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Last week at dme

I can’t believe this is the last week of completing my summer internship. This week I will be completing the invitations I have designed. This week I will also be putting together my final report! I am looking forward to meeting with you and discussing my summer internship experience. This summer went by way to fast but I have enjoyed my time at dme. I am happy that I have chosen to  intern here as I learned to grow into a wise individual. I have learned to gain more personal skills along with confidence and patience . Although I do wish I was challenged a little more I still was able to learn and make my designs stronger. At the end of the week I will post the updated invitations !


This week I have continued to design more Bar/Bat Mitzvah cards. Today Anna and I will be reviewing them as I will be making some changes to make them perfect. We discussed fixing the size to fit our invitation format along with playing around with the text and colors and keeping some invitations as simple as possible. I have attached some images of what they look like now. Next week when I finish updating them I will upload the new versions 🙂




invitation w:text butterfly text cards w-text hand of god color text invitation w-text red&black invitation one owl w:text



For the past week and a half I have been creating and finishing Bat/bar Mitzvah invitations. This week Anna and I will be reviewing my designs and making changes so they are perfect. I learned that research is important when it comes to designing, learning and creating. When I create my own designs when assigned a project I found it difficult to come up with just some of my own ideas. Researching helped me open my mind up to more ideas but at the same time research would limit my ideas and lead me back to things that already exist. I took the time to review a speech done by Natalie Portman. In her speech she talks much about ideas and how to run with them and that sometimes ignorance is a bliss. This short article had motivated me and had me thinking about how to be my own courageous designer.  I feel that I have grown and learned much from this internship. I am excited to take what I learned  from here and incorporate my knowledge and work  into my fall/ spring  semester projects.  I believe that everyone should keep learning everyday and capture an idea and run with it. The small projects that I have worked on here at dme has helped me to grow into a stronger designer. I have three weeks left here and I will be continuing to make my work stronger along with being assigned with one more project! Pictures will be posted as soon as my work is up to date 🙂



This week at DME I mainly created Bat/ Bar Mitzvah themed invitations. Last week I had to do a lot of research on the Jewish community along with figuring out the most popular party themes. I  gathered my research and sent it in for approval. Once Anna my mentor approved I was able to start creating designs and themes. I tried to go off my research of what the most popular party themes are. I made one that was poker related for the guys. I stuck with the poker theme and came up with my own design and turned it into a party invitation. The most challenging part was incorporating the Jewish symbols along with keeping the hole party theme. I got the hang of if and before I knew it  designing became simple. I also created two other girl invitations with keeping a tropical theme. I created one with the hand of god and one with an owl since owls and elephants are trending in girls fashion. As seen below I have created small samples of Party themes for Bat/bar Mitzvahs!!


bat/bar mitzvahs

bah mitvah!!

bah mitvah!


image1.JPG image1.JPG

This week I have continued to work on the research project that was given to me last week. I am waiting on my mentor Anna to let me know if anything needs to be added or fixed. Basically I have collected research based off bat/bar mitzvahs….. creating a word document that can help designers with future designs. This week I also have finalized the Montessori School logo! above is an attached picture of the logo they will be using. I am very excited to know that they will be using my logo that I created along with the help of my sorority sister Val who is the one interning at one of the Montessori schools. I am overwhelmed and humbled !!! This could be a great opportunity for me in the future and a great resume booster 🙂


This week at dme I worked on future wrapping paper, I also was given a research project to come up with bat/bar Mitzvah party themes and what is “trending”. I actually learned a lot more about the Jewish community ! I was surprised to see how much time, effort and money is put into it. It is much like a wedding but for girls and boys ages 12-13. I put together a word document of party themes along with some pictures. This week I was also able to help one  of my sorority sisters out by creating a logo for her. This summer she is interning and a Montessori school. She told me about how they are expanding and becoming more known. A Montessori school teaches kids how to learn with harmony, respect others and love others. My sorority sister Valery said that the school was in search for a new logo and she gave me the opportunity to create one for them. I took the schools idea and colors and came up with a logo that is simple and clean. I incorporated the school  initials, colors, and how they are becoming international ! Later on this week I will find out if they will use mine! I am hoping that they will choose mine because  it can  lead me to future opportunities and look awesome on my resume.

I have provided a sample picture !!!


I can’t believe I have been interning at dme for a month now! This week I am still going over the wrapping paper designs to make sure they are perfect and ready to print. Tomorrow I should know what wrapping paper designs will be going on the gift skins website. This one project sounded like it would be a piece of cake but I learned how long the process really takes. It surly does take time and creativity to get the perfect design!  I am looking forward to finishing up project number one and moving forward with new projects.

-Pictures of my designs will  be uploaded soon 🙂


This week at dme I will be working with Anna my mentor, we will be going over the Father’s Day wrapping paper that I created. I will be sure to upload my designs once we figure out what ones will be going on the gift skins website. This week I will also be recreating designs that we already have on the gift skins website. Some wrapping paper designs need to be updated so I will be updating and recreating some of the existing designs that we have. last week I was creating logos for the Binideck ( business cards).  This week I will be focusing on other stuff and taking a break from the logos. They still aren’t sure of the name and the person overseeing it has a very specific vision . I have been enjoying my time here and I can’t wait to see what wrapping papers will be going on the Gift-Skins website!


This week, Anna my mentor and I….will be going over my  wrapping paper designs that I have created. I still have some changes to make before I submit them and review them. I am looking forward to Anna and I discussing what designs  will be  going on the Gift Skins website. I have made five different versions of the designs that I have created! I am curious to see if they will sell. This week consist of me reviewing my art work and making sure that everything is designed perfectly and aligned with the dimensions that I was given  to work with. Also dme is in the middle of creating an easier way to carry and keep your business cards. It looks like a sticky note pad but minus the sticky part. Its almost like a tiny note book; you flip, tear and share! Anna is putting me in charge of designing the logo for this new product. This is the main project that I will be working on  this week with Anna.  I am looking forward to seeing what I come up with and if the company will approve of it.


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