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ImageWorks Week 10

My final week at ImageWorks has already began with a very cool start. This morning upon arriving at work I noticed something out of the ordinary in the shop. There was a huge backdrop labeled with designs for Sheriff Dave Brannon of Volusia County in the center of the building. There was also a lot of camera lighting equiptment along with a broadcast television camera mounted on a tripod.  They were filming a commercial in support of Dave Brannon in the upcoming sheriff elections. Dave Brannon is a frequent customer of ImageWorks. Last week, we made him around 150 yard signs and a banner for his campaign. It was a good experience to be able to assist him in reaching out to the community throughout this election process. Since I also have a passion for videography, it was great to experience other professionals working in a field that I consider fascinating. I spoke with one of the videographers and they informed me that I should contact Jeff Taylor from Stetson because he could possibly have some employment opportunities that could help me learn even more about videography. After giving the videographer my business card he insisted that me and my coworkers get in the commercial as well. Our part of the commercial was to all together say, “I support Dave Brannon!” While its not a big line, it is still a great start of networking in the world of videography and I really appreciated it. The commercial airs on Bright House on July 30th and August 30th.

This morning after we finished the commercial in the shop, I prepped a install for a local construction company. The client wanted his logo and contact information installed on his truck to increase his advertisement in Orange City. I installed the vinyl without any help and the results looked really nice.

I am really optimistic about the rest of the week at ImageWorks. I can truly say that I have enjoyed my time working and interning for them. I would encourage any other student from Stetson thats interested in Graphic Design to apply here as well.



ImageWorks Week 9

I had the opportunity to work with Athens Theatre in DeLand. Athens is one of the last classic theaters in central Florida. Opening night was in 1922 when the DeLand Daily News named it DeLand’s Handsomest Theatre. In 2016, they are still producing plays and shows. Our job was to make the advertisements for their new play, Spamalot. It is based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The original Broadway show won three Tonys including Best Musical, and the original album won the 2006 Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. Spamalot is being advertised all over DeLand and surrounding cities through different forms of media.

 We created the yard signs for their advertisements of the play using vinyl and coroplast. We printed 50 of them double sided. Majority of the signs are posted along the side walks of Woodland blvd in downtown DeLand.

We also designed the backdrop for the play. It was 30×36 feet long and consisted of 3 different images put together on banner. We used the Roland Printer to ensure that the images were large enough for the whole crowd to see. We had to print overnight because high quality prints usually requires a long amount of time. I taped it to the take up roll and when we came in the next morning it was complete and ready to be hemmed. The hemming process is adding doubled sided tape to the edges of the banner so that the border of the vinyl would not be visible.

I feel really good about having the opportunity to help the Athens theatre promote this historical play. Hopefully I will have the chance to see it.

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ImageWorks Week 8

This week I was able to work on a project that I was truly passionate about. My objective was to print and cut out all of the decals for the Mantanzas High School football team. I have played the sport of football since I was about 10 years old. Having the opportunity to give back and help a football team in any way has always been a big goal for me.  I know that my internship at ImageWorks isn’t technically helping me give back to their team but preparing their decals for their upcoming season is certainly a start.

The Mantanzas Pirates are located in North Palm Coast, Florida. After Marissa was approved of a really cool of pirate flag design she created, I was obstructed to print, laminate, and cut out each decal for their program. Since the decals would be installed on each side of the player’s helmets, we needed to print out flags that faced right and left. We also created decals that were labeled “All In” for all of the player’s parents to put on their cars. After printing all the decals on vinyl I began to prep them for lamination. The laminate will help protect the design and give it a glossy coat which will make it look clean and professional.

When the lamination was completed, I had to line up the crop marks and insert them back into the Roland printer for cutting. The printer would only trim along the edges of each design, so I had to remove the excess vinyl so that the decals were finished and prepared to be installed. All 225 decals came out perfect and I felt really satisfied with my contribution to their program. Working on this project helped me realize that the skills I’m learning from courses at Stetson and this internship could help me pursue a lot of my goals in life and I shouldn’t take any of this for granted.


