April 15 – Gearing up for Beach Volleyball

This past weekend went really well. Our broadcasts have been looking better and better and the whole crew is getting into a groove. If you haven’t been watching our broadcasts on ESPN+ I highly recommend it cause we’re killin’ it. After the Kennesaw State series with softball I helped out the camera crew disassemble the the cameras and tear down the production. I learned how to coil wires properly! Who knew there was a right way and a wrong way – I sure didn’t. I should throw that on my resume. This week we have the ASUN Beach Volleyball Tournament that we’ll be airing on ESPN+ since we’re hosting it. Tournaments are always a little nerve wracking but once you start it’s like any other game. Tournaments are a great source of experience though and a good way to show you’re the real deal. All of the events are back to back to back so you have to be quick with prep and cognizant of everything that’s going on. Apart from the actual broadcast, in order to to enhance the viewer’s experience we try to tell stories. Stories are why people watch and it’s on us to present them. And that means I need to always be ready graphics-wise with story related material. For example if there’s a team who has never been in a tournament before and they make it to the finals, that’s huge. And I should be ready with something graphics wise that helps explain that. Everyone loves a good underdog. Aside from the technical side of broadcasting I’m learning that we’re here to not just record the show but to be a part of the show. It makes the job all the more fun.