A Week of Progress and Sadness

Last week mostly involved working on more of my Digital Walt Disney World guide with InDesign. I’ve made pages about the top attractions to experience, the best Disney snacks, hotels and entertainment offerings, tips, etc, featuring both designs I’ve made (these include Mickey Mouse ears, wands, travel gear, etc.) and photos taken by yours truly.

My boss has been teaching me more basics about InDesign, such as how to wrap text and how to format the guide, because there are many different ways how. You can make it look like a flip book or a list. Mine will look like a flip book.

On Thursday I did more water testing, but this time I collected water samples from streams. Spa Creek Conservancy has been in need of someone to visit other locations besides the bay. After water testing, I worked on the Disney guide, and after that I walked around Annapolis to take photos for the magazine. I visited the state house and photographed the house and senate chambers, as well as various statues and works of art from unique angles. I even used my fish eye lens for some photos to capture the size of the chambers.

Now I’m sure you are all aware that there was unfortunately a shooting in Annapolis last week, and it happened to be down the street from where I work, about a mile away. Fortunately, I left work before it happened and wasn’t near the area at the time. I just want you guys to know that I am safe and sound, but what happened is a real shame. The people we lost, and their families, are in my heart. #AnnapolisStrong

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  1. Not sure I understand you description of wrapping text. Is there a picture you can give me of the two for comparison?

    Wow, I am sorry I did not realize this incident was so close to where you are working. Very glad to read that you are OK!

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