With my major rehearsal behind me and the bulk of my senior research finished, I decided to have a more relaxed day in the studio and work on some side fun projects. A couple friends of mine had asked to sit down with me and teach them some of the basics of Ableton and beat making as they were quite interested in doing it themselves. I mentioned in a previous post that I love teaching people what I’ve learned about producing and mixing, so I was happy to make time for them. After giving them a brief overview of the layout of the program and how it differs from other DAWs, I explained how Ableton was originally geared towards live performances, and now has other capabilities that rival Logic and Pro Tools in certain regards. They were particularly interested in sampling and sample based beats, so we went over the Simpler instrument as well as a few of my previous projects where I used samples. We hung out and worked on various things, piecing something of an intro to a song together for about 2 hours. I explained how EQ and compression worked and how they were often used in mixing and general tone production. As my studio time ran out, I explained where to get some of the sample packs that I used and that a trial version of Ableton was available. All in all a relaxing day after some super stressful work had been completed.