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Nearing the End

On July 27th I spoke with Madison Creech about her collaborative project, ANTIBODIES, with FEELD.

On August 10th I met with Tonya, and she provided me with a few more things to post about.  I also scheduled a post for the 28th Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition to post soon after classes start, which includes dates and deadlines and summarizes the general requirements. I also have a few posts featuring the upcoming panel discussions and lectures relating to the Fall exhibitions. I still need featured images for a few of these, however.

Intermittently I have been helping Jennifer Sorese at Studio Bleu in New Symyrna in exchange for studio time to work on my own projects.  It’s been a really positive experience reconnecting with my past AP 3D Studio Art teacher, and enlightening to hear an outside ceramicist’s perspective on Stetson’s art program. Similar to what I and others have brought up, ceramics students and the ceramics studio desperately need an overhaul and introduction of preventative safety measures, concerning the inhalation of clay and glaze dust.

I still have yet to reach out to Dr. Katz, Matt Roberts,  Dan Gunderson, Dengke Chen, or Krista Franco. This is in part due to my own nervousness, but I do intend to reach out to them within the following week and a half preceding the end of this internship so I can obtain information and insights to make a few more posts.

The next web intern can pick up where I left off concerning my drafted and unfinished posts that focus on past seniors and especially future events in the Hand Art Center. Tonya Curran expressed great interest in continuing to keep in touch with CREA interns, and to promote the website to new and current students in the Creative Arts Department as a resource.

Past Seniors and Current Faculty

At this point, I’ve gone through and posted all of the remaining senior thesis exhibitions from previous years that were given to me. Some of the portfolios were too bare-bones to compile into concise, informative posts.

For example, usable documentation of the exhibition is missing from Eliza Colmes’s 2015 portfolio. The featured image of the post was found on her facebook profile. There is video documentation of the exhibition included in her portfolio, but it is far too large a file to upload. The only thing missing from her post is a gallery of works from her exhibition.

The title of Gisela Fernandez’s 2014 exhibition, as well as the titles of her works and her artist’s statement, are missing from her senior portfolio. This post will remain drafted until more content can be found and included.

 In addition, I’ve drafted a post welcoming  and introducing Chaz Underriner as a new member of the Creative Arts Department Stetson faculty as a Digital Arts professor. It’s set to upload before classes start in August.
After this, I will begin the process of gathering information in order to make a few faculty-focused posts. I will speak with Tonya Curran  and Madison Creech about the upcoming fall-exhibitions in the HAC.  I will also communicate with and research into the exploits of Dengke Chen, Matthew Roberts, and Krista Franco, regarding their work abroad over the summer. I will speak with Michael Katz about his summer Drawing class on the Stetson campus, and Dan Gunderson about his current exhibition in Vero Beach, A View From Above.

The Remaining 2016 Senior Thesis Exhibition Posts

Over the past few days I made Art Gallery posts for Gisela Alvarez, Taylor Gunderson, Erin McCollum, and Natasha Schaidt’s Senior Thesis Exhibitions.

A few of the images in their portfolios had file sizes that exceeded the WordPress limit of 9 MB. I cropped and scaled down pictures as needed using my laptop’s photo editor and GIMP so they could be uploaded to the media gallery.

I wasn’t sure whether to include Gisela Alvarez’s dialogue with Andy Warhol on her Senior Thesis Exhibition post. It seems relevant to her senior show in terms of her not wanting to influence the spectator with an artist’s statement. It also serves to express the source of her artistic inspiration, but it’s lengthy, casual and might detract focus from her exhibition’s specific meaning.

I couldn’t find the name of Taylor Gunderson’s Senior Thesis Exhibition, nor the titles of five of his seven sculptures at first. I’m thinking the title of his exhibition might literally be “Senior Thesis Exhibition”, because that’s what was printed on his postcard. Images of his sculptures weren’t captioned with titles in his portfolio. I would seek him out for clarification, but he doesn’t seem to have a Facebook profile anymore. The titles of two pieces are included on his postcard, and I managed to figure out a few of the remaining pieces once I zoomed in on the sculptures’ nameplates in the gallery photos. A few titles were blurry and unreadable, so I have three with unknown or uncertain titles.

Art Gallery Additions

When I was compiling images and information to include in Elizabeth Frates’ and Danielle Grischam’s art gallery posts, I made sure to provide specific details, such as titles and mediums, whenever possible. After publishing, I looked through the old blog posts and noticed Katie Mackey’s detailing her mistake of not using the “media gallery” option when inserting images into posts. I made this same mistake, and went back to update my gallery posts.

In my posts, I present the artist and their art in a way that might be fully informative and appealing to whomever might come across them in the gallery. I would like it to be possible for whomever may be interested in the artist to find their public social media page or professional website, and continue to see more from them. Based on my own assumptions and a few specific google-searches after posting, the creative arts website doesn’t seem to get that much or that kind of traffic, but it’s a possibility that could better serve Stetson alumni and the Creative Arts Department.

I considered contacting the various graduates by email, once I couldn’t find any links on Frates’ or Grisham’s facebook pages. The issues are: I don’t know if the stetson email remains valid after graduation and if it were still valid, they probably don’t check it anymore, and I’m not sure if I want to contact them through non-academic platforms. I’d prefer a professional approach instead of directly pestering them via their personal facebook pages.



Moving Forward

At the beginning of my internship with Stetson’s Creative Arts Department, I posted Grace Aguda’s profile. It was straightforward, I only had a few issues tagging and titling the post. I wasn’t sure whether to tag her as a graduating senior or as an alumnus considering she had graduated by the time I posted her profile. I looked at previous posts to see what other interns had done. The previous profiles are tagged according to the context of the interview, not according to the real-time graduation-status of the person who was interviewed. I backdated the post to around the time she submitted her interview, and tweaked the wording in the snippet and meta description to optimize the post a bit.

Additionally, I had been making trips to campus to work in the ceramic studio at Sampson hall. My trips were mostly unfruitful. The entire building was blocked off at one point due to roof maintenance so I couldn’t enter the building without technically trespassing.

I’ve been met with a few absurd-but-manageable obstacles, such as losing my wallet and needing a new glasses prescription. Not to mention my driver’s license was in said wallet, so I can’t legally drive. Until I am in a better position to be making regular trips back to campus, I will put my sculpting plans on hold.

In the meantime, I’m drafting my ideas so the physical details of my sculptures are more thought out and planned, and I’m designing characters for my future web comic.