The Final Weeks

With my time consuming and insane schedule, the weeks have continued to blur together and go by quickly. The semester will soon come to a close and with the upcoming portfolio assignment things have been hectic. It’s really forced me to take a step back and recognize how I spend my time and what I should be prioritizing between studying for finals, work, projects, and reading assignments.

As far as my internship at the marketing office is concerned, I feel like I have made improvements in my work and my ability to judge what is needed for different projects. At the moment my task at hand is to design an infographic for a new program that Stetson is working out the fine details of. Essentially it’s a way to give incentive for graduating high schoolers to apply and start their college career at Stetson, and it has definitely brought some challenges.

I’ve been pushed to use outside sources for different pieces of the project, which has been tough for me as I usually try to create everything from scratch. I can say though that it does take some time out of the process and tends to keep everything in the same art style. Before starting this internship I assumed that most creators design graphics from the bottom, up but on the contrary they use resources from Adobe Stock and various stock image websites and take inspiration from all realms of the internet and publishers.

Looking back at my progress throughout the semester (both in the internship and in my digital art class), I’m pleased with what I’ve learned and feel as if I have a better sense of reality in what to expect in my career field.