A Week of Firsts

The past week has been full of a lot of unexpected firsts. To begin with, I helped put together a cat 6 cable. We were using it for a connection to be able to monitor wireless microphones from a laptop. So, we took a cat 6 cable and cut off the end, and then uncoiled all of the colored wires inside and aligned them in the correct order.  After that, we fed the coiled wires into an RJ45 connector. This was kind of cool to actually physically put together something before we even got to the tech part of the project. It was a quick process, and the hardest part ended up being able to cut through the wires with the wire cutter we had. 

Another interesting thing I learned was about cameras and video switching. I learned all of the proper angles that things should be displayed from stage, and to be mindful to always keep the lower third of the image plain because the lyrics are always displayed there. Camera switching was a lot easier than I expected it to be. There’s one screen that shows you what you’re currently airing, and then another screen that has all of the other camera shots you can switch to. In order to switch, all you have to do is enter the number on the keyboard and press enter, and the image automatically fades to the new camera angle. I actually got to control this during a worship night we had on Tuesday. Even though it was really easy, I was still a little stressed I would somehow mess it up. Thankfully I didn’t!

The coolest part about this week happened out of nowhere. The band was rehearsing for the worship night, and our lighting guy noticed that some of the spotlights weren’t working correctly. They were on, but needed to be refocused manually. So, he had to go up in the catwalk to mess with them. He knows that I had been asking for weeks for a reason to go up there, and I finally had the chance! It was actually a lot scarier than I anticipated. The only way up is by a straight 90 degree ladder that just fades into pitch black darkness as you climb up. Literally, if the spotlights weren’t on to cast a slight shadow in the corner where the ladder was, I never would have found the ground of the catwalk. After gripping EXTREMELY tightly to each step, I finally made it up and had a pretty awesome view. We refocused the lights (which was literally just gently moving them) and I saw that this is also where we keep the projectors for our screens too. After watching rehearsal from a different perspective, we headed back down. It definitely took me awhile to hit real ground again, but when I finally did, I have to admit I was pretty relieved. Although it was a little scary climbing up and down the ladder, going up in the catwalk was totally an amazing experience. 

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  1. Making cables, live camera work, climbing the catwalk…Again, this internship has a great range of experiences for you! Hopefully you are starting to see that you need to be versatile. If you only focus on audio, you miss out on these other things (and potential some job opportunities)!

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