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The Finale

Well this is it! My final blog, project, and day as a videographer for Stetson Marketing. I must say this has been a great journey where I’ve learned so much about the position and Stetson. I wrote often about how I was introduced to events and groups happening on the campus. Being a commuter, I only focused on my studies and never engaged in campus activities until this internship. I realized we as students have so many privileges here in the Stetson community that can lead to a great education and future careers. I’m thankful that this position was not only limited to video assignments but an exploration of opportunities here on campus. I know cultural credits are ways to introduce us to different things, but this experience also added value to my college career here.

Anyway, with that said, my one video assignment is done, and my supervisor was ok with it. It took me an entire semester to network and get it done, but I succeeded. I was glad to be given an assignment rather than coming up with ideas to cover. I found this a lot easier to focus because I knew the vision and I could work at getting things more precise than before. I had the pleasure of meeting prospective and current students, faculty, and front row seats on how events are planned. I met people I would have never willingly hung out with and understood why they enjoy their careers so much. Heck, I even faced one of my greatest fears, SNAKES!

This semester of interning was simple and tedious. I don’t think I would trade this experience for anything and if I had to do it all over again I would. I know the last two semesters working as a videographer exposed me to more activities here on campus than the previous years. It’s because of this I stepped out of my box and became aware of what and who I was around. Stetson is a community waiting to be explored and enjoyed and whomever is hired for this position next, I hope they too experience this.

Trust Issues! (youtube tutorials)

Adobe Premiere never ceases to amaze me!! Let me tell you I’m the type to things the HARD WAY!! I also would like to say I don’t trust YOUTUBE tutorials whatsoever! They’re the reason I’ve been editing my videos the hard and long way! So, Thursday I was editing, and I discovered the Graphic essentials panel! It was like unlocking a treasure chest too! I mean I discovered all types animated title pages and was like “you gotta be kidding me!” All this time I could’ve been typing my names and titles within Premieres graphics and simply change colors to what I want and move on to the next details of my video! I was literally making the shapes and graphics myself while placing keyframes on everything. No wonder it took me 15 hours to make a 2-minute video! I’m not embarrassed though, I just said to myself there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and I’ll also say my poor cat is bald!

Anyway, this will make the process of editing much easier! I think what’s so great about my internship this semester is that my supervisor gave me one project to do and I don’t have to rust to get it done! Although it’s in me to turn it in right away Michael reassures me that I’m ok and to take my time! You know it’s hard to find supervisors like that so I’m grateful! Working with so many different programs my brain is on overload I have to say to myself often “keep it simple Phaedra.”

I Forgot But I’m back!

I forgot, but I’m back!

Well, its been a while since I’ve blogged about my internship and believe me every week I intended to update you all on my process, but time gets away from me. Anyway, this semester started out slow and steady, and I loved every bit of it; but in true Stetson form the pressure has hit and I must deliver. Over the past 2 months I’ve been meeting with professors to get information and footage on Stetson’s Honors and SPREES program, and with my schedule stretched thin, I must say it’s been a journey. Anxiety has gotten the best of me and I have moments of asking “why did I sign up for this?” Nevertheless, I keep going and find out interesting details each time.

The Honor’s and SPREES program at Stetson are one of a kind, and to hear professors and students speak on the development of them truly intrigued me. I’ve been apart of Stetson’s community since 2014 and I had no clue what the SPREES program was and how it prepares students for great careers within the government and classified positions. I remember walking into the SPREES exhibit and watching students study and tutor one another in the Russian Language, and it made me realize how privilege we are as students that faculty want to see us truly succeed in various areas.  One thing Dr. Mayhill said to me was “we want our students to leave”, meaning get the education they need to go off into other parts of the world to as successful as possible. Some of the greatest careers are missed because we sometimes dismiss the small details.

