An Experience That Will Benefit A Lifetime

This week I had to say goodbye to my internship at Rox Volleyball and I didn’t quite realize how much I would miss the environment and people there. Although I only went there every Friday, I still was on a consistent schedule and I will miss that consistency. I have learned so much throughout the past two-three months and I know it will benefit me in the future, even if I do not pursue a career in a clothing business.

Over the course of this internship, I learned not only about product photo editing but also printing on clothes and social media, as well as typography and mock-ups. All of the knowledge I have gained will stick with me throughout any career path I may choose and I cannot be more grateful for that. I know I will be able to utilize these new skills in any career I may choose and that is what is so incredible. I will miss my time at Rox Volleyball but maybe in the future I will find myself back there.