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Week 10: April 27-May 1

At my last internship week with Lynne, she decided to surprise me and take me to an open event. This event was at an art museum down the street from her office. It was a “paint out” event, where people gathered to watch an artist paint a piece. I would usually be bored watching someone paint, as I have no background in fine art or know of any techniques to paint with. However, the environment surrounding was inspiring, with flowers and a lake which set the perfect scene for her painting. I think that it was nice having this experience. We were able to look in the museum at all of the pieces that had been painted during the “paint out,” most of which were still wet with the paint. After that back at the office, I began working on a new concept for another high end hair salon called “Blanca Salon.” This salon offered much more variety in design then the other salon idea that I have been working on. Lynne has offered me a position to continue working with her throughout the summer on a project basis. I am excited to continue expanding my skills and gain more experience for where ever my career path may take me next!

Week 9 Journal: April 6-9

During my internship this week, I began a project for a Salon in Ohio named Oscars. They are combining with another salon and decided they wanted to completely re-brand, but keep the name. Lynne suggested that I try drawing out a few concepts to further develop the idea and look they were going for. I am not used to drawing things out, but sometimes sketching allows you to release all of the crazy ideas, so you can begin working on the computer with a clearer concept. At first, they did not really have a clear theme, so until they came through with one, I tried to combine some text and font choices to give them some direction as to what they wanted to convey. Eventually, they decided that they wanted a mix between something rock and something glamorous, that emphasizes a feeling of “industrial modern.” It still sounds like I have a lot of room for creativity which can be really fun sometimes! They also said they are known for their circus style lettering sign. That immediately reminded me of Chicago the movie. I am excited to continue working on this project.  Some good news to add is that Lynne would like to have me continue to work with her on various projects throughout the summer. Cool!

Week 8 Journal: March 23-27

During my internship this week, Lynne gave me a new project to work on that will end up going on throughout the course of the summer. It is a project for a Historic pool site in West Virginia that was recently saved from being completely torn down. Now that the property is saved, they want to revamp the entire pool by adding a logo to the bottom of the pool as well as have all new materials for the pool site that include membership cards and even a set of design standards for them to use. The Margaret Mason Weir Memorial Pool, located in  Weirton, WV, is a reminder of Weirton Steel’s boom years which is when the site was first constructed. The Art Deco swimming pool and surrounding Marland Heights Park have been the center of Weirton’s recreational activities since July of 1934. The history of the park and pool is intertwined with that of the city of Weirton and its leading manufacturer, Weirton Steel. I am going to do my best to create an iconic logo for them that combines art deco and maybe touches of steel and water elements that help represent the area at its best. It is nice to feel part of something that is historic. Lynne thinks that we should take a drive up there this summer to see it once it is all complete. I think it would be a great asset to my portfolio!

Week 7 Journal: March 16-20

This week at my internship with Lynne, she asked me to come up with some questions that I wanted more time to explore. Since I was recently offered a job with office depot in their printing services, I wanted to ask her about printing. Not so much the logistics of printing per se, but rather the way to deal with customers who need items printed. I guess my concern was that I would not have a good understanding of their needs, although it was probably just my anxious feelings about starting a new job in a new environment. Lynne said that as long as I am polite to customers, always say “yes” and always make them feel comfortable, then I will have no problem with my orders. She said that I have to prepare for people who will be mean and yell, she says not to take it personally. That is probably the key thing I will have to keep in mind when pursuing my career. I think it is very important separating work from personal life. Even if I am invested in my work and passionate about it, there is no reason to allow someone else effect me in a negative way. It is important to look at things from and outside perspective. That is what I will try and do. After we had our discussion she showed me an promotion that someone tried to create within their company (in Brazil) to promote an Ipad Mini. You should have seen what it looked like before!! She told me to remake and and make it creative, so I spent most of my time doing that. See attached! In addition, one of her clients is going out of business and Lynne takes care of her Facebook Page. I was also asked to create a closing sale ad that reflected the theme of the company. The idea was also to produce these items quickly, within the time frame I was there. Thankfully both were approved and are being used! It was a busy day but I got a lot out of it.

