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That’s a Wrap!

Well, this officially marks my last blog post. All my pictures have been sorted through and uploaded. All my social media posts have blown away in the 24 hour limit Instagram has imposed. All my videos have been watched countless times. It’s honestly so strange having to finish everything and move on; I still feel like I have a game to go, despite being back at home and preparing for senior year!

I already miss it, and it’s made me really consider going into sports media as a profession. If I were getting paid to do what I was doing at the home games? Sign me up please. There were definitely professional photographs and hired multimedia staff members. Though it would only last a summer, I feel like that would be quite the fun and interesting profession to get while attempting to figure out a more solid career…Consider me intrigued!

Also, I think this internship has really made me appreciate my major more. There’s just so much that can be done in the Digital Arts world, so many professions that pop up all over the place. Companies these days are seemingly always in need of social media upkeep, graphics, videos, pictures…A digital presence in this ever-growing technological world. So it’s kind of more comforting to know that there are a lot of different opportunities out there. I guess the question now is which one to take after college is complete! Maybe I’ll even try another internship in the fall or spring to explore even more.

Until next time, Word Press/Crea 397!

Weeeee Are the Champions

So good news and bad news. The bad news is, I’m back home and my internship has nearly wrapped up. But the good news is, the team I was predominantly working for won the League Championship! I honestly saw it coming from a mile away, because my home team had the most wins out of all the teams in the League. And we were the top of our division during both halves of the season. So yeah, not super surprised there, but really happy that the guys made it all the way through!

It was kind of a bittersweet goodbye. It’s weird to not be following them anymore, and to not be hanging out in Morehead with the other staff and fans. But the owner of the stadium and my supervisor were both very pleased with my work, and offered to stay in touch and act as references for my future endeavors! The stadium owner also happens to know people from Stetson and Full Sail surprisingly, so he offered to open a few doors for me if I wanted! Little birdy told me there’s quite a large green screen at Full Sail, so that’s a very enticing offer…

I suppose my focus now is finalizing everything, ie making sure all my pictures are edited and uploaded, maybe making a wrap up video for the team, etc. And of course, I need to work on finalizing my portfolio to turn in! I’ve thankfully got all my pictures and what not organized; it’s just a matter of sorting through them a bit better I suppose.

Regardless, it’s going to be very bizarre when all of this is said and done. Next week will be very strange!

It Didn’t Listen

How our field hasn’t completely washed away yet is beyond me. We’ve been having to cancel games left and right; we only got in two of the five we were supposed to have this week! But hey, on the bright side, at least we got to play a little bit before the playoffs.

The games we did get to play were business as usual. My supervisor approved the “vertical video border” idea I came up with, and so I got to send a few different ones to her earlier this week! I actually got to meet her in person for the first time as well, along with a few other staff members from the CPL. She let me know that I’ve been doing a great job all season, which was very reassuring to hear. Getting that sweet sweet validation of a job well done is pretty important!

I also got to step in as the “official” photographer at tonight’s Double Header game. I was taking pictures of the home team and their host families for a little Host Family Appreciation event, and the team’s photographer stepped back and let me fully take the reins. So it looks like my work is going to be featured on the Marlins’ social media and perhaps even the League’s pages as well! Though I was finally reassured by my supervisor that all my work will eventually end up on the League’s website, it’ll be nice to see something go up much sooner.

Now all that’s left are the playoffs, and unfortunately having to wind down/say goodbye to this fun experience…

Rain Rain Go Away…

Well, unfortunately there’s not much to report on this week thanks to the wonderful weather North Carolina’s been having…We’ve gotten numerous days of heavy rain in a row, which ended up cancelling the game we were supposed to have with our big rival on Friday. We’ve gotten so much rain in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised if our game this Friday gets cancelled as well! Our field doesn’t take well to lots of water unfortunately. I feel like you could go out there and spray the grass with a Windex bottle, and the entire field would flood. We’re definitely in need of a bigger tarp…

I’m just hoping the field and weather stay dry enough for the upcoming week. There are pretty much back to back games, since it’s the last opportunity to play before the playoffs start on the 5th. And unfortunately, because it’s right before the playoffs, any games that get cancelled won’t be rescheduled. So fingers crossed for sunnier skies!

With such a long break in between games though, I’m using this week to focus on organizing my portfolio and finding my best shots from the games. I also came up with a graphic that I hope the League will be able to utilize in the future. Multimedia Interns like myself are in charge of taking videos of the players, fans, etc during the home games. We’re expected to film videos horizontally, but sometimes, we get caught in the moment/habits and film vertically! This leaves two large black bars on either side of the video when the footage is used in the standard aspect ratio.

