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Beginning of the End at Collective

There hasn’t been a ton to do after Easter, but there’s always something to help out with at Collective! With the start of the Badass Lady Preachers series, I’ve been searching for different Sunday Facebook event graphics that fit each week’s theme. The only thing that’s really stopping me from completing it is figuring out what my supervisors see for their own vision (or what represents each theme to them). This is something I usually take some liberties on, and it’s nice to see some of my “edgier” Facebook graphics on the page as well as my own interpretation of the theme being sent out.

We’re also figuring out how to create a monthly calendar of Collective events to post outside in the lightbox. Jess (one of my supervisors) and I have been swapping ideas back and forth, and we were (finally!) able to figure out a monthly calendar with small strips of event names on each day. Rather than going through too much work by creating a calendar from scratch, I pulled a free template from online and I am customizing it from there. This includes adjusting the length, size, color, type, holidays, and days for the month of May. I understand that working from scratch can be helpful when first starting to learn graphic design, but when it comes to very standard pieces like calendars, I enjoy some leeway and time-choppers. Especially when everything ends in about a week! This will make it much easier to work within dimension boundaries and adhere to Collective branding. I’ve said it before, but it’s always a great feeling to see my work approved and displayed.

Easter Recovery and Success

So the big event was last Sunday and it went incredibly well! We had the largest Sunday Soul Brunch ever with 225 people attending, but it required much more planning and organizing than a regular Sunday Soul Brunch.  The residential pastor, Kathy, called one of our strategies “Cheesecake factory-ing” where we would walk each group to their reserved table in order to avoid chair stealing, table mixing, and general chaos. It worked great!

The special poster we had created for the event was definitely tough to agree on, and I was the monkey-in-the-middle as each supervisor liked/disliked different aspects of the design. Eventually we did find one that most of us agreed upon, but there wasn’t a 100% satisfaction rate. The majority of the problems came from a branding standpoint. Collective Church is very stern (and rightly so) about keeping their brand and their look consistent. This means using the same type family and design style throughout everything I make, and has gotten me to be used to designing for the purpose of the brand. I won’t doubt that’ll be handy to mention in the future as I expand my horizons and enter different working environments.

For the rest of the semester, there’s not too much to do in regards to big events. There is the next Sunday Soul Brunch next month, and there are always Sunday Services to create Facebook graphics for! We’re starting a new series names “Badass Lady Preachers” and I’m focused on creating something that conveys a symbol of “badass womanhood” instead of just “being female.” We have this Tuesday off because of all the hard work we put into last Sunday, and even then I’m constantly on the look-out for something that’ll aid Collective’s brand for each Sunday to come.

Gearing Up for Easter

These past few weeks have been a little hectic with figuring out what’s going to happen with Easter! We’ve already sold out all of our tables, and we’re trying to fit in as many people as possible. Plus, we were able to obtain a sponsorship with the finally-final version of my sponsorship packet! Currently it’s been a struggle to edit the poster that will go around town because it has to really amp up the Easter Sunday Brunch theme. A surprisingly simple poster has become an almost 3 person project with ideas coming out left and right. At the last Sunday Soul Brunch we had to get up about an hour early to be there at 8am, as well as compensate for Daylight Savings which did not work out great for me. At the very least I got some great sleep that night.

I also recently learned how to add slides to the ProPresenter program Collective uses during their Sunday services, which was surprising to me primarily because I had never heard of this program. It’s something like a very advanced Powerpoint that was intimidating, but easy to handle once I used it a time or two. One challenge I need to overcome at the moment is fitting time in my schedule to not only come to my internship hours (which, no worries, I do anyways) but to attend one of their weekly events. More often than not one of my classes or my job will get in the way of their schedule. It’s frustrating, but my goal is to attend something regularly before the semester ends and continue to be a part of the Collective community!

I’ve learned way more than I initially expected (and I was expecting a lot), and the internship is still weeks away from being over. I’m both excited and partially dreading the craze this Easter Soul Brunch will bring.

Continuing Work and Projects

For the past few weeks we’ve been working a bit more on the theme and image for Collective’s ‘Lent’ series. Surprisingly, it’s been very challenging to find an image that relates to mortality in a positive light, but I did suggest the theme of New Orleans funerals and the idea went over very well. The image would either be one consistent image or a variety of images, but it seems to be leaning towards one consistent image. It’s still a nice change to be working on something more cohesive rather than projects that vary in purpose and theme, especially in such depth. This also goes for creating a graphic related to the theme of each Sunday. This week’s theme is “The Gift of Mortality” which transitions the Lent theme. It was challenging to find something appropriate and not too intimidating, and also not related to New Orleans since that’s a separate series. I went ahead with an hourglass rather than a skull.

The sponsorship packet has gone though multiple revisions, primarily related to what benefits each tier of sponsorship will receive and a typo here and there. Thankfully the design has stayed and I’m glad that’s still the case. I’ve also made runs to the print shop plenty of times and it’s been beneficial to become familiar with what is provided there (at a low cost). In relation to marketing for Sunday Soul Brunch, I’ve been posting the event in various online calendars and gone around town to hang up posters. The first time I went a few weeks ago I was pretty nervous to walk around and ask people to hang a poster, even though I wasn’t the one asking. Today I went around on my own and I was still nervous and stumbled my words a bit, but the actual process was incredibly easy and I feel much more comfortable doing the task myself in the future.

Things are going fairly well so far, and I know it’ll be vamping up in the coming weeks with the start of Lent, as well as Easter.

First Weeks at Collective

I am currently working with Collective Church in downtown DeLand as their Digital Media intern, and started the internship during the last week of January. I’m fairly glad to already be getting into a decent amount of design work related to marketing Collective Church’s event, Sunday Soul Brunch. I was put in charge of designing their sponsorship packet that would include details on the event as well as options for different tiers of sponsorship. It was pretty challenging as far as getting down a sort of template for each page for consistency throughout the design of the packet, and it took more than one try to get the entire thing to look at least satisfactory. If anything it’s only more experience regarding the work I would like to do, and it fairly directly tied to my major/minor (Digital arts and Marketing, respectively).  I also work on editing photos, designing Facebook covers, and we’re in the works of changing stock photos on the website into real photos from videos or actual events. I will also be working one-on-one with the head of Collective in order to tie in some image themes with a series they will be doing in the next few months.

The environment otherwise is very relaxed, but it’s understood that I should get my work done on time and make it known when I need more. I often help with setting up and taking down, as well as serving coffee before Sunday services. Because of this I’m able to help myself to a cup or three which is great, and it helps a bit with the 2pm slow-down I often have during my shifts. I’ve also been able to walk around DeLand and encounter more shops than I usually would while putting up posters. Additionally, I get to meet the owners and people behind the counters which makes downtown feel a little homey-er. Overall it’s been great, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can make an impact!