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Summer 2018 Logo

As stated in a previous post, when creating anything for marketing that the public is going to see you usually have to go through the Creative Department. So when my boss, David Wood, asked me to create a logo for “Summer at Stetson 2018” I knew I needed to do things through them.

First I talked to Joel Jones, head of the Creative Department. I told him David asked me to make a logo, and in return, Joel asked me what my process for making a logo was. Having taken a Graphic Design course this past spring I had a basic idea of what my process was.

First I did research. I looked up different summer logos, camping logos, school logos, etc. Normally I use Google and Pinterest, but this time I also used a site Brittany Strozzo told me about called Behance. It actually helped me more than Google and Pinterest ever did. I highly recommend it.

After doing research, I started sketching. I knew I wanted to do something with palm trees. Since Stetson has palm court and it would be for summer, I thought a palm tree would be fitting.

Once I had a few sketches done I set up a meeting with Joel. We looked over the sketches, he gave me some input, and said I could go ahead with digitally making the logo.

See I thought that making a logo would be this HUGE process and would be so difficult, but it was actually really easy.

Going into this internship, I was under the impression that with marketing and media you have to jump through hoops to get anything done; but actually, it’s super simple! Yes you have to check that everything is in line with your message and is professional, but you don’t have to check with 20 different people before you make a post on Instagram.

So to anyone that’s going out and wanting to do Digital Arts with Marketing, be confident with what you’re doing, stay within your values, and “it’s better to ask forgiveness than ask permission.”

Outside the Office of University Marketing

Kara Cummings does marketing for the School of Business. So she works with University Marketing, but also outside of University Marketing. I’ll explain..

Mainly when it comes to creative things and marketing materials you usually have to go through the Creative Department of University Marketing, buuuuttttt when you need something quickly they’re a little busy.. Talking to Kara she says that if it’s something that’s going out internally, within Stetson/your department, then it’s okay to not have them make it and you do it. If it’s something that’s going out to the public it’s better to get their approval first.

One of the most important things when working with somebody else is you have to be organized. Kara uses a project management program called Asana. It helps you to organize your projects and the steps you need to make to complete the project.

So when you are working with Creative it’s best practice to tell them what you need at least 6 weeks before you absolutely need it. You should also give them a specific date and a reason why you need it by that date. If you need it sooner than 6 weeks it’s best to give them a few different dates instead of just one.

The Creative Department isn’t super difficult to work with, which is something I definitely thought at one point. They are just EXTREMELY busy. After working with Brittany Strozo for just one day, I was overwhelmed with the amount of things she has to do in just one day.

Talking to Kara I got some insight as to what I can do for the department of Continuing Education and Outreach since we’re also on the outside of University Marketing.

Faculty Web Pages

Throughout the summer I’ve been helping the Continuing Education and Outreach Graduate Assistant, Salman Mujtaba, revamp the department’s website: adding photos, switching layouts, updating information, etc.

As part of my meetings with University Marketing, I spent a day with Jordan Foley. Jordan is one of the web editors for Stetson, and he’s constantly working on projects. Diving into Web Garage, the system Stetson uses for making webpages, I learned that Stetson’s website is HUGE! I know websites have a lot of pages but MY GOODNESS I never knew it could be that many!

Anyways, to help relieve Jordan, I helped him with Stetson’s Faculty Web pages. So each faculty member has their own web page with information they submit to Web Services. I went through the forms and added any new information to the pages.

There were quite a few pages that didn’t exist because the forms were for new faculty members, so it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

Currently Stetson is changing the layout for these faculty web pages. Instead of having everything just layed out and you have to scroll through a lot of things, the pages will now feature accordians. It looks a lot cleaner and that’s ultimately the goal for Stetson’s site. They want things to look clean and easy to navigate.

Helping Jordan with this project I realized how much work being a Web Editor is. It’s a lot of double checking information, making sure the formatting is correct, checking links, checking code, etc. It’s a lot and while it’s cool to be a part of, I can tell that it’s not something for me. So props to anybody that loves coding and is passionate about coding, like I WISH. I’ll stick to using the visual editor in Web Garage and call Web Services if I need help.

Thanks friends.

“Where We Stand Project”

I’ve come to find that a lot of my days with The Office of University Marketing involve researching and assisting with various projects.

Janie Graziani is the Assistant Vice President of Marketing/Media Relations. The day I went to work with her she sent me an email that morning about a project I could help her with.

Dr. Libby’s office had received a call about possibly participating in the “Where We Stand Project” with the Committee for Citizen Awareness. Neither of us had ever heard about this project or committee, so as soon as I got there she gave me the lowdown and I got to researching.