So then! I’m hoping to fix that problem by creating a graphic that can be overlaid over the video, consequently turning the black bars into a baseball or league-themed graphic. It’ll take some playing around with for sure, but I’m hoping it’ll allow for including vertical videos into the League recaps; it’ll definitely be more aesthetically pleasing if I can get it to work!

Someone Please Break My Habit…

Well, to start things off, I had a pretty standard week! It was business as usual at the games, taking pictures of the players, fans, etc. Our team is getting a little questionable though; we’re starting to win a game, then lose a game. We’ve solidified our spot in the playoffs however, so maybe our guys are taking an unspoken break…

Regardless of how they’re doing, I’m still enjoying myself at the games! I’ve developed a “squad” that I talk to each game. They’re¬† group of regulars who attend each game, and they always manage to sit right by the spot I park myself in to take pictures. So naturally, we’ve started to talk and enjoy the games together! Definitely gives my experience a little something more.

But speaking of experience, two things are currently weighing heavy on my mind. The main thing is, I’m starting to wonder what’s ever going to become of our pictures. I personally take about 100-200 every game, but we haven’t really had anyone confirm what’s going to ultimately happen to them. The whole “database on the website” thing has been thrown around, but nothing has been solidified for sure. I’m going to check in with my supervisor and see what she says, because her instructions were clear early on; take pictures of all the players from both teams, the fans, and the events in the stadium at each game. Seems simple enough…but what happens to all the pictures at the end?

And the second…I cannot stop calling runs “points.” What kind of disgrace to baseball. Shoutout to Dr. Wolek for reminding me, because I should know better. And yet I continue to slip up! At least I’ve started to correct myself when I post to the League’s Instagram, but yikes.

Hopefully both “issues” will get resolved…

So THAT’S How You Do That!

Well, a pretty uneventful week meant that my brain fizzled, and consequently skipped a blog post on accident. But hey, at least the following games picked up and got me back into the swing of things again!

A few games ago, I finally figured out that I was able to rename a group of pictures at once. That’s probably basic knowledge, but I had no idea that was a possibility until recently. I was going through my 200+ pictures and naming groups of them individually, which was taking incredibly long as you can imagine. But now I know I can select a burst of pictures that belongs to a player, name them SoandSo(Player’s Number) with the date, and just let the computer take over from there…It’s the little things in life that keep you going.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share the pictures I’ve been taking. I’d love to, since I’m bettering my action shots and what not. But oddly enough, my supervisor is quite secretive with our Dropbox. I can’t even share pictures with the players themselves! Apparently, the reason being is that all pictures are being put on a Master List on the League’s website. Eventually, that is. So if and when that happens, I’ll be sure to share the link, because I’d love to show the nitty gritty of what I’m doing!

I’m also going to be doing some videography and graphic work here at the halfway point of the season. Need to discuss things more with my supervisor, but I’m hoping to add even more to my portfolio!

Now if only our team could continue our winning streak and not slack off/relax now that we’ve guaranteed a spot in the playoffs…

Am I Interning Baseball…or Hockey?

I’m so glad I waited to post until after the infamous doubleheader, because the two games last night were the craziest ones I’ve witnessed in my short term as an intern. Heck, I think they were the craziest baseball games I’ve witnessed period!

The week leading up to the doubleheader was typical. I took numerous pictures and videos as per usual at the home games, and was able to make two [x] [x] posts on Instagram that ended up gaining some attention! I’m particularly proud of the sunset shot, I must say. The limbo contest was also super fun to document because it was incredibly improvised; it was simply a way to keep the crowd and players entertained during an hour long rain delay. I can safely say it did its intended purpose!

While those games were fun however, they were nowhere near as entertaining as the dreaded doubleheader. This game had to have been cursed, I swear. There was just some kind of weird energy surrounding it. This is the game I mentioned in my previous blog posts that got cancelled twice, before being pushed back to the 25th of June (yesterday).

I could already tell things were going to be rocky as I walked through the stadium’s gates; it started to rain yet again, just enough to make the field a giant sauna. The first game was muggy and hot, but went just fine, with our home team winning. The second game however…I guess the heat got to both the umpires and players.

I watched as the umpires made a few sketchy calls, only to have one of our home team’s coaches get right up in his face to argue with him. Those particular calls helped the rival team score 4 points, so our nearly undefeated home team was not happy. Tensions continued to rise throughout the innings, and the crowd joined in with the heckling, the whole stadium turning into a medley of expletives and shouts towards the two umpires.

But things got particularly ridiculous when the umpires made a sketchy call in our favor. A rival player got so mad, that he rushed one of our players in what looked like was going to be a fist fight. And in a matter of seconds, all players from both teams rushed to the scene to either hold each other back or yell at the opposing side. It was wild. Definitely wish I could have documented it properly, but something tells me it would have gone against professional etiquette…

On top of that, it started to pour during the last inning, and the rival team scored four more points from what I still think was a foul ball instead of a home run. Crazy crazy game for sure, let me tell you. But hopefully now the weird doubleheader cursed has finally been lifted!

