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ImageWorks Week 1

I have just finished my first week at ImageWorks and I have definitely learned a lot. On my first day I got my first assignment and my first client to make a wedding banner for her company. She provided me with the photos and colors she wanted to be used in the banner. Needless to say when she came in she was impressed by my work. It was neat to see my design on a giant banner instead of on a screen like what I did for most of my Digital Art classes.

I have gotten to use my skills of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign this week. This week I learned how to make a book on InDesign and how to actually use the program. Before this I had the basic knowledge of InDesign and did not know how to properly use it. This furthered knowledge I had learned from a previous internship where I used InDesign to make Fliers and brochures. Richard Carter, the client came in to see the book and had me make a few changes but overall was impressed and next week we will be printing the book for him so he can have a tangible copy.

Outside of working on the computer and doing projects with Marissa, I have learned the basic knowledge of how to use the laminator, the actual printer and another printer which does stickers for cars and signs. This was definitely fascinating because when I took the graphic design course at Stetson, we learned some of the same things. I was interested learning how to install things onto vehicles and how to properly apply signs onto its rightful poster boards.

I think I will be enjoying my internship here because I find everything fascinating and I am definitely ready to learn new things. Ms. Sherri said that I had all the qualities she was looking for in starting this internship. Next week I hope to further my knowledge about how to print and how to use the printers with the different types of paper.allthatglitz poster