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ImageWorks: Final

This summer, I did an internship at ImageWorks working and learning about the real world of graphic design. I learned a lot of the course of the time working there. i learned about the workplace and what happens behind the scenes. I think it was good for me to experience working for. I got the benefits of working with customers, learning how to install things and learning about a business. When I started working at ImageWorks. I was right in the middle of the action. I learned how to install something onto a car and learned about all the different types of paper. This was definitely important because when a customer would ask for a certain product you would have to know what type you need it to be on. for example, Banner paper is good for inside and outside signs that can be used to advertise for events or just advertising a business. You can also you banner to make picket signs that are used for selling homes and such. Vinyl can be used like stickers. We use a program like Illustrator to create the letters for the vinyl and we actually did the installs. I learned how that whole process went and now if I want to make something from scratch I know how to,

One of the big things I learned during my internship was how to make a book. Previously, I had knowledge to make flyers and pamphlets but I had never understood how to make books or the format. This was important because I had to learn a new program to make the book. I had to learn to have patience working with customers and make sure everything is up to the standards of the business. Of course there is artistic creativity but still you have to represent the business and keep their standards. When I was working there and I would make products, I had to make sure to follow the customers orders in a timely fashion. Also working with customers became a thing I have never really done before on a one on one basis. This helped me more on my communication with other people that I do not know well.

Another important thing I learned during my internship is about business itself. During the time I was there i learned that businesses isn’t always booming. Sometimes there are quiet times where no one comes in and orders things. We still have projects to work on but it is just quiet in the shop with not alot going on in the sales department, we would still be printing and assembling stuff. I learned that there are other parts of a business outside of what it is selling. Filing and sorting was some of the things I did as I was there. It helped me see deeper into the business and got to see the clients that would come back and ask for more business from ImageWorks. This shows persistence and good connections with the customers. When a business acquires a new customer they need to try and keep connections so that they can work with them again. I think that a business with customers that come back is good since they can trust ImageWorks with a job well done. When I was doing filing with ImageWorks. I got to know more about the company itself and learn who they are.

Another thing I learned while working with ImageWorks is working with the company to get jobs done. What I mean is that sometimes not everything is made inside of the store. For example when someone wants a large order of shirts, we sell it to them but the actual product is made out of the state and shipped to ImageWorks. We collect the money and the dividend from buying from a third party site. This is also important to some businesses because not all of their business has to come from the building itself. they can make and do things with partners and still gain a profit off of it. When ImageWorks has to buy from a third party website, they search for what the customer wants and then what they do is send them a list of products for the cheapest prices. This is important because the customers need different options when trying to buy a product from someone. Companies needs to show varieties for products which gives the customer more options.

Finally, I learned how to not lose my creativity when I am working for someone else. When you work for a company they have certain standards for their products and services. They need you to keep up their standards and make sure that they you properly represent them in whatever you are creating. When I am making a product for someone I am also allowed to have some creative freedom in the the item I am making. I started to remember in the job that I am doing I do have to follow protocol but I also have the rights to be able to express myself to make an artistic piece. I should not forget that I have the rights to make my own creative decisions. During my internship when I did have the opportunity to make products, I did have the chance to show my artistic creativity and also make it look professional. I was glad that I didn’t have to give up my ability to create when I was making products for customers. I did enjoy my time at ImageWorks and I took away a few principles that Included making sure I stay professional and up to standards when making a product, I need to make sure that I keep the interests of the customers in the product I am making and also I need to remember to show all the options when I sell a product to someone else. ImageWorks helped me understand more about small businesses and how they are connected with their customers. This is helpful since businesses need strong bonds. I enjoyed my time at ImageWorks and I hope to be able to work with them again.

