Week 3

So last week I did not post anything because unfortunately I wasn’t given a new project. My internship is based out of California as you know and my bosses were evacuated so they had a lot going on. However, before they were evacuated I was asked to design some graphics as they are doing a twelve days of Christmas giveaway. They shared some files on google drive that was a collection of holiday graphics that they had purchased. This packet included letters but not numbers, and since a twelve day giveaway is centered on numbers I had to design my own numbers based off of the designs they provided me with for reference. They wanted me to design them in Canva because they have a group on their to share documents so I began work on that, but didn’t receive any feedback since they were dealing with the fires in California. Thankfully they and their homes were safe from the fire but many of their friends were effected. Once they had that all figured out I finally received some feedback from my first design. Heather said she liked the design but wanted it formatted differently and wanted to focus more on the numbers rather than SHE as I had assumed, as well as wanting a different color palette. So it was back to the drawing board and I changed my colors from soft sunset colors to a cold wintery color palette. After doing this Heather was happy with the design and we were able to speak at our weekly conference call where she asked me to make the design in different sizes so they can post them on all of their different social media platforms. Lastly, since she like the style and layout she then assigned me for this week to continue my work on this and begin making a graphic very every one of the twelve days.

Week 1

Although this is my first week of posting, this is not the first week of my internship! I started working for them over a month ago now, but it’s still just as exciting as when I first began. This past week was a hectic one as usually, we have conference calls every Tuesday, meaning my work is due every Tuesday. However, this was not the case this week. This week they wanted to send out a PDF about coffee almost like a magazine, but they wanted it by Thursday. That meant I only had TWO days to compile and design a thirteen-page guidebook about coffee, which by the way I didn’t know too much about to begin with. Despite my lack of knowledge on coffee they provided me with a brief outline of what they wanted and I began my work on this guidebook. Despite the short deadline I was proud to say I was able to complete it to the best of my abilities and turn it in on time! By that Friday my boss Heather had been able to look over it and only made minor changes, and then this guidebook was sent out to their email list! After being able to complete that I was then assigned to design a shorter condensed version of this meaning they only wanted one to two pages rather than thirteen, but for this I was given a full week. Given a full week to complete this you would think it would have been easier, but in all honesty, I struggled more with these two condensed pages than I did with my thirteen pages and the short deadline. However, before this, I always thought that I didn’t work all to well under pressure but with this assignment I proved myself wrong. So overall this experience helped with my design skills, but also my confidence in myself to be able to get things done in a timely manner.