I’ve been in awe of how all areas of this great university prepares students and faculty for greater success. No one believes in passing you along if you don’t do the work, and sometimes that can be frustrating, but it brings out the best in you. I don’t really have much more to say in this blog post but that I’m ecstatic to watch myself and others pursue their education with passion.


Well! What a Frightening Surprise!

Well, let me just start this blog off by saying I wasn’t expecting that!!! The past two weeks I’ve been trying to set up good times to interview two professors for Stetson’s 60th Anniversary of the SPREE and Honor’s program. As usual everyone is busy, and I’ve learned to adjust as needed. To be honest the rush and anticipation of this event has made me so excited. I’ve researched both programs, and prepared questions, but nothing makes an experience than physical engagement.

This past Monday Stetson hosted an Open House for the Honors Program. Prospective students and parents were taken on a tour of the school and engaged with the faculty. Well, being that marketing is covering a story on the Honors program I followed them around to capture B roll.  Due to my work schedule I was not able to participate that morning, but the latter part of the day yielded some frightful excitement. Casually going about the tour, shaking hands, introducing myself, and capturing others interacting, I heard someone say, “is that a snake in the pillow case in his back pocket?” I paused, looked around, and quietly said “what?” See I can do animals, but I am terrified of snakes. It is a struggle for me to watch them on television let alone be in same surroundings as them. Anyway, after I heard that I paid close attention to the Professors back pocket.  Before then I walked closely to him, capturing footage as he talked about a few science courses at Stetson. I honestly would’ve been ok if no one had mentioned the creepy crawler in the first place. Nevertheless, I kept my distance until we walked outside, and from there I knew what was getting ready to happen. I calmly freaked out but, shockingly I got close enough to capture footage on the snake. I kept telling myself “Phaedra you got this!” “You need this moment on camera, GET IT!” And I did just that! I wasn’t expecting to face my fears this week, I was just there to capture b-roll. We all had the opportunity to hold it, but I wasn’t ready for that yet, so I got what I needed and stepped back.

You know as I stated before, I wasn’t expecting to face a fear this week, but I’m glad I did. This brought back excitement to my internship. It’s so easy to show up for things because you have too, but when it becomes an experience that helps you cross a personal milestone, you that it’s worth it. I went home that day proud that I didn’t allow my fear to hold me back from an amazing opportunity. Sometimes we fail because we don’t try, so I just wanted to do something I wouldn’t have done before. To see passion and pride in the faculty’s eyes as they explained programs brought me joy.  I know they sacrifice a lot of time so that students can experience community. The fact that professors know your name matters, and I hope all who choose to attend Stetson sees that.

Overall, the tour was amazing, and it was exciting to see prospective students, parents, and faculty engage and rave about Stetson University.

This week is one I will never forget, and I hope the remainder of the semester brings on more excitement! (but I’m good on the snakes for now!)


Back In The Saddle

Well winter break is over and I’m officially back in the swing of things. I’m so excited to continue my videography internship with Stetson Marketing. Last semester came with many opportunities that challenged me to become better in several areas of Digital Arts. A novice at capturing and editing footage I was so grateful for the patience of the Marketing staff, professor, and students I interviewed.  I admit I wasn’t pleased with a lot of things, but since I’m back I have time to improve.


I’m looking to further my skills in Adobe Premier, Audition, and After Effects while keeping the footage creative and simple as possible. I believe I spent too many hours on certain things last semester because I was learning how to operate it. Now that I’m familiar with it I can work at steady pace.


Focusing on ideas of my own last semester, I’m excited to say that this semester I’ll be working alone side with Michael as we capture stories such as Stetson’s SPREE and Honor’s programs. I’ll still have the opportunity to capture things I love, but the structure and deadlines will help me to focus and know exactly what to produce. It will also introduce me to events happening around campus.


For example, over the break I had the opportunity to edit footage for Stetson’s Farming Tour. It was great to learn how Stetson is and has partnered with Sustainable Synergy to supply healthy food options to students. Editing this video made me aware of local farms around Volusia county and ways to contribute to healthier lifestyles.