It turns out, the Committee for Citizen Awareness produces educational videos about the government and distributes them to public schools free of charge. The “Where We Stand Project” specifically talks about the health in our nation. According to research done by the National Institutes of Health, it seems that people who go to college and receive higher education tend to have better health than those that don’t.

The reason they reached out to Dr. Libby is because they want her to talk about Stetson and help promote this idea of going to college. One of the concerns Janie had was how much it would cost the school, because normally things like this cost upwards of $10,000. However, this project would only cost a total of $7,000 over the span of two years ($3,500 per year), and we would have full copyright to our portion of the project. A lot of times you don’t get the rights to your footage, so this information was a pleasant surprise.

I never knew that people called and asked President Libby to be a part of projects like this, so helping research and gather information was fun. I feel like a lot with Digital Arts, it’s important to research any project you are a part of to make sure that you want your name associated with it. Yes a job is a job, but you could also be putting your reputation on the line.

Going forward I’ll remember to know fully what I am a part of and make sure that I’m not compromising my own beliefs and values just for a check.

Working with Cory Lancaster

I’ve never really been someone who is good at writing. I stumble over my words, I can never get my point across, and I more often than not, lose track of my story. This summer, I had the opportunity to work with Cory Lancaster for a day and ask her some questions about stories and other aspects of journalism.

Cory Lancaster is the woman behind Stetson Today. She doesn’t write all of the stories herself, but she does have a say in the who/what/when/where for each post.

On my day with Cory, she had me look through the home page and see what stood out to me. I gave her some input as to what stories I would most likely click, as well as suggestions for changing titles/descriptions. I didn’t think she would actually go and change any of the titles or descriptions, BUT SHE DID! It was the coolest feeling in the world to think that my input was not only valid, but also useful!

Later I was able to assist Cory in fabricating an e-mail message into a story about the speaker for Values Day.  We took the text from the e-mail, rearranged it to sound more like an article, added some hyperlinks and photos, named it, then posted it. The entire time I felt like I was a part of something so important. It wasn’t just a school project, THIS WAS THE REAL WORLD!

I learned from Cory that when writing a story it’s important to keep things in chronological order and have a clear idea of what you are trying to say. It’s not hard to write a story, because most of the time the story writes itself. You just might need to add a few transition sentences.

My Snapchat Takeover

About a week ago I got the opportunity to takeover the Stetson University official Snapchat. I felt so honored to be able to do it! As mentioned in my previous post, I had been working with Gerri Bauer in The Office of University Marketing. I mentioned to her that it might be cool to do a Takeover with one of the summer camps that are going on within Stetson, not one of the external camps that uses Stetson’s campus. Currently the School of Music had their Summer Flute Workshop going on, so I emailed Carrie Methany asking if it would be of interest to them for me to do a Snapchat Takeover. She ran it by the camp director, sent me a schedule, and we set up the Takeover for that Friday!

Friday comes and I show up to Presser and I have NO IDEA WHERE I AM GOING! I just started wandering and eventually found the campers, but all the while I had to think, “How am I going to create a Snapchat story that promotes Stetson, the School of Music, and Summer Camp?”

It may not really seem that a background in Digital Arts really helps with creating good Snaps, but I was able to take some of the things I learned from Digital Video and apply them to this project.

Thinking about things like how to get good lighting, decent audio, proper framing… All of these made the Snapchat story look professional and put together.

Gerri said I could continue to do Snapchat Takeovers if I want to, I just have to talk to her first. I would love to brainstorm some ideas of how to maybe integrate more design aspects into Snapchat stories. So far I have that something could be designed beforehand and using Snapchat’s Scissors Creative Tool to save the design and put it into the snap.. If you have any other ideas please let me know!

But that’s all for this post!

See you next time friends 🙂

-Taylor Hamilton


Social Media Calendar

Hi friends!

So this past week I met with Gerri Bauer in the Office of University Marketing. She is the Social Media and Interactive Marketing Manager and is in charge of the main social media accounts for Stetson.

One of the main things we talked about was the importance of creating a social media calendar. Posting frequently allows your audience to have more opportunities to engage and interact with your business/company/university/etc. The idea of the social media calendar is that you would know what your posting, when your posting it, and what you need to do if you still need to gather things to post.

Gerri and I talked mainly about Instagram and Snapchat, in terms of social media. We went in and analyzed the Instagrams of other Stetson departments as well as other schools. Our findings showed that instead of just posting pictures, these accounts will post a photo with an added graphic to share more information about upcoming events. So while taking good photos is important, more and more accounts are incorporating simple graphics to enhance their message. Considering that some people just enjoy scrolling through their feed, they don’t always take the time to read an entire caption – thus the integration of graphic use.

