Week 9

Since my laptop is being repaired, last week’s work mostly consisted of writing and photography. I went around Annapolis and took some pictures, and I wrote an article about the student page program that the Maryland General Assembly does every legislative season, since summer will be over soon and students going back to school will be looking for productive programs to do. It’s when high school seniors take two weeks off school to help delegates and senators at the State House.

My boss and I talked about whether my cover for the digital Disney guide should be an illustration or a photo, and she wants something that will grab the reader’s attention, so I’m leaning more towards using an artsy photo that will immediately share the magic of Disney with readers. I’ve been looking through my photos from past Disney trips and I think I found one, though I will take some on my upcoming Disney trip before deciding on a photo to use.

Even though my laptop is being repaired (it will return early next week), I did do a little bit of work on the digital Disney guide. I used another laptop from work on Thursday to download new fonts from free font websites to use for the guide’s title, which I want to look whimsical. My boss and I weren’t too impressed with the fonts already provided on Adobe, so we are trying some new ones.

This week I am on vacation in North Carolina with my family and I’ve been enjoying the relaxation, but I will be back to work next week. The first half of the week will be spent in Annapolis and the second half will be spent at Disney.

Rain Rain Go Away…

Well, unfortunately there’s not much to report on this week thanks to the wonderful weather North Carolina’s been having…We’ve gotten numerous days of heavy rain in a row, which ended up cancelling the game we were supposed to have with our big rival on Friday. We’ve gotten so much rain in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised if our game this Friday gets cancelled as well! Our field doesn’t take well to lots of water unfortunately. I feel like you could go out there and spray the grass with a Windex bottle, and the entire field would flood. We’re definitely in need of a bigger tarp…

I’m just hoping the field and weather stay dry enough for the upcoming week. There are pretty much back to back games, since it’s the last opportunity to play before the playoffs start on the 5th. And unfortunately, because it’s right before the playoffs, any games that get cancelled won’t be rescheduled. So fingers crossed for sunnier skies!

With such a long break in between games though, I’m using this week to focus on organizing my portfolio and finding my best shots from the games. I also came up with a graphic that I hope the League will be able to utilize in the future. Multimedia Interns like myself are in charge of taking videos of the players, fans, etc during the home games. We’re expected to film videos horizontally, but sometimes, we get caught in the moment/habits and film vertically! This leaves two large black bars on either side of the video when the footage is used in the standard aspect ratio.

So then! I’m hoping to fix that problem by creating a graphic that can be overlaid over the video, consequently turning the black bars into a baseball or league-themed graphic. It’ll take some playing around with for sure, but I’m hoping it’ll allow for including vertical videos into the League recaps; it’ll definitely be more aesthetically pleasing if I can get it to work!

Week 8

Week 8 of my internship with Chesapeake Family was mostly just working on my digital Disney guide. I’ve made very good progress on it, and I’ve received good advice from my boss on how to improve it. On this post you will find two attached versions of my guide as PDF files to see how it’s grown overtime. I plan to add a cover page and an end page that will have illustrations, like artsy pictures of Disney icons that I’ll create in Adobe illustrator to work on my artistic skills.  The text, which used to be different sizes on each page, is now all the same for consistency. I am also going to add some more graphics on pages, such as some popcorn kernels on the snack page, as well as more photos. My boss wants me to take photos of Toy Story Land and other new additions to Walt Disney World when I visit the first week of August. So the finished product will not be available to view until after my trip (mid August), but you can view the progress I’ve made.

Unfortunately, I will not be working on the guide this week because part of my laptop has been damaged. It still works, but when I open it, the screen becomes more cracked and starts coming apart. This damage started sometime last month and has been getting worse. It may not have had as much protection as I thought it did when I carried it in my backpack, but I’ll be sure to fix that once I get my repaired laptop back, which should be next week. Until then, I will am doing photography and writing for Chesapeake Family.

disney bucket list draft 1

disney bucket list draft #2

Someone Please Break My Habit…

Well, to start things off, I had a pretty standard week! It was business as usual at the games, taking pictures of the players, fans, etc. Our team is getting a little questionable though; we’re starting to win a game, then lose a game. We’ve solidified our spot in the playoffs however, so maybe our guys are taking an unspoken break…

Regardless of how they’re doing, I’m still enjoying myself at the games! I’ve developed a “squad” that I talk to each game. They’re  group of regulars who attend each game, and they always manage to sit right by the spot I park myself in to take pictures. So naturally, we’ve started to talk and enjoy the games together! Definitely gives my experience a little something more.

But speaking of experience, two things are currently weighing heavy on my mind. The main thing is, I’m starting to wonder what’s ever going to become of our pictures. I personally take about 100-200 every game, but we haven’t really had anyone confirm what’s going to ultimately happen to them. The whole “database on the website” thing has been thrown around, but nothing has been solidified for sure. I’m going to check in with my supervisor and see what she says, because her instructions were clear early on; take pictures of all the players from both teams, the fans, and the events in the stadium at each game. Seems simple enough…but what happens to all the pictures at the end?

And the second…I cannot stop calling runs “points.” What kind of disgrace to baseball. Shoutout to Dr. Wolek for reminding me, because I should know better. And yet I continue to slip up! At least I’ve started to correct myself when I post to the League’s Instagram, but yikes.

