The. End.

So this past week was my last week of my internship. I ran audio in the Student Center for the last time, and honestly I’m going to miss it. I finally feel like I’ve really started to get the hang of it, and the whole experience confirmed my interest in live sound. When I first started at Stetson, I thought I wanted to exclusively work in recording studios but the past few years have definitely opened my eyes to other things. I love live sound, and I even enjoy working in different areas (like lighting) sometimes too. 

The past couple of weeks also presented an unexpected opportunity as well. I mentioned to my supervisor awhile ago that I had an interest in graphic design and I’ve done some minor work in the past. Last week, he asked me to create an information packet for any volunteers that are interested in joining the music and tech team at the church. He gave me a rough sketch of the information and general layout he wanted, and let me roam free from there. I used Adobe Illustrator to create a foldable brochure that I think he was pretty happy with. It’s not entirely done, because the communications department has to review it and make any necessary changes, but the final product will be rolled out sometime over the next month. I thought this was a really cool part of my internship because I’ve always liked doing graphic design on the side and didn’t really think I would have a chance for that to play into this internship. 

Overall, I had an amazing time over the past couple of months and learned SO MUCH. I’ve also  developed a lot of relationships that I can already see will definitely be beneficial down the road. Working in this environment while being exposed to concepts I’ve learned and things that were entirely new to me definitely confirmed that I love this industry, and I’m excited for what’s to come after graduation!

Evaluating Errors and Creative Solutions

My draft took slightly longer than I expected it to since I have yet to figure out how to diffuse the gradient for the backgrounds shadow in illustrator. This has so far created an issue with too harsh of a contrast of the colors I decided to go with, which were shades of orange, red, and yellow. I attempted to use the gradient tool alone, but I couldn’t get the angle just right no matter how much I played around with it.

I went over this issue with Joel in our meeting and he agreed that it didn’t suit the overall look. I got a lot of other feedback from him about the first draft during the meeting and I’ll admit I feel slightly discouraged, but now I have a lot to reflect on and learn from for other projects.

The main issues being the color palette which was compared to Halloween rather than a winter event. It also didn’t fit to the “Stetson brand”, which I wasn’t aware existed until noted by Sonja and they showed me the list of typical things that the school tries to stick to. Now that I know what the schools brand is I have a more specific idea of what I can work with and I’m starting fresh with a new concept and design thats minimalistic.

In reevaluating my font choices I have found a thinner sans-script font, in addition to a new graphic to replace my old hand-drawn illustration. Let’s hope my next design works out better than I imagined in my head.

A Week of Firsts

The past week has been full of a lot of unexpected firsts. To begin with, I helped put together a cat 6 cable. We were using it for a connection to be able to monitor wireless microphones from a laptop. So, we took a cat 6 cable and cut off the end, and then uncoiled all of the colored wires inside and aligned them in the correct order.  After that, we fed the coiled wires into an RJ45 connector. This was kind of cool to actually physically put together something before we even got to the tech part of the project. It was a quick process, and the hardest part ended up being able to cut through the wires with the wire cutter we had. 

Another interesting thing I learned was about cameras and video switching. I learned all of the proper angles that things should be displayed from stage, and to be mindful to always keep the lower third of the image plain because the lyrics are always displayed there. Camera switching was a lot easier than I expected it to be. There’s one screen that shows you what you’re currently airing, and then another screen that has all of the other camera shots you can switch to. In order to switch, all you have to do is enter the number on the keyboard and press enter, and the image automatically fades to the new camera angle. I actually got to control this during a worship night we had on Tuesday. Even though it was really easy, I was still a little stressed I would somehow mess it up. Thankfully I didn’t!

The coolest part about this week happened out of nowhere. The band was rehearsing for the worship night, and our lighting guy noticed that some of the spotlights weren’t working correctly. They were on, but needed to be refocused manually. So, he had to go up in the catwalk to mess with them. He knows that I had been asking for weeks for a reason to go up there, and I finally had the chance! It was actually a lot scarier than I anticipated. The only way up is by a straight 90 degree ladder that just fades into pitch black darkness as you climb up. Literally, if the spotlights weren’t on to cast a slight shadow in the corner where the ladder was, I never would have found the ground of the catwalk. After gripping EXTREMELY tightly to each step, I finally made it up and had a pretty awesome view. We refocused the lights (which was literally just gently moving them) and I saw that this is also where we keep the projectors for our screens too. After watching rehearsal from a different perspective, we headed back down. It definitely took me awhile to hit real ground again, but when I finally did, I have to admit I was pretty relieved. Although it was a little scary climbing up and down the ladder, going up in the catwalk was totally an amazing experience. 

Processing Sketches and New Ideas

Today was the day that I finally got to go over my Yule Log sketches with my advisor Joel Jones, and we decided to lean towards the first version I created. The first sketch included what I envision to be a newer look for the event in comparison to past flyers. The main focus being an illustrated graphic of a fire that would cast a light on to a 3D extruded text with the bold font.

As I try to describe it in written word it seems complicated, but my goal is for it to be simple and seemingly rustic. Now that I have an approved sketch I have to start thinking about color and font types to use and I’m thinking of using a warm palette to play off of the light from the fire for vibrancy.

I also have to consider if I will be creating my own vector image in Illustrator or if I will find one through Adobe Stock like Joel showed me for the sake of saving time. So far it’s been difficult to find images of fire or a yule log that will go with the look that I’m trying to create, so for now I’m starting to make basic sketches in Illustrator.

My hope is to finish the first draft for Joel by Friday for our next meeting on Monday so I can get his opinion and maybe some help with what text should be included on the flyer. As of now I’m feeling optimistic in getting the project done fast and hope to find some fitting fonts.