ImageWorks Week 7

I can tell that we will be very busy this week at ImageWorks. This morning we had a meeting regarding all of the projects we have to take care of before Friday. One of my co workers will be out this week so the workload and overall pace of the shop will be chaotic. My boss always encourages that she would rather us be late with excellent quality products than to be on time with poor quality products. This does not mean that its acceptable for a customer to come in and wait for us to finish something. She continues to pressure us into working hard and making sure we have all jobs completed in a timely manner. I know that this work environment will help me become a overall better artist because I sometimes have difficulties with procrastinating and finishing projects on time. I can now experience working at a efficient pace and also completing things ahead of time to give me the opportunity to go back and critique my own work. Today I was able to install something really cool for a local businessman. He owns a BBQ business and we usually buy food from him every Friday at noon. He informed my boss that he would be hosting a cooking competition and he needed cool designs for his BBQ pit. He needed the designs right away so he could attract customers and build his cliental while at the competition. After printing out the design Marissa created, I installed the vinyl really carefully. It was kind of difficult because it was two different layers that needed to be installed exactly on top of each other in order to make the design come to life. Despite the harsh temperatures, we were able to install the vinyl on the BBQ pit before dehydrating in the Florida sun.

Design Jake Competition BBQ PitPIt

ImageWorks Week 6

At the end of Week 6 I’m realizing that my responsibility and role in the shop has become very important. My ability to design and create products for our most consistent customers has increased our overall income. My co worker Marissa has been at Image Works for seven years. She usually handles all of the new clients and I assist her with difficult projects that require more than one person to install.

I am really getting comfortable with working independently as well. When Marissa is really busy with other clients, my boss gives me a list of all the products we need to create for the week. Our most consistent client is a company named First Quality Plumbing. We always design yard signs and install vinyl on their business trucks. This week I was instructed to create yard signs in Corel to inform people that they’re hiring plumbers for their business.

After receiving the company’s logo and phone number, I began to create a proof on Corel. I chose to use red letters to make sure the sign was bright enough to get people’s attention. I knew that the letters had to be really large and proportionate so that when we print on the vinyl it would look clear and not distorted. I sent the company a proof and they were really impressed. The only thing correction I needed to make was to center the whole design to make it look more professional. I also had to create a layout for a promotional banner using only their logo and phone number.

I really felt accomplished after completing these tasks. I was glad to get a critique from the company so that I could make my design look better. I impressed my boss and made her realize that she can trust me to handle designing and producing products for clients on my own.


ImageWorks Week 5

This week I had the opportunity to help a new business with creating a storefront design. The client informed me that her business would be very similar to a nail salon but she also specializes in cosmetology. After receiving all of her contact information and hours of operation I began creating a horizontal layout that would best fit her business. I decided to find a clean and elegant looking font in order to attract her target audience and make her service look professional. I am much more comfortable with Illustrator but for this project I used Corel Draw to show my boss that I could learn and adapt to the applications we use at ImageWorks in order to make the printing process easier. I know that showing effort to adapt in any workplace is essential and it will pay off for future employment opportunities. After sending a proof of my design, the client really admired the fonts I chose. She told me she wanted something simple but she didn’t realize that the font itself could truly bring the image of her business to life. After the proof was approved, I drove to get the true measurements of her entrance and the store front window so that my design wouldn’t be too big or too small. I returned to the shop and imported the files into Flexi Sign to prep for the install. I planned on using white vinyl because the windows were kind of tinted and I knew it would make the design stand out. The next day I returned and centered the design by checking the measurements of both sides. I tapped down both sides and installed the vinyl as carefully as possible to avoid heat bubbles. It turned out really great!