ImageWorks week 10

One thing i have learned here at ImageWorks is how to sell myself as an artist. I have done a few assignments for actual customers while i am here and I have learned not only am I selling a product to a company. I am selling myself. I am showing other people what I can do. This is important because if I am ever required to do a job I can show what I have done and able to replicate or make it better. Selling myself as an artist is good especially in an internship because you have a lot of time to practice and make things perfect and get better if there are any mistakes. I have seen myself improve and seen myself become more professional more than cartoon like. it is good that I can do both because when the time is needed I can create what I need to do and improve on what might be my downfalls. What I saw sort of coming in here was that I had more sketchy type of art but now I have finite lines and more of a clean appearance when presenting my work to others. ImageWorks has taught me that I should try and challenge myself to do better things and always be open to new ideas. As a student still in school its good I got professional practice and still got to do the sketch type of art that I do enjoy. To get better at something you need to take the time to learn new things.

ImageWorks week 9

At ImageWorks when we make products I realize we are not limited to one resource. What I mean by that is that there is different types of material that we print on. For example there is banner type of paper which is thick and can withstand wind, acrylic which is used for signs and many more. We have many types of paper for different installments. For example we have a certain type of paper we can use to put letters and images onto glass like windows or portraits. We have paper we can use to make postcards or pamphlets and more. The great thing is that one type of paper can be a multi use item. For example the acrylic can be used all by itself or be applied on to an item like a sign or a wall. With these options people can get what they want on anything they want it on. We have types of paper for installations on cars and we can also screenprint a tee shirt but no more than 10. The best part about having these different options is that if you bring something in and want a picture or text on it, you can come here with your item and we will do an install for you so that it can look exactly as you want. If someone wanted a picture they found online onto a helmet, we could take that image and apply it for them and make sure it looks good. Having options is always a big thing for companies so that their customers are not locked into one central item.

ImageWorks Week 8

During my time here at ImageWorks I have learned not all things are being made in the store. For example big orders of tee shirts, business cards and sometimes even stamps. What Ms. Sherri showed me that not everything is made here. She has a company website that shows all of the products she would order made by different people. She would order them in bulks then tell the customer how much is it per item. For example, If I wanted a box of pens with my company’s name on it and wanted 1000 of them. Ms. Sherri would go to the website and order them for the cheapest price she can find per item. Then she would tell me how much I would pay. For her when I paid her she would get a portion of the money. This means she is the middle man. She is still benefiting from the customer but not having to hold inventory all at her store. The only thing she does is receive the shipment when it comes in. What I learned about that is it is a great way to make money but also you get to still order from others who are more specialized in a certain area like lanyards and hats. This shows that we also offer variety to customers so that when they come here they can have not only choices in paper products they can get shirts hats and cups. Being a middle man is not a bad idea and can help a business show that they are not all one track minded but can open doors for new possibilities.

ImageWorks week 7

When describing a company, most people would probably use the word efficient. The dictionary describes efficient as achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense or working in a well-organized and competent way. Most businesses try to emulate that type of lifestyle and make sure that they are giving customers what they want. They want to get a job done in a timely matter but also work fast because as they are working on one project they are 10 more that can come in. In business you cannot put all of your time into one thing and forget about others. College is the same way with homework and projects. Companies need their employees to be efficient and create a good face to them so that when a customer comes back they know they are getting what they want and the time that they want it. In a business there should not be a lot of downtime and there should be productivity in the office so that when others see the work coming from the place they want to come back and also it brings in revenue for a company. Connections can also be very efficient. finding partners and people who exel at what you might not be so good at makes a company well rounded and can relieve a person of a job they might not be good at. For example here at ImageWorks Ms. Sherri hired a business intern because she needed help with finance and other types of things she does not particularly excel in. This makes the company more efficient.

ImageWorks week 6

Here at ImageWorks I have seen alot of repeat customers come in for new or existing jobs that they would like updated. They come back because they know that a product is good and that are getting their moneys worth on something they need for an event or for regular business. Companies that come to ImageWorks know that they are getting a professionally made item made with top quality. Some of the products I have seen that are being ordered might be expensive but they are made with top quality products that will last for a long time. When I asked Ms. Sherri how does she keep such loyal customers, she replied that she makes sure that they are satisfied with the product, that there are no mistakes and that we will work with the customer to fit their potential budget and create the best products available. Stetson University is a customer of Imageworks. They have been for years. The reason being is because Ms. Sherri has made them successful products that Stetson is proud to show off to others. Some of the baseball banners and plastic footballs have been made by ImageWorks. They have their work everywhere and it shows how good of a business they are. Stetson can easily come back to ImageWorks and know that whatever they want they can get it and know its the best quality out there. When you make something for someone else you have to make sure you are doing your best and trying your hardest or else you will not get the return customers that you would want.

