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First Week at MoArtDeLand!

Tonight, Monday January 28th, concludes my first official week (10hrs of work) at my new internship at the Museum of Art Deland! So far I’m loving every minute of working there. Technically I started on the 16th of January but my supervisor who coordinated my schedule told me that I was starting at the busiest time of their year and that the week of January 14th and 21st would be unique because the museum was having several special events going on in which I would observe and take part in. So week one and two was a little unusual because my work times were so scattered. During this time, I attended an orientation for the museum, a WordPress orientation, was able to see the new exhibition being put up, and went on runs with my supervisor to destinations such as banner delivery, the flier printer, and the museums downtown location. They have been keeping me super busy, which is great, and I’m getting to know everyone I work with. During this time, I have already gotten to utilize my photography and graphic design skills. I developed flyers to promote their upcoming Harlem Renaissance Film Festival Series coming January 31st, social media platforms, and museum cards. I was also able to attend their fundraiser gala event this past weekend and take photos to promote their Facebook. This was such a fun event and I was able to meet the museum director, the collector for their new exhibition, and some board members. Now that some of the events have past I have a set work schedule and know that in the upcoming weeks I will probably be working on some fliers, the museum website and some of the social media platforms. So far so good!!!