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Week 11 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, April 15th, concludes my eleventh week working at MoArtDeLand. This week I was given the layout to my final few weeks of work duties. I will be working on one final event for the Museum and making the design for the fliers, posters, place cards, food tents, etc. Other than receiving the layout I had a relatively simple week doing paper runs, printing, desk work, reviewing press releases, and so on. The Museum of Art also has a film showing of the documentary, The Last Resort, with artist Gary Monroe happening on May 8th that I helped promote. I had one day dedicated to calling and emailing all local synagogues and temples for the educational benefit. The Gary Monroe film focuses on 1970s Miami Beach and its large community of Jewish retirees. The screening of the film will begin at the Athens Theatre, and will be followed by a question and answer session with Photographer and Author.

Week 10 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, April 8th, concludes my tenth week working at MoArtDeLand. This week was a lot of photography. My assignments consisted of taking photos to document the newly installed shows. These two shows feature two very different artists. The downstairs gallery features over 70 sculptural pieces by artist Robert Thiele and the upstairs showroom features Abstract Expressionist painter, Grace Hartigan. Photographing these two exhibitions was a true learning experience because I never really realized the difference in photographic techniques involved when documenting shows of differing medium and background. Hartigan’s paintings contain “content and emotion” through abstraction and figuration while Thiele’s work can be characterized as “minimal.” Many of Thiele’s sculptural pieces are large scale sculptures and paintings as tall as 9 feet high to 10 feet wide and assume a wide variety of shapes. The components that I considered the most when shooting were the dimensions of each work, medium, color, background of works, and viewing audience. The photos I took will be used as reference during condition reports and will be used as Social Media posts to resonate with the Museum of Art DeLand’s’ viewing audience.

Week 9 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, April 1st, concludes my ninth week working at MoArtDeLand. This week was all about Social Media.  My work time involved a lot of social media management including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter captions for some upcoming exhibitions and Facebook banners. I learned a lot of strategies this week aimed at attention grabbing for social captions and the benefits of proper hashtaging and tagging. It is important to realize that social media changes our realm of communication. Social media networking allows organizations to reach millions of users on a platform they are using on a daily basis. Through these platforms the Museum of Art is able to reach the DeLand community and advertise upcoming events to increase public involvement. That is why it is important to analyze the content I put out for the Museum of Art as it affects their image. Going forward in my career, these strategies will have a constructive impact on how I produce content for Social Media.

Week 8 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, March 25th, concludes my eighth week working at MoArtDeLand. This week I was super busy finalizing all of my designs for fliers, posters, and shop cards for the Museum Guild and their Art in Motion event. I was at the printer every day and made numerous deliveries to get everything done on time. A major skill I learned from this process was learning ways to simplify my work. I always try to do more and add more or cover up more white space when I am turning in works for a grade, but I have learned I need to relax my mind when it comes to delivering work in a professional setting. Stylish work doesn’t have to be cluttered with wording or design. It can be simple with communication, design expectation, and knowing the audience my work will be presented to. I realized through this process that the delivery and communication setting in a classroom differs greatly from that of a real work environment.


Week 7 MoArtDeLand

Monday, March 18th, concludes my seventh week working at MoArtDeLand. This was the week I returned after break. This week was very fun as I assisted in the closing of the Sandy Winters show over at the Downtown Museum location. I helped with the Condition Reports for various pieces before they were taken down and repacked for shipment to their next exhibit location. Condition reports are very important records for an artist and museum professionals. They are used to keep track of the changing physical condition of artworks and their attendant structures (frames, mounting structure). For the museums purposes they are pretty much a safeguard against liability for damaged work. This damage could be caused by things like gallery temperature and humidity or harm during the shipping process. This was a nice lesson to have as I am also learning about environment conditions in gallery spaces within my Collection Management class.

Week 6 MoArtDeland

Friday, March 1st, I completed my sixth week of working at MoArtDeland. This was a shorter week of working with break the following week. Just because it was a shorter working week doesn’t mean I was any less busy. This week I worked in-depth on learning about the upcoming show featuring black and white film photographer Gary Monroe. Gary Monroe’s images provide a glimpse into the lives of the people he photographs. Monroe’s images provide a glimpse into a number of communities that add to the character of Florida and other localities. His images vary from the old world Jewish community that characterized South Beach Miami, to Haitian resettlement camps, to tourists visiting Disney World, and the various landscapes that these cities and communities are built upon. These visual stories focus on specific populations, examining their daily experiences and the challenges that they face. Learning about Monroe’s work will help me understand the fashion in which the images will be displayed within the gallery during showcase. This knowledge is allowing me to get insight on curatorial thinking when setting up an exhibition.

