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Last Week

This week was my last week of the internship, but I will continue on working for my supervisor just for fun for a little bit longer, since I really want to help her in creating a few videos for her agency. This weekend I will work on creating a collage of photos and come up with a slideshow that exhibits a few of accomplished models and show their works, so people coming in for interviews will see that there are success stories and will have a positive attitude for this industry. I have already taken photos of the job pictures and comp cards in her office and am ready to start creating something exciting and appealing. My supervisor told me to be creative and  not be afraid of trying something new and create an eye-catching video. She also gave me some notes on what I should include and how I should approach this project. On the days I worked, I have had a great deal of communication with our clients, assisting them with anything they need and gave them applications, which also I had to redo for her, since some requirements have changed. Initially, it kept people confused on what they had to write on it. I used her Mac computer to complete this task and also answered a couple of emails pertaining to the appointments. There was a problem with one of the calendars on the phone that we use for keeping track of meetings; by the end of the day, I was able to fix it and now the calendars are synced and updated. I was very happy I could help her with that, because earlier one of the clients stopped by the office and my supervisor wasn’t aware that she had an appointment that day, and that caused a confusing situation for her. This week was very energetic and I had lots to do and am excited to continue being creative and putting a personal touch on given projects.

week 14-New project

This week I have done lots of little tasks along the way. On Monday, my supervisor’s agency has been quite busy and she would also go out on location with her clients for the photo shoots. So, I was left at the office and had to work with images of clients and use Photoshop to fix lighting and erase bruises and that sort of thing. I also had to delete lots of images of the models and leave two or three for later reference and that was not an easy task, since some models had ten photos and I had to choose which ones I want to leave by picking the best ones from the looks. I was also working on answering emails and communicating with client’s parents at the office and answering questions they had, if any. At the beginning of the workday I also gave her a new revision of the list with the other agencies’ addresses and she was pleased with my work and even liked that I made the text much bigger for better reading. We also talked about the new project I am going to work on, which is a video slideshow, which basically will be a collage of different videos and photos introducing new models we have. I said that she could email me with some materials, so that I could start on working on it this weekend. The work week was fun and exciting, and I got to see the whole process of getting the model ready for her photo shoot again.

week 13 getting new projects

This week I was helping my supervisor with answering emails as usual and work day was not that busy as well, because a few of her clients has come for an appointment and I was answering emails that only could be answered by me, and had to wait for her to be free to ask her specifically what I needed to type and what should I answer them. Those questions were just mostly pertaining to her. I also talked to my supervisor about new projects that I could do, and she was very happy I asked that. She said she was already thinking about me creating a video that we could show to new, potential clients in their first meeting. I also have to change my previous assignment, because the address given for one of the businesses have moved to a new location. She said I could do a video project and work on her website as well. She said I should think about what ideas I have for the video and tell her next week when I see her, so that I could ask her for pictures and videos I could use. It would be sort of a slideshow that I would have to make. As for the website, she said she would give me the code of it next week, so I could take a look and update it if I can. This will give me a chance to practice my skills that I have already learned and show my creative side in these projects.

Week 12- new task

This week, I was working only once and mostly was assisting my supervisor with answering emails and Instagram messages. Something new that happened that day was that my supervisor got a message from one of the shows that said to recruit child models. So, my job was to find composite cards and bring them to my supervisor, to see if they were right for the job. After writing down their email addresses, I was asked to create a new email about the show, where it is going to happen, what to bring, what to wear, who you can bring with you, etc. and send that email to kids’ families to see if they were interested in participating. It was a busy day and I liked that I was active in my tasks and was able to show my creative side and add my personality to the emails. I am thinking about asking my supervisor next week if it’s okay for me to help her with improving the business’s website. Before, I was still learning about the html code and how to apply it, but now I think I am ready, and I know a little bit, and can help her with a few tricks and tips I learned. My thought, going into this internship, was for me to be able to help in improving her website, so I am determined to accomplish that and see if she has time for me to do that. Even though her main priority right now is for me to work with the clientele and assist them with any help they need.

