of expletives and shouts towards the two umpires.

But things got particularly ridiculous when the umpires made a sketchy call in our favor. A rival player got so mad, that he rushed one of our players in what looked like was going to be a fist fight. And in a matter of seconds, all players from both teams rushed to the scene to either hold each other back or yell at the opposing side. It was wild. Definitely wish I could have documented it properly, but something tells me it would have gone against professional etiquette…

On top of that, it started to pour during the last inning, and the rival team scored four more points from what I still think was a foul ball instead of a home run. Crazy crazy game for sure, let me tell you. But hopefully now the weird doubleheader cursed has finally been lifted!

Learning Something New

For this week, my work with Chesapeake Family took a new step. On Tuesday I created more Illustrator advertisements and wrote a review on The Incredibles 2 for families to read. The company likes to have me write movie reviews because I love going to the theater to watch new movies and my reviews tend to be positive. The other writer is negative most of the time and they want a review from another perspective. This week, she was surprisingly positive (everybody is about The Incredibles 2), but she was nasty about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and I liked that movie so I will be writing a positive review about that soon so that families don’t feel discouraged from seeing it.

On Wednesday, since I worked from home that day, my job was to practice Adobe InDesign with tutorials. I learned the basics, from inserting and fitting images into the frames to using different texts and sizes. After practice, I created one page with a simple list of things to do at Walt Disney World. My main summer project is to create a digital guide (like an online book) about the must-dos at Disney, basically a bucket list. Chesapeake Family Magazine writes all about vacation destinations for the summer, and because I am a Disney fanatic and expert, the company wants me to make a digital guide that will help families, mostly first-time visitors to Disney, make the most out of their visit.

On Thursday, I submitted my page, featuring a list, to my boss, and she gave me ideas on how to improve and add to it. So I spent that day editing the page to make it look better. What I did was list all the major attractions, giving them each a different text to make each stand out, and decorate the page with cute Disney designs.

This week’s work will be continuing the digital guide, and it’s something I can’t wait to share with all of you!

Internship week Three June 11th – 15th

As we are still going through all the Bluemner works and having to reorganize files and pieces it has been interesting to be able to go through the process of finding works we have misplaced. Past Perfect has been updated to its best possible information at this point in time but it is also difficult to find pieces when you have to go through EVERY box which contain up to 50 – 100 pieces of work in order to find that one that you are missing. I think that this experience has made me realize hoe important it is to keep up with your documents and make sure they are updated in Past Perfect and in any other records you have for the body of work. Next week Dan Gunderson is allowing us to take some of his ceramics and moving them and adding them into our documents so that will be an interesting move for the team to complete and document in Past Perfect. I never knew that we had such a collection of works in the ceramics department so I am exciting to be able to photograph and add them in our records. I think that so far working here as given me a lot of experience that I was not expecting to receive as fast as I have but I am really glad to be able to work at my own university with a staff that I know and trust. It makes the internship process much more fun and relaxing but also challenges you to be your best in order to teach the newer students around you about the museum and the way Tonya wants things to be ran.

Mother Nature Has a Beef With Baseball

Slightly delayed post here because unfortunately, as were numerous baseball games! The weather really seemed to be against getting any kind of work done within the past week, with two games getting postponed and getting heavily delayed.

On Monday, a team from Wilmington, NC was supposed to travel our way and face us at home. It rained all day however, pushing the game to a doubleheader (two games in one night) on Friday. But on Friday however, it rained Thursday night and flooded the field, postponing the same team yet again! The doubleheader is now scheduled for the 25th, but honestly, I’m skeptical about it happening…This game just does not want to be played!

Thankfully, we were able to get a game in on Wednesday, and it was business as usual. I was able to get some great pictures, and I finally figured out how to film in HD on my DSLR camera! A little shaky without a tripod, sure, but still better than the quality an iPhone camera produces.

Tonight however, was even better. The game got delayed for an hour due to a wet field, but that meant for some great footage of players/fans messing around. A limbo contest started up between the fans and the home team, and I got to be in the center of the action filming the entire thing! The crowd also seemed oddly energized, so I got a lot of awesome footage of what was hip and happening away from the field.

I’m still having a ton of fun with this internship, but I do need a bit of a breather after this long game tonight! Thankfully the next game isn’t until this Friday…assuming it doesn’t get rained out.

Week 4

On Tuesday, I finished writing my Disney Bucket List for Chesapeake Family Magazine and my article about Trimper’s Haunted House in Ocean City, MD. Summer is around the corner and my boss wants me to write about all the fun things to do in Maryland or anywhere else that families reading our magazine would like to travel.

