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Fixing the Galleries

After I did all that work and backdated all the galleries last week, I realized I had done them wrong. Instead of adding a gallery into the post, I simply put the pictures straight into the post. Some of the posts I also forgot to add a featured image, which made just a blank space on the main page where a linked picture should have been. I went back through every single post and added a featured image, as well as changed the line of pictures into a gallery. It definitely looks a lot nicer with it in gallery format, more professional and easier to look through.

After showcase yesterday, there were several winners for the Creative Art department. I believe Jasmine Ramos won the Maris prize, while Anna Chun and Ian Felpel both got honorable mentions. That’s so awesome that there was so much talent that they had a tie! I think I should write a post about the winners, but does that go in a post along with the 2017 Student Honorees or does that go in a post by itself? I’ve put up a draft of the 2017 Student Honorees, I just need the names of the winners to finish that one. After that, the only thing really left is the concert from Computer Music II, which we can create a featured event about. We may need some more profiles as well, but no one seems to want to do those anymore. Maybe Laura should send out one more asking for a last chance mention on the website.

Backdating the Gallery

This week I’m focusing mainly on backdating the gallery for the Digital Arts and Theater Arts Gallery. I’ve also included my own Profile that will be up tomorrow, and am working on a show post. The problem with the opening reception for the Studio Art show is that I don’t have the catalogue, pictures, or any information on who all the artists are so I can’t really write anything. I also don’t have the catalogue or name of the show. I’ve posted in Kappa Pi, so hopefully anyone who knows that info can give it to me, or Laura can send me an email with all the information.

**Update** I got a hold of Jasmine Ramos, who is creating the catalogue for the show, and she sent it over to me. I finished and posted an event for the show opening on April 17. I included the names of the participants (it’s only 6 seniors), the dates the show is open, and the Hand Art Center hours. I also added their picture from the poster, because it’s pretty fun.

I’m also struggling adding media into the galleries, it keeps trying to make me make a post so I think I’m doing it wrong. Am I supposed to be doing separate posts for each event? I did it for Unity of the Arts, so you can look at it before I do any more and let me know if that’s the right way to do it. If it is, I will continue to do this for the Theatre shows as well.

**Other Update** I figured out I could look at other galleries for help, and went through them all and figured out myself how to do it. I backlogged all the ones that I could find that were not already put in. There may still be more, as I only looked back until about 2015, but there is now about 7 more show galleries that didn’t exist before. Woohoo!

Website Updates

I almost forgot to add in the Senior Digital Arts show, “Unity of the Arts”! But the article is up and running now! It’s hard to write for stuff like that because it’s just straight information about times, dates, and names. The SEO judger was not happy about it, but c’est la vie. I have also update McCoy’s article for “Othelo”,  I made it a featured event and removed Rhinoceros from featured events so that Othello can take over the banner. I figured since Rhinoceros is over and the some of the Exhibitions are still open, I would leave the exhibition openings post in featured over Rhinoceros. This way people can still see which spring exhibitions are in the Hand Art Center, but not be trying to find information for a show that is already over.

Finally, I updated Madison’s interview. I couldn’t find a better picture of her on her instagram or online, so I just put the picture from her faculty page. I also increased the size just slightly, because if an image is under 200×200 pixels it won’t get picked up by search engines or any social media. She should probably send me a new one because it’s kind of grainy, but if not it will work.

Also, I’ve realized that my posts from my own computer do not publish automatically on twitter, at least, this post about the Senior Show did not. So I’m wondering if I’ll have to download and set it up too. I’ll bring my computer Thursday and we can see.

Post Spring Break Grind

Man! The week before Spring Break and this week have been the busiest of my entire Stetson career! Getting my senior show installed as well as all the other responsibilities I’ve taken on has been interesting. But everything is going to be great: it’s definitely teaching me to multitask and to delegate wherever possible, something I used to absolutely hate doing. It’s very humbling to ask for help, but ultimately it is growing me.

I got to sit down with Kathrine Pulling and talk about what it’s like to be a Stage Manager. She told me a lot about what it was like and how she got involved with in high school. It seems really interesting. We didn’t get too specific about Rhinoceros, but she did tell me a little bit and it was cool. I didn’t realize that the directors actually don’t direct backstage during a show: that’s what the Stage Manager does! Talk about pressure, especially for a new student. This will be cool for someone to see that it isn’t impossible to get involved as an underclassmen.

Madison Creech also emailed me her bio, I have scheduled it for next week to keep the profiles spaced out over two weeks. I just reformatted her picture from the faculty page, as it was too small to even use. If she wants a better/less grainy picture, she can email me another one. I’ll post this Pulling interview this week too, so people don’t forget all about the Rhinoceros play before it goes up.

This Week

It looks like stuff is going well. The Profiles are getting filled out, I’m still talking to some seniors who are going to fill them out and “still have them in their inbox.” I keep reminding them about it, but they seem to keep forgetting. Hopefully with my own helping to fill it in I can get at least three more to get us through the summer.

