On April 11th Tony and I had a great studio session as we spent the afternoon recording drums. For our electronic EP we wanted to incorporate real drums into one of our longer (and heavier I guess you could say?) songs. When Tony first brought his ideas to me and we first started working on it it immediately reminded me of Twenty One Pilots, and thinking about how they incorporate real drums into their mostly electronic songs, it inspired me to take a shot at it. I took an initial pass at this about a month before this session by recording drums by myself in the studio (which was incredibly difficult even with only 4 mics), and getting what were essentially scratch tracks. I was able to do a quick mix of these and showed it to Tony, who was then completely sold on it. So on the 11th, we set up 9 mics and did a legit drum recording session; this happened to be the most mics I had ever used on a drum kit and I was excited at the challenge of mixing everything. After setting up the usual close mics and overheads, I decided to set up an additional mic on the outside of the kick using the Rode NT2A, a room mic using the large ribbon mic, and a hi hat mic using the AKG C3000.  I ended up being very happy with the results I achieved with the extra microphones as the room mic added some more ambience and space without compromising the perceived distance of the close mics, and the hi hat mic allowed me to be more precise in the mix with the main beat of the verse. All-in-all, I find the process of recording drums to be quite fascinating as every studio has slightly different practices and differences in mic choice, placement, and mixing. It’s an incredibly in-depth process in which I really want to improve.

2 thoughts on “4/11/17”

  1. Glad you have some extra time to tackle personal projects. Has the studio been that quiet that there is not much upkeep needed? I noticed that the battery backup has failed. Can you put in a ticket with IT?

  2. I was under the impression Amandine was taking care of it, but I can ask and see just to make sure.

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