Ipad Mini Promo DeVane closing Ad

Week 6 Journal: Feb 22-27

Last week at my internship with Lynne, we focused heavily on my senior project. She wanted to give me time during the internship to work on it. We discussed image placement and how to connect the user back to texting and driving in each poster. The mistake that we made was conceptualizing a series of posters that relied on another poster to drive the main point home. After a lot of review, I knew I had to go back to the drawing board and refine my concept in a way that the message was clear in every single poster. I worked on designing posters that included two parts. 1) The printed version: including photos and the social aspect of texting which is then compared to 2) The version that pops up when printed version is scanned: the message displayed will leave users thinking as they go through the exhibit. The idea is that their behavior is being “nudged” by what they are experiencing or realizing through my images. Lynne and I discussed the types of fonts that would be appropriate for my posters and I decided it was best to cut my posters up so that the text placement will be well thought out and measured. I think taking the time to consider that is really important when it comes to advertising. The message needs to be simple, clear and readable while making a statement all at the same time. I hope to achieve that within my posters. I really identify with Lynne’s style as an artist and appreciate her guidance and practical approach towards mentoring me with my senior project. It will help me understand what she is looking for in the coming weeks when I have new assignments from her!

Week Five Journal: Feb 9-13

This week at my internship we spent a lot of time just making some progress on the upcoming deadline on the folder design for the local print shop. The client came back with a few changes and I’ve spent the last few hours trying to finalize this design and get it sent out to print.  In addition to that, Lynne set aside some time for us to talk about the creative direction of my senior project .  She found it important to discuss and wanted to give me some guidance. I needed some help trying to conceptualize the new images that I would be creating and we worked on coming up with a cohesive theme that could fit with all the images and across the five different posters. In addition to that, she made a suggestion regarding the pledge and giveaways. She mentioned that sometimes incentives help to nudge behavior and get people excited because they see that there’s something in it for them.  Instead of the envelope challenge we discussed an idea called the “phone pouch” with a tag attached to the side that challenges whoever takes a free pouch can complete the challenge. It is more permanent then an envelope and can be reused. This can serve as a reminder to keep it safe when you’re behind the wheel. I really appreciate Lynne’s suggestions and I can definitely see myself incorporating this new idea into my theme.

Week 4 Journal: Feb 2-6

What I enjoy most about Lynne’s mentor ship is her ability to keep it real with me. She spends a lot of time discussing the practicality of her business as a graphic designer. She often points out some practical tips for the business side of graphic design.  Lynne gets a variety of sized jobs. She has made designs from billboards to business cards. Our most recent job was the small folder design given to us by the local print shop for a small company. The budget was $100. They wanted to purchase a stock photo since (at the time) said they didn’t have access to the original image. This meant that I would have to search for stock photos. I spent a few days trying to compile some good images, only to send them and have them rejected. It was meant to convey a couple purchasing a vacation home–my images focused too much on couple and not enough on house.  Granted, they were still good images and would have worked with the ad, but he wanted us to find more. This is where Lynne stepped in…often times when customers become selective and have a low budget to begin with, she has to tell them to pick up some of the slack. Lynne incorporates research time into her total costs…the time it takes her to search and find images and other resources she has to incorporate in her work. The entire project was put on hold because she explained we already exceeded the amount of time it should have taken to pick a photo and when this happens, she does not hesitate to put the responsibility back on the client. Interestingly enough, a few days later they had contacted the last designer who used the photo and they still had it and sent it over to us. I kind of sat there wondering why they didn’t take a few minutes to do this in the first place and why I was sitting there a week later with the picture we thought we were going to use in the first place. It just goes to show me..on a personal level..that clients underestimate our duties. Lynne has even told me stories of her being hired to project manage only to get sent emails of employees of that company who have taken it upon themselves, with no education or knowledge of design to create their marketing materials. This is a big NO NO! As I’ve been working more closely with Lynne, I have realized that what I feared most about my chosen profession is probably true. That most clients assume that we can come up with these designs quick, that these designs are as simple to make as they are to look at. That is probably one of the most frustrating misconceptions because I am well aware of the amount of thought I put into my work. The time I take trying to understand the concept and how to connect it through color, shape, aesthetic and all of those other important design elements with the goal of creating an effective work of art that can SELL.  The funny part about it is that I am even more aware when someone HAS NOT taken any of this into consideration. This internship is teaching me a lot so far.