WEEK – 11 (Some days are a breeze and some days are tough)

This week I was mostly working answering emails. Also, this week my supervisor got the news that some shows are coming up. My job was to get all the information from the paper and write three new, thorough emails about what the shows are and send them out to our clients. I had to dig deep and find all of our clients’ email addresses. Some disorganization was present in the office, but I was able to manage. Some of my other tasks include that I had to take pictures of the credit card information and send it to the accounting again. A new task has been given to me as well. I was asked to find pictures of a model and send information about her to the other agencies to see if they were interested in representing her. Answering emails from existing and future clients can be hectic sometimes, especially if you just wrote a nice email and sent it to one of the clients, and two minutes later, they have replied with a new question. Going back to the fashion week show emails, I have sent them to at least twenty people, with most of them replying within a day. Since one of the emails had little information about the event itself, it was said to contact our agency for more information, which most people have done, and a new obstacle was on my way; I had to reply to each one of them with another email about what to bring, who to call and where to send their comp cards. These events are few weeks away from now, and I am sure that when I come back to intern next week, I will have much more emails to answer about these modeling jobs coming up. Getting used to the workflow has been easy and difficult at the same time, because some days I have little to do and others have tasks that are just overwhelmingly piled up on top of each other. This experience has taught me to stay on top of my homework and assignments’ due dates; For example, I do a little bit of my projects every day, so that I could turn it in on time and it would not become too stressful, and I have implemented this technique since the beginning of this semester.

Week 10 Reflection

In this blog entry, I would like to reflect on the experiences I got from the internship so far. It has been a positive one for me. I think I learned a lot of new things in the industry. I am glad I got the opportunity to participate in this business. Being here, I got involved in many tasks that I am sure are useful to me and my future. Becoming an assistant has been a journey, because at first I did not know where and how to start, but with guidance of my supervisor I was able to learn quickly and understand my job. I think that my communication with my supervisor has become much better, and I am able to speak with her and address any questions that I have. Many tasks I have done were involving computer use, and I am very happy that I got to Photoshop a few images, as well as managing her photo gallery and organizing it. I am also a lot better at writing professional emails, which surprised me. I am thankful that I got a few tips from my supervisor about that. Answering emails and writing new ones has been a difficult task at first, but now I am able to do it on my own and even add my own twist to it. Before starting this internship, I thought that being an assistant wouldn’t be as interesting and important to the whole business, but it certainly is; I learned a lot by working here and now I know that assistants play an important role and help supervisors manage their business. Sometimes in this job, I get to input my personal opinion and express my thoughts on certain projects. Often supervisor needs my creative eye to look at things in a different way. Overall, I am very pleased and proud of the work that I do here and am hoping to continue to explore new tasks and projects that come my way.


This week was not busy, since my supervisor had construction going on in the office to replace the window frames. Something new I had to do was that, since my supervisor was busy with clients, I had to pick up the phone and speak with customer and get their billing information. Which at first was nerve-wracking for me and I was hesitant to answer, because the construction noises were very loud, and I was afraid I wouldn’t hear the voice of the person, but when I picked up the call it was quite easy and I went to another location; I thought that I could do more with that and now can return voicemails and schedule appointments if needed. On Wednesday, mostly I tried to find emails that went to junk mail and see if any emails from the website would be legitimate and I found a few, which were sent months ago, so I had to write them back and ask for information so that we could set up an interview appointment. On Monday, I answered a couple of emails as per usual and emailed our printer about new e cards to be made. With appointments coming up, I was asked to find application forms and give them out to the new clients. Also this week, there was something new happening, when my supervisor went for the photo shoot on location, I was left alone with deleting some pictures from way before and finding photos clients have approved to go on the e card, but someone came without an appointment and asked for representation in this business. Then, I texted my supervisor and asked if she would see them that day, but she had other appointments and asked me to get their information. Later, we emailed her back to set up a meeting to talk about how this business works and what she needs to do to get started. Overall, this week was easygoing and not that demanding, and with construction going on, I didn’t get a chance to participate as much.