Overall, I believe this semester will expose me to things I rarely experience and allow me to network with some amazing people. I’m up for the journey and looking to deliver great work.

Give Your Best and Manage Your Time!

Light it up and make it better was my goal of re-editing my videos. This past week I sat for 12 hours to redo my first video. I work on the lighting, audio, along with incorporating b-roll to make the video more interesting. I’ll be honest the quality of the camera and the shots I took weren’t the best, but this is where you live and learn. I don’t know if I should admit that I struggle with perfectionism or maybe it’s excellence I desire. Nevertheless, I long to produce quality work so that in the future people will trust me with more task.

With that said, I was more pleased with the result of the second edit versus the first one. Although there wasn’t much I could do about the lighting I did my best to adjust the audio as much as possible. Upon rendering and playing back the video, I notice a lot of hissing noise during the talking portion of the interview. I thought to myself “I can’t turn this in!” So, I worked to reduce the hiss as much as possible. What I’ve learned while editing video is you won’t get every bad thing out, but you can embellish it. Having thought in the back of my head I didn’t dwell on that one issue as I would have in the past.

I’ve grasped that perfectionism can be confused with excellence and that at times can keep you from delivering product at a decent time. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be right, but applying skills that help produce results faster can keep work coming to you. I watched how I got caught up in one video that I failed to work on other footage, so things began to pile up. Once I began to receive feedback from supervisors I learned how to multitask more. When that started to happen, I was handed more opportunities. This week along I had the privilege of editing audio which is my main area of study. As much as I had to do before the end of the semester I refused to turn this down.  Maybe I’m a bit ambitious, but taking opportunities can lead to careers, so when I can I give a resounding yes.

Overall, I’m learning to manage my time better, and what’s important to me I will work diligently at it until the great results are delivered.

“You Learn More as You Redo!”

How do you take interesting footage and turn it into works of art? That’s been a question I’ve been asking for weeks as I diligently attempt to do so. With every angle done within each edit, I’ve learn to polish the most difficult ones.  My last post I mention the critiques received from my supervisors and how helpful they were. Well this week I sat down for my first redo and I incorporated various things to make the footage I had better.  I was working on a video for Dr. Paul Croce and what was 3 minutes became 1. Although my attempt was to get it to 20 seconds, by the time I added credits I ended up at 1 minute. I said to myself if this doesn’t work I’ll revisit, but I was pleased with the results. Now of course if I receive feedback saying fix I’ll do so, but I honestly think this will work better.

Now that I have a better hang of Adobe Premiere the redo process was relaxing. I still spent 8 hours editing, but I was constantly learning how to make things better. Earlier that day I met with Dr. Underriner to discuss my senior project and the tips he gave me for editing my music I also incorporated into videos.  He showed me how duplicating tracks, adding effects, and eq’ing could make something empty sound full. A few weeks ago, he also showed me how to view my audio in Premiere over in Audition, and how normalizing and eq’ing could make the audio for video better. So, with that in mind I attempted to get rid of excess noise and make my background music sound full and not tinny.  I’m still grasping the concept of this, but it made the video better.

One last thing I’ve learned to do better in Adobe Premiere are the rolling credits. This was not easy for me because I couldn’t get the keyframes right. Plus, in older versions of Premiere there were settings called rolling credits, but it was taken way in 2017’s update; so, the process was different. Well after watching several YouTube videos I got the hang of it. Thankfully enough 2018’s version has added it back and hopefully it will make creating rolling credits much easier.

The Critiques Are In!!!!

Well, the critiques are in and I must say that I am shocked at the positive feedback! Being a complete novice at videography I was expecting harsh reviews, but thank goodness, I was wrong. I chose to capture stories in the Digital Arts because it’s my major, and I knew this would keep my attention throughout pre-and post-production. Once things got going and I became more comfortable with interviewing the editing process presented challenges for me. I never knew how many hours could go into editing, but now I’m appreciative to those working diligently to provide us with entertainment.

