April 6th in the studio was fairly productive afternoon as I worked on a large amount of paperwork stuff that needed to be turned in for my senior hearing. I was feeling quite nervous about getting all of my music notation for the album done in time as there’s  just a lot of material and layers to every song. Not only that but a great deal of the content on the album is noise that was generated with all kinds of electronics that exist outside of any kind of pitch or rhythm, and I was unsure of the best method in which to actually do this, even after researching several “modern” approaches to notation. Ultimately I decided on exporting a picture of the waveform of the electronics and cut it into the bars in Finale, which achieved what I wanted to convey as the dynamics were the largest change over time. Anyways,  my original plan was to create MIDI versions of every song in Logic, edit the notation in the Score Editor, and then export and print it. That day I was able to get another huge chunk of the MIDI done for several songs that I had just finalized. Eventually I came to find out that I was having formatting issues in the Score Editor and wasn’t able to get the header looking the way it needed to, and I was unable to get the instrument names to appear on the left side of the score to indicate what bars belonged to what part. It was an incredibly frustrating endeavor but in the end it came together.

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