ImageWorks week 5

Organization in companies is a crucial part in any company. As I am working here in ImageWorks I have been doing a lot of filing to keep the company organized with their physical inventory. With this a company can find customers easily and go back to see what they ordered last time and see how much they charge. This is also resourceful especially if the computers are down and you need to see a previous product that a customer ordered. When I first started to organize, I thought it was a worthless project or a fill in project that did not mean anything. Now as I work I have seen many things come out of this process. For example, I have been able to see how long customers have been coming back to do business with ImageWorks. I have learned that they can keep a strong connection with them and see that they are reliable and can get their products to them in a timely matter. Also other than then time the product is made with some professional and personal touch. Filing also can show how successful a company might be.For example if you have lots of papers with returning customers, that can show that a company is doing well. People come back to ImageWorks because they know that they are getting good quality products and they are getting the service they need for their businesses. When I first started i though this would be a tedious job but now I am actually taking something away from a business perspective.

ImageWorks Week 4

This week on my internship i learned more about the production side of a business. I worked on cutting and weeding which means taking excess vinyl out of words. That was sort of hard since the letters were small and hard to cut. This taught me to be careful and be more watching of how I do my job. I had to learn to patience with small objects and learning how to work with vinyl and cutting it. This was definitely different from what I was used to so it got me out of my comfort zone which was good. I got to learn more about the assembly of an object like how to make stickers and such. This is critical because in the business world you know people have stickers, banners magnets and etc. This showed me that there is a reward for being patient. As I improve my cutting skills I take time to notice details and make careful cuts so the product looks clean when i am finishing. Not working on the computer shows that I can do more other than designing and creating a piece of art. As I try to learn new things this is also expanding my mind making me able to be open to new ideas which makes me more available for others who might see potential in me.

ImageWorks Week 3

This week I did my first installation onto a vehicle. Before this, I had not done it so this was definitely an experience. I had to learn how to properly measure and line things up on the vehicle as well as properly applying them. This touched on the ideas we had sort of talked about and did in our graphic design class where we worked with a 3d model instead of paper. It’s nice to see how things are done on a larger scale instead of on paper, online or even on television. The experience taught me something in it of itself that there is no such thing as a half job when doing something for a customer. I know now that there are certain standards that people expect of others even if they do not work there full time they are supposed to set the standards for the company. I think with my hard work I can and have made a better improvement on how others view ImageWorks by my quality and speed of what I do.

Another thing I learned this week is about proper time management and knowing your deadlines. When a customer wants something done by a certain day you should be able to produce to them the final product. It’s sort of like working in the classroom but the difference I think is that along the way, you and the customer talk and there are changes that might be made as you are making progress on the product and art. You have to learn how to work fast and get things done in a timely manner especially if a customer comes in on a Monday and wants his product by Wednesday. I have improved on the speed of my art and the quality of what I can do.

ImageWorks Week 2

My second week at ImageWorks was yet again eventful and educational. As I headed into the second week I learned more information on how to install things onto different materials and how to better my knowledge on the types of paper. This was definitely cool to see how the different types of paper effected different products. Since I know now how to use both of the printers here at the shop, If I am ever needed to print or assemble something, I have a basic idea of how to do it.

This week I have been still helping make the book for one of the customers. I have had to learn patience and accept that change will come as the book is being made. I am learning how to use new software like create space which is known for publishing items including books, music and other items. I have also been working on window panels for a frozen yogurt company. With the items I have been making recently, I have learned how to adjust sizes of an item onto the canvas like what I have needed to do in my graphic design class. Since the Graphic Design class taught me how to adjust I learned how to use that properly here at the job plus I’m learning how to print on new materials.

ImageWorks so far has taught me how to better work with customers and how to properly adjust to their needs. This is important because in the workplace you have teach yourself how to work with the needs of others. I’m still very excited about working here at ImageWorks because I learn something new every day.