Art Gallery Additions

When I was compiling images and information to include in Elizabeth Frates’ and Danielle Grischam’s art gallery posts, I made sure to provide specific details, such as titles and mediums, whenever possible. After publishing, I looked through the old blog posts and noticed Katie Mackey’s detailing her mistake of not using the “media gallery” option when inserting images into posts. I made this same mistake, and went back to update my gallery posts.

In my posts, I present the artist and their art in a way that might be fully informative and appealing to whomever might come across them in the gallery. I would like it to be possible for whomever may be interested in the artist to find their public social media page or professional website, and continue to see more from them. Based on my own assumptions and a few specific google-searches after posting, the creative arts website doesn’t seem to get that much or that kind of traffic, but it’s a possibility that could better serve Stetson alumni and the Creative Arts Department.

I considered contacting the various graduates by email, once I couldn’t find any links on Frates’ or Grisham’s facebook pages. The issues are: I don’t know if the stetson email remains valid after graduation and if it were still valid, they probably don’t check it anymore, and I’m not sure if I want to contact them through non-academic platforms. I’d prefer a professional approach instead of directly pestering them via their personal facebook pages.



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  1. Thanks for these updates. Glad that Katie’s earlier post in this blog helped you figure out the media gallery.

    Stetson email only stays active if the alum requests it. Both Erin and Danielle may have left new addresses with Laura when they graduated. You could ask her if they are in her records.

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