This particular Thursday in the studio was intended to be a productive one, as I had a rehearsal for my senior recital that coming Saturday. I had a great deal of preparation that needed to be done with my Ableton session as I hadn’t finalized several things in it. I spent that day listening to the transitions between each track, considering the amount of time and how I might use my bass to make the blank space in between more interesting and cohesive. I also knew that there were certain things I wouldn’t have been able to finalize until I had the rehearsal, such as specific levels of my bass track and a few settings within my amp emulation plugin (Guitar Rig 5), or some EQ settings. Tony and I had done a quick rehearsal a week or so before this and so I had a really good idea of what needed to change, plus I had gotten to some great feedback from my hearing. After listening through to make sure each track was a consistent volume and adjusting a couple settings between tracks, I began planning out how I would map my MIDI foot pedal to control my various effects on my bass channel. I wasn’t able to finish this until I got home later that day and was able to have everything running in front of me. While I wasn’t always able to make use of the gear in the studio on these work days, the environment itself was incredibly helpful to put me in the right mindset to get this kind of work done.