I spent 10-19 hours a week in post-production trying to produce quality videos.  I tried out both Windows Movie Maker and Premier to compare which software would produce the best outcome. While Windows Movie Maker is decent for beginners, it doesn’t deliver better quality than Premier. I found it complicated to add and edit audio, and when adding background music to videos the monologues were drowned out completely. I did the best I could with Windows Movie Maker, but when I began edits in Premier I was in heaven. The way things are organized there made my work flow much easier. Now, I learn some things the hard way when I first started with Premier, but once I got a hang of it, it was smooth sailing.

After submitting my final edits to my supervisor, he informed to incorporate more B-roll, increase the audio levels, record more steady takes, and pay attention to better lighting. The interviews were great but there were ways to make it better. With that said, I opted to redo them all and present a better product. Amid this, I received an amazing opportunity to edit a video for a possible news story, EXCITING! I’ve submitted a final product for that, but now I want to take that three-minute video and turn it into 20 seconds. I honestly feel more comfortable with editing and I’m learning to relax and have fun. A lot of times I miss the opportunity to be creative because I overthink things, and it’s an honor to have leadership that encourages you to relax and view things from a positive perspective.

I don’t know where this internship will lead but, I’m thankful that I said yes, and I have to ability to learn something new each day.

The Process

The Process

Well I’m a month into my internship and I’m getting settled into videography. When I accepted this position I thought to myself, “this won’t be too hard!” I’m not ashamed to admit I was wrong. I’ve quickly learned there is more to videography than recording content. This process involves research, journalism, time management, and graphic design. As I began to research possible stories to cover I was amazed at all the things going on at Stetson. I pitched my ideas to Michael, settle on 3 stories to cover, and went to work immediately. This my friends is where the real work began.

I began contacting my sources, scheduling interviews, and researching the proper equipment needed to capture my content. This was exciting but it was a lot for a person who has absolutely no experience in videography. Nevertheless I persevered to deliver the best content possible.

There were times I felt rushed, but I paced myself and focused on one event at a time. The best thing about this internship is most of my work is done out the office, and once I get going I can juggle multiple stories at once. I proud to say that my first interview is captured and in the editing process, and I’m on to cover my second story! Now to an experienced videographer this is minimal work, but for me this is encouraging. The mistakes I made in the first interview are things I can perfect in my next story.  Thing such as camera angles and lighting are details I will pay much more attention to so that the final results would be more professional.


Overall I know the purpose of internships is to gain experience and become professional at your skillset. I’m not only learning on my own, but I receive feedback from management as well as interviewees. This process is all about being open to constructive criticism, and if it’s going to make me better I’m all for it.


My “Official” First Day

Well about a month into the semester I officially began my internship with Stetson’s University Marketing team yesterday. I know it’s late compared to others but, Hurricane Irma had plans of her own. Expecting to have a huge assignment on my first day I arrived eagered and ready to work only to find that wasn’t the case. The aftermath of the hurricane from what I could see put the majority of the marketing team behind! As you can imagine they were busy catching up.

So what was there for me to do on my “official” first day? Well after being reintroduced to the staff, I was given a few assignments to complete by next week. As a videographer it’s my job to pitch ideas of potential stories to produce. Therefore my first day was spent becoming familiar with Stetson Today, Stetson University Magazine, and various activities happening around campus. As a non traditional student I rarely have time to engage in campus activities, and my first day gave me the opportunity engage with fellow Hatters. The journey around campus gave me several ideas, and I’m hoping to produce exciting videos in the days to come.

I wish I had something more exciting to blog about but for now this has been my experience. To be honest for me my first day was perfect because it made me aware of the awesome activities  on campus. I began to imagine all the things students are possibly overlooking, and I grew excited knowing that I could bring about a change in that.

So I’m looking forward to pitching my ideas next week to soon capture on video! Stay tuned, it’s going to be an amazing ride!