Week 5 MoArtDeLand

Today, February 25th, I finished my fifth week at the Museum of Art DeLand. This past week I worked on some more press release drafts for some upcoming exhibitions. I used the press releases issued by the Museum on the website as guidance. I also used the essays from the Museum’s CEO that he completed about each of the artists and these particular exhibitions as a reference. I had to pull out two quotes from the CEO’s essays that could stand alone in the press releases to describe the show and the art.  These writing assignments have given me insight into the ways museums market themselves through texts. An important component of museum press releases is the extent in which they are able to engage with the surrounding community.

Writing press releases for exhibitions is an essential task at the Museum of Art DeLand as they serve as the first introduction to the show for the public, artists, and press. Maintaining and increasing visitors is also another role these press releases have. The Museum depends on a steady stream of people coming to the exhibitions and opening receptions. Without a good attendance the works just collect dust and can’t provide any educational benefit to the DeLand community. I have learned through these assignments that press releases like the ones I am drafting have a major effect on whether people visit, review, and purchase items from the Museums locations.

Week 4 MoArtDeLand

Monday, February 18th, concludes my fourth week at Museum of Art Deland. The most important and productive times for me throughout the day are when I have the opportunity to create content. I addressed last week how I was assigned with some new graphic design work for an event in early April. I am responsible for assisting in creating a design strategy for this upcoming event launch. What was once a fairly straightforward job of creating flier and poster content has morphed into one that requires a variety of communication skills. In this assignment my design work will not only reflect the museum but the sponsors participating in the event. This means my work must be approved by them also before going to print. This assignment has a learning curve because there are so many goals I could potentially focus on like sponsor awareness, social engagement, creation content, and others. I had to learn more about prioritizing and collaboration. A big takeaway from all of this is that there are so many different ways to interpret a project that involves multiple parties. This assignment taught me to step outside of the box and put myself in someone else’s shoes in order to sell a design idea. This will be a necessary skill since I am interested in the advertising field.

Week 3 MoArtDeLand

Monday February 11th, concludes my third week at Museum of Art Deland. This past week I was assigned with some new graphic design work. I also finished up some press release assignments I have been working and I also created a new banner for the Facebook page. This new assignment is an event in early April and I will be taking part in its design work.  My supervisor wants some kind of abstract flower design concept in different colors. I have started working on color scheme in a light lavender and maybe turquoise. I have a general layout of what my supervisor wants and specific guidelines. For example, there needs to be some element with black in the flowers because the flower part of the art is used on the place card and table cards at the event and the linens are Black and White. My art concept will be used for the fliers, website banner, place cards, and table cards. I will be finalizing and printing them around by March 1st. This whole upcoming week will be dedicated to processing the design. Im excited to create these and add them to my portfolio!

Week 2 MoArtDeLand

Today, Febuary 4th, I completed my second week at the Museum of Art DeLand. This week I was doing a lot of social media work. I was mainly making captions for some of the upcoming exhibitions for the museum. These shows include Sentinels by Robert Thiele, Retrospective by Grace Hartigan, and a body of work by film photographer Gary Monroe. I also made four social media posts and a flier for the upcoming Harlem Renaissance Film Series. The film series will be showing Against The Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance, Romare Bearden: Visual Jazz, Jacob Lawrence, Faith Ringgold, and Betye & Alison Saar. I got to meet a few more people who work in/with the museum. My routine was pretty normal this week. My more regular everyday activities include social media work and slight website upkeep, also graphic design and photography for the museum. My assignments for the next upcoming week include writing two press releases to promote the opening of some upcoming shows and their opening receptions. I will draft them and send them to my supervisor for any revisions. My supervisor also has planned for me to attend the museums Advertising meeting this Wednesday which is pretty exciting. I am excited to sit-in and watch how the board manages their marketing. Then after the meeting we will be doing some things over at the museums down town gallery.