April 8 – More.. Baseball?

And we’re back at it with even more baseball! I thought I was ready for baseball but I forgot just how slow the games can be. The game vs UCF lasted FOUR hours. It’s good though because it’ll start building up my stamina for the tournament that’s coming up and prepare me for longer days which is always beneficial. During the set  up for the NJIT series I shadowed a co-worker for a bit and he showed me how they set up cameras and where everything plugs in and such. It gave me a sense of just how much goes on in the preparation of these games outside of the graphics. This coming weekend we have a softball series and those are always nice and relaxing. For some reason softball and baseball have two very different flows. I’ve learned that you can’t come to softball with the same mentality as baseball. Even though the sport is pretty much the same the broadcasting side is paced differently and it takes getting used to. This job really makes you learn how to be flexible in a live setting; In fact, I’d say it’s crucial. Flexibility is everything in the real world.