ImageWorks Week 4

I can truly say that I feel experienced now. I have worked with numerous of customers and businesses all over Orange City. Working here at Image Works has helped me gain tons of experience from networking. Meeting clients face to face allows a relationship to be established that will ensure business in the future. This week I completed my first job without any help at all. The client wanted to detail his car with his transportation service logo and contact information. I quickly created a proof for him to look over before the install and he was really impressed. I prepped all artwork on Corel Draw X7 then transported the file into Flexi Sign to prepare to print. He recently painted the car black so I knew he wanted a design that would stand out. I decided to use white vinyl because I knew that it would best fit the overall theme and professional look of his service. After seeing the car he was so impressed that he brought another one of his service vehicles so that I could apply the same design. He also told my boss that since I  worked so fast he would allow me to put Image Works advertisements on his back windows. We immediately took advantage of this opportunity and applied our logo and number. My boss was very proud of me and told me that I if I keep this up I could be working my way into a permanent position throughout the upcoming semesters. Overall I hope I can keep this productive mentality throughout the rest of the internship.

Image works Promotion









ImageWorks Week 3

IMG_2383 IMG_3113

Going into the forth week of this internship I have really gained confidence. I am beginning to understand the business side of things at ImageWorks. I am a main factor in the production side of business. Marissa, the graphic designer, is constantly making designs while I put together final products for customers. This includes banners, yard signs, promotional magnets, and vehicle graphics. Since I have been interning, sales went up 5%. This is because the owner is able to leave the shop to network and build our client base. Every Thursday and Friday she is completely out of the shop and Marissa and I handle the daily functions at ImageWorks. Lately, our client base has been Volusia County sheriffs preparing for elections. We have received many positive reviews from the sheriffs because of our high quality work.

I installed vinyl on a woman’s storefront earlier this week. The store sells candles, aromas, oils, and vintage furniture.  It was hot and challenging to apply the vinyl but felt rewarding when it was completed . I also installed window perf on a van. It was a promotional piece that had to be installed within a thirty minute time frame. We eyeballed and centered the window perf and measured it on each side. We then cut the excess window perf off and ensured there was no bubbles. The photos are posted above.

To conclude, last week went really good. I am looking forward to learning a lot as this internship progresses. Today I was notified that I will have to complete a big project and create a logo for a company. Im really looking forward to putting my skills towards making something creative for them.


ImageWorks Week 2

I am currently heading into my third week of the Image Works internship. I have been working hands on and building experience at the shop. Assisting with installing vehicle graphics has helped me gain confidence and realize that some of these tasks are not so difficult.  We typically only use three different types of printing material. Banner, Vinyl, and Perforated Window Vinyl can be used to create most of the products we have to offer.

Last week, I was assigned my first independent project. I have to create a book cover for a war veteran. The book title is “Birds in Flight,” a book of photography work. I feel lucky to have received this opportunity so early in the internship. I have already almost finished it, I’m creating the book layout in the Adobe Cloud InDesign application. He has already chosen a color scheme. After I came up with a proof, he came in to approve it. This week I am moving forward from there.

In the picture below, we are applying a perforated window vinyl to a pickup truck. It has to be done really carefully in order to avoid bubbles or creases. If it is implied improperly, it has to be reprinted and reinstalled (which rarely happens). As the length of piece was so long, it required two people to properly apply it.

The internship is going great so far, I am learning more everyday. I hope to take on more projects as the summer progresses. My boss and coworkers seem to be very please with my work thus far.



Image Works Internship

This week I began my internship at Image Works in Orange City, Florida! Image Works specializes in creating vehicle graphics and all types of brand building products for local businesses in Volusia County. Going into the week I was really nervous because I did not know what to expect. I was confident that the techniques I learned from some of the digital arts courses would give me an advantage but I still felt unsure about things. When I arrived Monday, Mrs. Sherri the owner of Image Works, prepped me for the week and introduced me to her assistant Marissa. She gave me a tour of the shop which is filled with printing machines and designing tables. She also assigned me a desk next to the main printer. After being assigned a desk I was introduced to the applications that I will be using throughout the internship. In order to create the products they use a software named Corel Draw X7. Its very similar to Adobe Illustrator so I was able learn techniques really fast which made them become impressed and even more interested in me as an intern. We use Corel in order to make our banners, signs, and magnets. Another application we use is Flexi Sign. On Flexi Sign we are able to print and cut out vinyl for vehicle installations. Overall this week gave me the opportunity to begin working and building experience at Image Works. In upcoming weeks I will get in the drivers seat and begin to create branding products and design graphics for customers.