Since it’s summertime she didn’t have much for me to work on, so I began to create and outline a social media calendar for CEO. It was a lot harder than I thought,  because I am still learning about the department as I’m working here.

She did send me on a mission though to Snapchat the “Hatter Chatter” livestream and also post about it on Instagram. I was so nervous and it didn’t go as well as I thought it should have.

It’s all a learning process though, and Gerri even said she would love for me to work with her during the school year! I’d have to volunteer my time though because I already have a work study position with CEO. But since I’ll be learning I really don’t mind volunteering my time.

That’s it for this post!

See you next time!

Taylor Hamilton


What is CEO

CEO normally stands for “Chief Executive Officer,” but at Stetson it also stands for the department of Continuing Education and Outreach. During the school year we handle Test Prep, Educational Travel, Continuing Education, and more. For the summer, we work with the various camps and conferences that are held at Stetson or by Stetson.

The department hires Conference Assistants (CAs) to act as RAs for the summer. These CAs handle check-in/check-out, lockouts, missing keys, supervising meals, etc. As the Marketing and Media Intern, I am in charge of taking pictures and promoting our summer camps.

One of the first camps we had was the Stetson L.E.A.D. camp. The CAs hosted nightly activities for the campers to play.

On the last day of camp the campers went to the Florida Youth Ranch and were tasked with completing various obstacle courses.

These courses and activities allowed the campers to learn applicable life and leadership skills.

Throughout the summer we’ve also been hosting camps by STEAM Society. It’s a day camp so these campers don’t stay on campus, but during the day they work with either Minecraft, Robotics, or Videography.

The Minecraft camp teaches about coding and being able to make your own mods to customize the game.

Robotics involves making robots and how to get them to do specific tasks and navigate obstacles.

In the Videography camp, the campers are making videos about whatever they want to.

They’re learning about lighting, audio, angles, editing, etc.

We don’t do much with the other camps (i.e. music camps) while they’re on campus except for look after them and just make sure they can get into their rooms. As a whole though, the department handles room rentals and renting out spaces for the camps.

I’m not a CA, but if anybody needs a job for next summer it’s a fun time. They pay for you to stay on campus as well as most of your meals, and it’s overall a really great time.

Meeting with Marketing

TODAY WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I know in my last blog post I talked about how my internship still hasn’t been totally up and running, but today that all changed! I met with April and J in the Marketing department of Stetson today. J is in charge of Events and April is her assistant. We talked about how when it comes to marketing from events it’s not always about logo and brand. Lately, they’ve been focusing on creating an experience that people will remember and then associating the brand with that experience. So rather than create an experience with a brand, we’re creating a brand with an experience.

In the office I did a lot of brainstorming about things I could do with my department to incorporate this mentality into our marketing and how I could incorporate this into Digital Arts. These are some of the things I came up with.

  • Lifelong Learning
    • Make sure our registration process, our teachers, our courses… are all easily accessible, usable, and entertaining
    • Work with course leaders to create content for their courses
  • Educational Travel
    • Relate Education Travel with Stetson by demonstrating Stetson’s values through our social media posts
    • Vamp up old materials and give them more of a design element to create a more fun experience with the papers participants are carrying around

As you can see, it’s not much. It’s definitely a starting point though! I’m going to continue working with Marketing every Tuesday until August 8th, that’s the last day I work with them. I have never been more excited! Just this morning as they were taking me around the office. I felt like a kid in a candy store!! This is going to be an amazing summer!!

Stay Classy,

Taylor Hamilton

The Making of an Internship

I work with  the office of Continuing Education and Outreach (CEO) during the school year as a work study student, and the transition to “Marketing and Media Intern” has been interesting.

Some of the things I was working on before transferred over into my duties for the past few weeks. I’ve been helping sort out room keys, fob access, check-in-check-out for camps, etc. This is the first year of this internship, so none of us are quite sure how it’s going to workout. Ideally I’m supposed to meet with someone in the marketing department once a week and shadow them, then apply those skills to media for CEO. So far, Marketing hasn’t been communicating well with us. However, Dana Simmons in Admissions emailed me and she will soon have me work on various designs that the university will use.

Even though I haven’t been able to meet with marketing, I have been able to do a bit for the social media for CEO. I created a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page for the department. I’ve been going around campus and taking pictures of the campers, what they’re doing, and show that they’re having fun. I’m able to play around a lot with what makes a good photo, what doesn’t, depth of field, angles… I’m learning a lot from trial and error, but my supervisor and I are still trying to reach out and have me do more.

It’s a slow start, but soon everything will work itself out. For now, I’m taking pictures and running the social media. I look forward to updating you when all the pieces begin to fall into place!

Stay classy,

Taylor Hamilton