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On February 26th at 12pm I was assigned to shadow Paul for the Women’s lacrosse game. Some of the things that caught me by suppressed was that we were not using the live cameras for the game like at the basketball tournament. It was focused more on filming the women’s team playing against the University of Southern California and the Stetson Women’s lacrosse team. we used one regular cam corder and a bigger camera called the black widow that was a little more complicated. For the start of the game Paul let me film the whole game across the field. Wherever the ball was at, I had to capture the action of the game. I made sure to zoom in on the players from a far distance away including on the players for the Stetson hatters that scored goals. Also, I made sure to capture the Hatters that were being introduced before the start of the game. It was a little challenging for me to keep up with whoever had the ball because it was so small from a distance on camera. I thought it was interesting to be able to use different cameras for other games because it seemed to give me more experience with filming. However, one of the things I wished was that someone was there to teach me and Paul how to use the bigger camera, which would have help make things easier. W could not figure out how to prevent the camera from looking so grainy and I could not find how to adjust the aperture or the shutter speed.

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