Week 8 _ Getting used to the workflow

This week I worked only on Monday, and it was an easy work day. I helped my supervisor with answering emails and Instagram messages. The day started off by my supervisor, her client and me sitting at the computer and looking over the photo shoot pictures together. Supervisor had a view appointment, which means that a client comes over to look at the photos taken at the locations and picks her favorites for the comp cards, while we also can Photoshop them on the spot and edit them to the person’s liking. I got to sit and observe this process and learn a few things, for example, of how one should communicate with client and satisfy their needs, so that they will be happy with our services. I also learned from the past weeks on how to build a relationship with clients, so that they will refer us to their friends. My supervisor also asked the client if she wanted some pictures to be sent to her email, so that she can use them for herself in Instagram or etc. Usually, we give out a CD of photos to every client, but if the customer desires to have them emailed to her, we could do that as well.  After this appointment, I was sending out emails to our printer, so that he could print the comp cards or edit them if the client wanted extra editing on the cards or if there were any mistakes made on the name or etc. Believe it or not, that happens quite often; we send out information on the person with their height and size, etc.; and then when the printer sends us a copy of the e-card, we send it directly to the client for their approval, and sometimes it would have mistakes in the size or other information, and then we would have to contact the printer again and tell him to fix the issues; then we send the fixed card back to the client and wait for approval, before we could print them. There is a lot of back and forth communication happening in this business. I finished my day by sending out an email to a list of clients from the previous months; this email is what we call a “friendly” email, which means that its content is about getting back to the models, asking how they are doing, and say if we have any opportunities soon or any jobs coming up in the future.

Week 7 – Busy week

This week, I got to work twice and got to participate in the photo-shoot again. These working days were quite busy for me. On Monday, I helped with answering emails and sending out billing information to the accounting department. On Wednesday, I started out with helping my supervisor with getting back to the clients by writing to them and answering any questions they might have had, and then I went to the photo-shoot locations and held the reflector for better lighting, so that the pictures would come out looking brighter and sunnier, since this is Florida and pictures have to show tropical, warm weather; Also, it was very chilly and windy that day, and I was freezing at times, my hands for shaking and that was a challenge for me to hold this gigantic reflector in a specific direction so that I could reflect the sunlight onto the model’s face. At the end of the day, I was using paper trimmer again and cut out white spaces around the printed portfolio photos. My supervisor had told me, that I am going to do another project, probably starting next week. It will be something that is related to my first project and involves excel and is a basically a paperwork assignment. I am enjoying this internship experience and I like that I always have something to do. I am already half way through this semester, and hope that I would get to work on the web design soon. Even though I am new at this, I feel like I could contribute and improve the overall look and style of the website and make it more user friendly.

Week 6 (New tasks-New experiences)

This week was not busy and I have not spent many hours at the agency’s office. I worked once this week, and not even that many hours, since my supervisor made it a short day due to the lack of interviews. I am planning on spending a few hours working for her on spring break week, since I am a commuter and I live close to campus and I spend my breaks usually working at my job and will add my internship work time as well. So I will be busy next week with work and catching up on my school assignments. I finally finished my excel project and my supervisor loved its layout and how it had enough space between entries and it even had space to take notes if needed; she said my work was neat, organized and easy to look at. I haven’t spent much time before on working in excel, but after this project I think I got lots of practice and am now comfortable with doing anything else that I might come across with in the future. This past Wednesday, I got to work with Photoshop again and touched up a few photos of the models. I also got a new, interesting task for me to do, which was to calculate all the agency’s expenses of the month on a sheet of paper, which introduced me to a new field of accounting, which I was always interested in pursuing before. This internship has lots of different tasks for me to do every single week, which is pretty cool and this variety helps me stay positive and interested, instead of getting bored. Where in my case, sometimes I get bored quickly with repeating same task over and over again.