Today was was fairly uneventful as I did my usual cleanup and organization of the studio. As my senior research and computer music project deadlines are getting closer, I used some of the time to work on those things, doing a little bit of mixing and editing across several different Ableton sessions. One of my friends is taking over my position in the Hatter Media Network so the rest of the time was spent sitting down with her and explaining some basic podcast editing techniques. We went over gating, compression, and EQ, and how each of these are normally used in mixing and how those techniques might be tweaked when editing a spoken word audio project, as not all the same procedures always apply across the board. I gave her quite a bit of information at once so we’ll probably have another pseudo-tutoring session either on this coming up Thursday or sometime next week. I really enjoy teaching others about audio engineering techniques, although I don’t think I’m terribly good at it, which makes me really want to find better ways of explaining my understanding of the concepts I’m trying to get across. Goals for next week are to get the other rack set up in a more permanent manner next to the main rack.

2 thoughts on “3/21/17”

  1. That sounds like a lot for one day. How long are you in the studio?

    Teaching other people is a great way to solidify your own understanding of topics. It forces you to put things in a clear wording so that the person you are communicating the idea to can receive that information. The fact that you have that opportunity as part of this position is likely helping you as much as them.

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