Hopefully both “issues” will get resolved…

Internship Week Seven July 9th – July 13th

I don’t think an organization system would ever annoy me until I got in The Hand Art Center. This week we learned that the Bluemner pieces are not correctly in their boxes. After going through every single box and writing down every single accession number we found that Past Perfect is not fully correct on every piece and that not everything is in the right spot. We discovered this while picking the new pieces for the Fall exhibit that we are trying to prepare for. Tonya and I are trying to figure out the next steps since this was my best project that I would be working on for my internship. Luckily I have almost found all the pieces I need to take picture of now it is just a matter of getting all the correct boxes to match in Past Perfect and for everything to have its certain place in the vault.

This is not what I expected to have happen as I went through every box but I am glad that we have finally figured out the big problem of why we cannot always find an art piece. So once we can find and matte everything for the show the rest of my internship will basically be to solve the organizational issues of the Bluemner collection. I’m hoping we can figure this out before the semester starts so we don’t have too many problems when finding pieces of the Spring show.

Internship Week Six July 2nd-July 6th

Since we have the Fourth of July off this week, it was kind of an easy week. Tonya has been filling out a grant report to send into the county for money for the museum. I had to go through and look at all the numbers for people at events and count how many people we had in the museum for the year and what times we were the busiest. I also had to go through the calendar and account for every event that we have had in the past year and list it. This was a good learning moment cause I was unaware for this process and did not know about it.

We decided to make this an easier transition for when this comes next year by keeping an excel sheet for the year and make sure we add the number of guests for events and write down last minute lectures or visitors that come to speak at the museum or use the seminar room. I hope this makes it easier when we have to fill it out again this time next year. I really think it was important for me to learn this so I am glad that I was here during this time to make a better system for us in the future.

Independence Day

Last week mostly consisted of two major things: Making progress on my digital Disney guide, and doing coverage of the town’s Independence Day celebrations.

The Disney guide is going very well. I’ve been writing all about the must-dos at Walt Disney World and creating graphics to decorate the guide with. It should be finished by the end of the internship, and it will include some new photos from a trip I’ll be taking the first week of August. I’ll be at Disney with some friends and while I’m there I’m going to take photos of all the new things to do including Toy Story Land for my guide.

There was a lot going on in Annapolis last week for Independence Day. Being a historically significant town, it’s appropriate to celebrate the holiday here.

On Wednesday, The Washington Capitals came to town with the Stanley Cup, allowing folks to touch it and take  selfies with it. They arrived by boat to the town’s dock and I was allowed access to the press-only area to get some exclusive photos, and I got to touch the cup! This win, being the team’s first, is a very big deal.

On Thursday, I took photos of the Annapolis 4th of July Parade. It featured political candidates, patriotic instrumentalists and performers, law enforcement, some neat floats and vehicles, and much more. For me, the biggest highlight was witnessing the survivors of the Capital Gazette and friends from other press, representing the importance of freedom of press and how we are #AnnapolisStrong.

So THAT’S How You Do That!

Well, a pretty uneventful week meant that my brain fizzled, and consequently skipped a blog post on accident. But hey, at least the following games picked up and got me back into the swing of things again!

A few games ago, I finally figured out that I was able to rename a group of pictures at once. That’s probably basic knowledge, but I had no idea that was a possibility until recently. I was going through my 200+ pictures and naming groups of them individually, which was taking incredibly long as you can imagine. But now I know I can select a burst of pictures that belongs to a player, name them SoandSo(Player’s Number) with the date, and just let the computer take over from there…It’s the little things in life that keep you going.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share the pictures I’ve been taking. I’d love to, since I’m bettering my action shots and what not. But oddly enough, my supervisor is quite secretive with our Dropbox. I can’t even share pictures with the players themselves! Apparently, the reason being is that all pictures are being put on a Master List on the League’s website. Eventually, that is. So if and when that happens, I’ll be sure to share the link, because I’d love to show the nitty gritty of what I’m doing!

I’m also going to be doing some videography and graphic work here at the halfway point of the season. Need to discuss things more with my supervisor, but I’m hoping to add even more to my portfolio!

Now if only our team could continue our winning streak and not slack off/relax now that we’ve guaranteed a spot in the playoffs…

A Week of Progress and Sadness

Last week mostly involved working on more of my Digital Walt Disney World guide with InDesign. I’ve made pages about the top attractions to experience, the best Disney snacks, hotels and entertainment offerings, tips, etc, featuring both designs I’ve made (these include Mickey Mouse ears, wands, travel gear, etc.) and photos taken by yours truly.

My boss has been teaching me more basics about InDesign, such as how to wrap text and how to format the guide, because there are many different ways how. You can make it look like a flip book or a list. Mine will look like a flip book.

On Thursday I did more water testing, but this time I collected water samples from streams. Spa Creek Conservancy has been in need of someone to visit other locations besides the bay. After water testing, I worked on the Disney guide, and after that I walked around Annapolis to take photos for the magazine. I visited the state house and photographed the house and senate chambers, as well as various statues and works of art from unique angles. I even used my fish eye lens for some photos to capture the size of the chambers.

Now I’m sure you are all aware that there was unfortunately a shooting in Annapolis last week, and it happened to be down the street from where I work, about a mile away. Fortunately, I left work before it happened and wasn’t near the area at the time. I just want you guys to know that I am safe and sound, but what happened is a real shame. The people we lost, and their families, are in my heart. #AnnapolisStrong