Mother Nature Has a Beef With Baseball

Slightly delayed post here because unfortunately, as were numerous baseball games! The weather really seemed to be against getting any kind of work done within the past week, with two games getting postponed and getting heavily delayed.

On Monday, a team from Wilmington, NC was supposed to travel our way and face us at home. It rained all day however, pushing the game to a doubleheader (two games in one night) on Friday. But on Friday however, it rained Thursday night and flooded the field, postponing the same team yet again! The doubleheader is now scheduled for the 25th, but honestly, I’m skeptical about it happening…This game just does not want to be played!

Thankfully, we were able to get a game in on Wednesday, and it was business as usual. I was able to get some great pictures, and I finally figured out how to film in HD on my DSLR camera! A little shaky without a tripod, sure, but still better than the quality an iPhone camera produces.

Tonight however, was even better. The game got delayed for an hour due to a wet field, but that meant for some great footage of players/fans messing around. A limbo contest started up between the fans and the home team, and I got to be in the center of the action filming the entire thing! The crowd also seemed oddly energized, so I got a lot of awesome footage of what was hip and happening away from the field.

I’m still having a ton of fun with this internship, but I do need a bit of a breather after this long game tonight! Thankfully the next game isn’t until this Friday…assuming it doesn’t get rained out.

Getting Into the Grind

Things have definitely taken off, I must say! Two home games in very quick succession will do that to an intern I suppose. But yeah, after my first game and a good four days of downtime, I had four days of work to make up for it. I had a game, followed by a day of intense editing, followed by another game, and yet another day of editing. As crazy as it was, I can say it’s gotten me into the swing of things (that could almost be a baseball pun…)! I’m starting to learn how to edit faster and sort my work efficiently, and also what to focus on during games.

Last Wednesday was my second game, though it felt like my 10th. I adjusted to things pretty quick, even from only having a single game to kind of figure things out beforehand. I knew where to stand to take good pictures, which settings to use on my camera for day and night shooting, which fan moments to video tape, etc. Only bummer was, the rain decided to ruin my vibe around the 7th inning! Ah well; hiding under the bleachers for an hour builds character I suppose.

Following the game came editing for five hours the following afternoon, but I felt like I was getting faster/better at that too.

Sure enough, come game time on Friday and the subsequent editing day on Saturday, I was taking pictures, videos, and posting to social media in a sort of battle rhythm. Not to mention I got a sort of strategy for editing which greatly reduced my work time! So yeah, definitely getting a handle on things.

It’s also really nice because I’m finally starting to get gratification for the work I’m producing. My supervisor posted a lot of our captured highlights on the League’s website, so it’s nice to see my work paying off! I’m excited for what this upcoming week will bring; hopefully not more rain!

Start of Something New

Well, the internship I’ve been planning for/looking forward to is finally underway! It’s honestly surreal to think about how just months prior I was searching¬†fervently for a summer job or internship. I was constantly scouring the Internet and worrying that I might not have anything significant to do with my downtime. But now, here I am in Morehead City, North Carolina, settling in to my new duties as a Coastal Plain League multimedia intern.

I have to say that I had a lot of mixed emotions going into this position. On one hand, I was excited for the possibilities, as a multimedia position often allows for work in different mediums. Seeing as my portfolio definitely needs more love, I was happy for the chance to have a multitude of pictures, videos, graphics, and maybe even audio work under my belt. But on the other hand, I was nervous that I wouldn’t enjoy it, that I would be so far from home, and that it wouldn’t be as rewarding of an experience as I hoped.

After completing my first game/first line of duties Friday night however, I can safely say that those fears are pretty much being laid to rest! Friday night marked the first home game of the baseball team I’ve been assigned to, the Morehead City Marlins. I was definitely a little nervous going in, as I had a lot on my plate. Essentially, I was expected to take pictures and videos of the game and all its events, coupled with posting regular game updates on social media. It was my first time taking more “professional” pictures, and therefore I was worried about the quality of work I would produce.

Once I got into a battle rhythm however, it ended up being a lot of fun! I was able to scope out just the right places to photograph the action, and with the correct settings, I was able to capture some shots I didn’t even know I was capable of taking! Definitely a confidence booster. Not only that, but I ended up with over 500 pictures by the end of the game, ie plenty of work to show for myself. And that was only one game out of many more to come.

Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to what the next games will bring, and I’m excited to see how much my skills improve over the next months! I’ve also got my fingers crossed for some graphic/audio opportunities with this internship, so I’ll keep you posted on any new experiences!