There wasn’t anything much to write about this week. I am in contact with Katie Pulling (Rhinoceros play’s Stage Manager) who wants to do a profile. I think I’ll make it more than a profile though. As a Sophomore having such an important role behind stage it will be a really interesting story. Hopefully I can meet up with her soon after Spring Break and get that story in too. I don’t want to wait too long after Rhinoceros or people kind of forget about things. Either way though, I think it will be a  cool story for prospective students to see the kinds of real life experiences they can get here at Stetson, even as an underclassmen.

Finally, I am still working on getting those faculty profiles. They aren’t really emailing me back about them. Grace just didn’t respond and Madison did, but I realized I didn’t give her a due date. For the future, I will definitely tell them a specific date to get it in by, otherwise it goes to the back of their mind and they forget about it. I emailed Madison and asked for her to finish it by the end of Spring Break, so hopefully that will work out.

Possible Application

This week, because there were not that many things to write about I researched ways for auto posting from WordPress to other platforms. I looked into Nextscripts,  read about it, and looked into what the customers thought. It seems to be great, it is a multichannel poster that auto-posts WordPress posts to all connected social media platforms. With the free version, you can add 1 Facebook, 1 Twitter, 1 LinkedIn, etc. The pro version allows for multiple accounts on each site,

I looked at the bad reviews first, specifically the ones with one stars. Overall, there wasn’t much information. They said things like: “no working repost feature,” “worst customer service ever,” “must pay for multisite.” All of which don’t seem so bad. Apparently the paid version is totally useless, unless you have 15 Facebook accounts you want it to share to.  Since we are only going to use it for the one Creative Arts twitter page, it should be totally fine.

However, almost 65% of the reviews were 5 stars. So I think that says something. 260 reviews with 5 stars amazingly still have hardly any information, but they seem to think it works fine. Reading through it, it would definitely be worth setting up. (Just don’t pay for it). With this we should be able to autopost with no problems to the twitter page.

The Website is Progressing!

The website is starting to look like someone actually uses it! Which is great. After posting Jasmine Ramos’s bio and answers, Laura sent out an email informing people that she had been featured. Since then two more people have asked to be featured: Laine Callahan and Mitchel Robey. They have been put in the queue and will be posted two weeks from each other. I’m hoping that when more people start to do it their friends will also want to. Each of the writing styles is very different, so it’s going to be cool to see different personalities within the Creative Arts Department.

I’m still having issues with the little snippet that shows up above their picture on the main page. There is no section in my dashboard for adding in a segment, so I’m going to have to figure something else out or else Dr. Wolek will go back in every time something is published and change it himself. I will bring that up on Thursday in our meeting.

Professor McCoy’s  Rhinoceros post was also up already last week, however it didn’t go up in featured events. I changed that last Friday and scheduled it to reappear in the featured events. It came up yesterday, also with a higher SEO ranking as I added in some meta descriptions and the like. Everything is looking good, and it’s not taking up too much time so it’s going great!


The First of the Profiles

The first profile went up today! Jasmine Ramos responded to the email and sent us a really good bio and answers to the questions. I’m excited! It’s nice to see the website catching up to current events. This is definitely one of the easier things to do as well, because it’s all written out for me. All I’ve done is just change a few things that sound awkward, add in some SEO tags, and then I added a link to Gary Bolding’s faculty page in case income students or parents want to see who Jasmine is talking about. I am still having a little trouble, though, remembering each individual thing (like where to write the little quote that shows up above the headshot in profiles).  Every time I write a post there’s a new thing I don’t know how to do! Which is good, because I like doing things I don’t know how to do. After the first one, I should be able to do the rest easily.

I think these profiles are going to be really good for the CREA page, because while students do want to know what kind of stuff goes on, they really want to know who goes to the school and who they will be taught by. I definitely am inspired by seeing other artists work, and seeing creative people makes me believe in a creative arts program. I’ve also emailed Madison Creech and Grace Ramsey about the faculty profiles. Madison Creech has already responded so I’ve sent her the questions, but I’d like to put up Grace Ramsey’s first because she is leaving before Creech. Hopefully we get more seniors as well!

Opening Exhibitions

It’s my first week as the intern for the Art Department! I’ve only just started, but already had a few problems. At first, I was unable to write anything. Then, I couldn’t upload the picture to the post because I didn’t have the required permissions. And of course, when I did get the permissions I accidentally forgot to put it in as the featured image, so it didn’t show up right. But, now that that is all out of the way, I’m pretty sure it’s only uphill from here! I’ve been thinking about other potential stories to write about, such as future events in the Art Department world. I’ve scanned through the events calendar at Stetson and the next event for art is The Art of Resilience show by the counseling center. However, that is tomorrow so if I’m going to write about it I should do it today.

I’m thinking that one probably won’t happen, so the next thing I should focus on is the “Alumni” panel. I’d like to expand it to current seniors in the Art School, as well as faculty. Speaking of faculty, I’m thinking that I’ll write pieces about the new faculty from this year, including Madison Creech and Grace Ramsey. This way we can start to bulk up the information on the site and give users a better experience. Hopefully knowing what’s going on here at Stetson will make prospective students excited and wanting to come to Stetson.