Week 3 Journal: Jan 26-30

This past week, I handed in three ideas for the Lake Mary Ped. Dentistry ads for Lake Mary Life. Lynne had also worked on her own ads for her as well. Lynne sent her one of each of our proofs. The client responded and as it turns out, she decided she did not particularly like either of them and wanted to run her old ad again. Lynne says that things like this happen sometimes. Lynne made a great point though, which was to remain unattached for your work. That does not go to say that you don’t care about what you are creating, but it is important not to get too overly attached because you have to remain open to criticism. You won’t be perfect each time and therefore perfect is not the goal, consistency is. I am always open to learning and refining my skills…which includes more then what I can make. It also includes how I’m able to listen and evaluate the ideas of my clients. Lynne gave me an opportunity to do just that this past week. Lynne has a client named Steve Abear that gives her small jobs from their print shop in College Park. She had me go in and lead the conversation with a list of questions to find out what the requirements were for the new design for the 6×9 pocket folder.  It went really well and most of the information was straightforward. The client is a small home insurance company whose main target is couples in the UK who purchase vacation homes in Florida. What we will need for this project is the logo for the home insurance and a new stock photo for the cover that conveys a European couple in front of a home.  Attached are my Dentist Ads for my portfolio. Ad 1Ad 2Ad 3


Week 2 Journal: Jan 19-23

Project: Proof read and submit changes for 128 page catalog previously updated for 2015.

Client: 3W International. A recruitment and home-stay management company for international students from Brazil, China and Eastern Europe. Promoting more than 140 private high schools in the U.S.

Background: Since the company’s conception 3 years ago, this fast-paced corporation has been a moving target responding to the needs and direction of some 20 plus marketing personnel.

To date, there is not an overall Marketing Director. This in itself presents a great deal of challenges. The direction of the design materials has fallen almost entirely onto Polley Creates to implement, design and retain consistent branding of all print and web. The school catalogues have changing agenda, and revisions. The web site, has over 96 pages.

Goal: To become the eagle-eye for brand consistency, type revisions, changes, accuracy of information, and an overall fresh set of eyes! This project will be presented as a PDF document with changes and suggestions offered in an email or word format. Once revisions are made aware, the book will also be produced in Portuguese.

Reflection: This task is much different than the tasks I was expecting to receive. However, after some discussion with Lynne I realized a few things about this type of work. Lynne organizes our meetings in a way where she has a story to tell or a lesson to teach me each time. One of her main goals is to provide me with practical experience in this environment. During our meetings, I asked her if she ever gets jobs that she is not that excited about or become tedious. She brought this project to me, explaining that often times she is in charge for proof-reading and editing the content that she receives as any errors in spelling, grammar or sentence structure. These responsibilities end up falling back on her because the company has not organized this position ahead of time. The content is still a reflection of her work since it is part of the artwork, even if she is being provided with most of it. What I found surprising was the fact that proof-reading and editing is involved in this type of job, perhaps more-so then I first realized. Something interesting to know about me is that I love to write. In high school and throughout college many of my friends would ask me to read their essays or check them for errors. Surprisingly it’s something I enjoy and I always wondered how I could incorporate my passion for writing into my work. It is nice to learn through Lynne that there will be many opportunities to push that hobby into my artwork as well. That is exciting to me!

Week 1 Journal: Jan 12-16

My first task working for Lynne at her graphic design studio in Orlando was to design a series of full page magazine ads for local dentist. Lynne and I discussed how her client wanted to project a new direction, but keep the essence of branding established for the past few years. The client that I will be creating advertisements for is Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry. Some background information about Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry is that they handle all of their marketing in-house; they are family owned by Dr. White and his wife Jen. Jen White makes all of the marketing decisions with regard to promotion. The largest expense to date for marketing are full and quarter page ads that appear in a bi-monthly, local Magazine called Lake Mary Life. Our goal this year is to create eye-catching -colorful ads that will be attention getting while keeping within the feel of a “kid-friendly” environment. Overall, my goal is to create a series of ads, 3 at most that we can utilize throughout the 2015 calendar year. Right now, I feel really excited that Lynne has given me this opportunity. It is crazy to think that my work could be displayed in a magazine for my local community to see. The first time I was involved with Lake Mary Life Magazine was back in high school for the Reynolds’ Right Hands texting campaign initiative. It is exciting to be working with them again. In my designs, I plan to follow her directions but also research other children’s dental ads. This project offers a lot of creative expression due to the theme of the Dentist’s office. I plan to use colorful, vibrant shapes and backgrounds that complement their tropical theme but maintain a sense of organization that parents can read and understand. I also have to make sure that I follow proper templates in accordance with LMLM standards.