On Wednesday, I went to the Naval Academy in Annapolis to take photographs of my friend, Wes, aka “Captain Dee-Fense.” He’s a local celebrity in Maryland who is the world’s biggest Ravens fan, wearing purple Navy gear that’s covered in Ravens patches. He’s also famous for his charity and anti-bullying work, doing a lot to help the community. He wanted new photographs for his page so we went around the academy and I took photos of him from various angles with my Nikon D3200. This is the first time I have ever done portraits of someone and it was a great learning experience for if I ever want to go into the field of photography. Afterwards, Chesapeake Family interviewed him. I am also designing a cartoon of him in Adobe Illutrator.

On Thursday, I joined Spa Creek Conservancy in the Chesapeake Bay again, but this time I didn’t do any water testing. Instead, I went out on a kayak and followed them around the bay, taking photographs of them doing their work for the magazine. I also did some photography of the wildlife that lives along the water, such as ospreys and waterfowl.

Next week my boss is going to introduce me to a new Adobe software.

Getting Into the Grind

Things have definitely taken off, I must say! Two home games in very quick succession will do that to an intern I suppose. But yeah, after my first game and a good four days of downtime, I had four days of work to make up for it. I had a game, followed by a day of intense editing, followed by another game, and yet another day of editing. As crazy as it was, I can say it’s gotten me into the swing of things (that could almost be a baseball pun…)! I’m starting to learn how to edit faster and sort my work efficiently, and also what to focus on during games.

Last Wednesday was my second game, though it felt like my 10th. I adjusted to things pretty quick, even from only having a single game to kind of figure things out beforehand. I knew where to stand to take good pictures, which settings to use on my camera for day and night shooting, which fan moments to video tape, etc. Only bummer was, the rain decided to ruin my vibe around the 7th inning! Ah well; hiding under the bleachers for an hour builds character I suppose.

Following the game came editing for five hours the following afternoon, but I felt like I was getting faster/better at that too.

Sure enough, come game time on Friday and the subsequent editing day on Saturday, I was taking pictures, videos, and posting to social media in a sort of battle rhythm. Not to mention I got a sort of strategy for editing which greatly reduced my work time! So yeah, definitely getting a handle on things.

It’s also really nice because I’m finally starting to get gratification for the work I’m producing. My supervisor posted a lot of our captured highlights on the League’s website, so it’s nice to see my work paying off! I’m excited for what this upcoming week will bring; hopefully not more rain!

Beach Week

Week 3 of my Chesapeake Family internship revolved around the same stuff as well as some new stuff. On Tuesday and Wednesday I made more advertisements with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, some consisting of photos and some with designs. Since summer is near, these ads were beach and vacation related.

On Thursday, I went to Ocean City, a beach about two hours from work. The National Aquarium was releasing a seal back into the wild and Chesapeake Family wanted me to do coverage of it. Mom live streamed the event on Facebook and I took photographs with my Nikon D3200, which are on the Chesapeake Family Instagram and Facebook.

After the seal release, I visited the Ocean City boardwalk to take photographs and videos. Some photos are “postcards,” the usual shots you see in media , and some are a bit more “artsy,” shot from different angles to make them more unique. One shot, for instance, was taken with my camera on the ground , creating a view from a lower level and giving the boardwalk a Main Street kind of feel. I also took photographs of the beach, water, pods of dolphins swimming by, and The Haunted House, one of the oldest dark rides in the world. The owners let me ride for free since I am a fan of it and I will be writing an article about The Haunted House for the magazine.

Speaking of writing, I am also writing an article about Disney bucket lists for Chesapeake Family. Since I am a huge Disney fanatic and the company wants to give families Walt Disney World vacation tips, they’re having me write about it, and I might go to Disney for a weekend next month to do coverage of the new Toy Story Land that’s opening.

After the beach, I visited the Salisbury Zoo on my way home to do animal photography, and I’ll write about that too.

Internship Week 2: Hand Art Center

June 4th – June 7th

So far I have masters the proper ways to touch the art with gloves and how to use gloves as your real hands basically. This week and next weeks project includes the process of photographing all of the Oscar Bluemner works that we do not have in Past Perfect…which is WAY more than you would expect. The hardest process is truly finding the drawing or painting since we constantly move the pieces to other boxes if they don’t fit or if they are in mats for frames. Luckily so far I have masters looking at incredibly small print and moving pieces carefully before and after pictures. I have actually really enjoyed looking at the different works that I have never seen. My favorites have been his colored pencils and ink sketches. You can see the talent that he had during his life and it amazes me the way that some believe it wasn’t good enough.

I am excited to finish the process of going through the boxes next week because I saved the biggest boxes for last so I am excited to see what else we have. Many of the pieces I have to photograph have not been shown off in the Hand Art Center as much so it is nice to see how well kept they are in the boxes. I think that last ones that I look through will be the best and biggest that has still been unseen by the community and that we could possibly show next year.