On Monday  March 6th at 4:00pm me and Jacob was assigned to film the Stetson Women’s Lacrosse game using two different cameras. Before the game started David showed me how to use the camera for the lacrosse in his office. I learned that the gain switch is like the ISO for making sure that too much sunlight is not hitting the image sensor, so it needed to stay on low. The IRIS is like the aperture to decide if you want the camera to have more or less blur. Also there is a filter that is like sunglasses for the lens, but I had to keep it off. Before the game started I made sure to film the athletes walking to the field and them warming up.I moved on to the other side of the field while they were still warming up and not them stretching. When the game got started I made sure to get the hatters being introduced one at a time near the announcers. After the game started, I turned the camera on whoever had the ball while zoomed on the players. I made sure to zoom in on any of the Stetson Hatters that scored a goal and then zoomed out. As soon as night fall came, I seemed to have found things easier to capture whoever had the ball on camera because during the afternoon it was a little hard to find whoever had the ball. However, some of the things I wished for was that the cameras were both fully charged before I went to pick them up. Also, during the second half of the game one of the cameras immediately stopped filming because the media was too full and I could not go over to Jacob for assistance because the game was playing and I did not want to risk getting in the athletes way by going around the field.

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  1. Sounds like the camera doesn’t have the same pro features that you are used too. Glad you got some guidance on how to adapt to these different terms.

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