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April 15 – Gearing up for Beach Volleyball

This past weekend went really well. Our broadcasts have been looking better and better and the whole crew is getting into a groove. If you haven’t been watching our broadcasts on ESPN+ I highly recommend it cause we’re killin’ it. After the Kennesaw State series with softball I helped out the camera crew disassemble the the cameras and tear down the production. I learned how to coil wires properly! Who knew there was a right way and a wrong way – I sure didn’t. I should throw that on my resume. This week we have the ASUN Beach Volleyball Tournament that we’ll be airing on ESPN+ since we’re hosting it. Tournaments are always a little nerve wracking but once you start it’s like any other game. Tournaments are a great source of experience though and a good way to show you’re the real deal. All of the events are back to back to back so you have to be quick with prep and cognizant of everything that’s going on. Apart from the actual broadcast, in order to to enhance the viewer’s experience we try to tell stories. Stories are why people watch and it’s on us to present them. And that means I need to always be ready graphics-wise with story related material. For example if there’s a team who has never been in a tournament before and they make it to the finals, that’s huge. And I should be ready with something graphics wise that helps explain that. Everyone loves a good underdog. Aside from the technical side of broadcasting I’m learning that we’re here to not just record the show but to be a part of the show. It makes the job all the more fun.

April 8 – More.. Baseball?

And we’re back at it with even more baseball! I thought I was ready for baseball but I forgot just how slow the games can be. The game vs UCF lasted FOUR hours. It’s good though because it’ll start building up my stamina for the tournament that’s coming up and prepare me for longer days which is always beneficial. During the set  up for the NJIT series I shadowed a co-worker for a bit and he showed me how they set up cameras and where everything plugs in and such. It gave me a sense of just how much goes on in the preparation of these games outside of the graphics. This coming weekend we have a softball series and those are always nice and relaxing. For some reason softball and baseball have two very different flows. I’ve learned that you can’t come to softball with the same mentality as baseball. Even though the sport is pretty much the same the broadcasting side is paced differently and it takes getting used to. This job really makes you learn how to be flexible in a live setting; In fact, I’d say it’s crucial. Flexibility is everything in the real world.

April 1 – Baseball

This upcoming week marks the start of the grind for baseball season.  We have five games scheduled to broadcast for the week so it’s going to be a busy one for sure. I’m still doing headshots for use of the day of broadcasting. I’d say I’ve gotten pretty good at them now haha. This past week was a slow one but I’m ready to start really getting into baseball. Baseball is the sport I know the least about to it’s always great to get a lot of experience with it to gain familiarity with the sport with rulings and such. It’ll provide valuable work experience and flexibility with what I’m able to do in the future.

March 25 – Break Time?

These last couple of weeks have been verrry slow. Our schedule was cleared since the Women’s Basketball team didn’t advance in their tournament. We did have the opportunity to start doing Softball games as we had our first double header on the 18th.  After the broadcast I tried helping out the camera men and women disassemble their tripods and such. I figured it would help me get familiar with what they do a bit more and maybe give me an opportunity to run camera for a game once I learn how to set it up and all. We have a game against USF coming up for Baseball and I was entrusted to do their headshots for the game. Not only am I getting experience with the headshots but I’m also learning how to organize the files and share them in an efficient way now that I have a bunch.

March 11 – Baseball Time!

And thus concludes basketball season as we march right into baseball. Last time blogging I wrote about doing headshots for our team so that we would have them ready on game day. Ever since I’ve been trusted alot more with doing headshots for upcoming games and even started to do some of the other team’s headshots as well. I’m definitely getting a lot of practice within photoshop and really defining a work flow. It only takes me about an hour now to do the whole team! This weekend’s baseball game went pretty smooth considering it was our first one that we aired this season. I’m hoping that once I’ve concluded with my senior project that I’ll have more time to start working on SBP graphics and such. I’m really excited to do those for the team.

Feb 18 – Headshots!

After the previous super busy week it was nice to slow back down so I could study for my upcoming midterms. My supervisor got back to me after I submitted those cutouts I did for the men’s basketball team. He said the headshots were really good and asked me to continue doing them for the broadcast team! That week I proceeded to do cutouts for all of the women’s lacrosse team and the men’s baseball team – 67 headshots in total. I’m used to doing work in Photoshop but I had never done so many at one time so the experience really helped me streamline my process within Photoshop.  On Wednesday we had a double header for both men’s and women’s basketball. For the first game, I attended my usual position as graphics operator but we changed it open for the open of the second game which was pretty cool. They let me work as the Technical Director! The Technical Director’s job is to basically cut between live shots on the Director’s cue. The TD is the one controlling all of the transitions during the game and switching into the replay system if necessary. It was a lot of fun trying out a different position but also pretty humbling. I forget sometimes just how much goes into the process of airing a single game and how much responsibility goes into each broadcast member. Everyone does a really great job and I’m proud to be a part of our broadcast. Hopefully as the semester goes by I’ll be able to branch out a bit more and try a few more positions.

Feb 11 – Busy Broadcast Week!

This week was a busy week for us at Stetson Broadcasting! We had four home games to broadcast, all basketball games this week. Early in the week in prep for the upcoming games I asked about getting full body jpegs of the players so that I could insert them into the broadcast to make it look a little better. I’m including one of the examples I did of Abayomi Iyiola. (one of about 10) It was nice being able to help out with the cutouts and being able to use them during our broadcasts. I’d love to start getting pictures and action shots of the players during the game so that we can cut them out and use them as thumbnails for play of the game or something along those lines. In the future I’m hoping to start working on some motion graphics that I can leave with the broadcast team after I graduate. Looking forward to the double header on the 23rd!