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Weekly Reflection 15

Week Fifteen 04/25 through 05/05


After going to East Coast Aircraft on Thursday to discuss posters for Marta’s office and the facility we decided that these posters and the book pages will be different. This then led us into the conversation about what she wanted the posters for the office to look like, which she decided to go with 2 posters to display one paint and one interior picture to showcase next to an interior material swatch or exterior paint swatch. Another 3 posters will consist of collages of planes, one of small planes and one of large as well as a poster with interior photos that they painted/refurbished. After saying this these were brand new poster designs than what I have been working on in the previous weeks, which is a little disappointing. Fortunately for some of the poster designs that I created could be incorporated into the book that she had me create this week. I used a company called Artisan State, which is a company online at I was hoping to have the book created last week, week fourteen, but due to a couple set backs from the different poster designs I had to complete it this week. Unfortunately though due to a lack of professional pictures Marta decided later in the week that we would give up on the book until a later date after spending some time on creating the pages.  Also due to these set backs I had to tell them that I couldn’t make the way to showcase different interior and exterior samples easily, but instead we are trying to do that with the different posters. This was actually my last week with East Coast Aircraft and I have to say that I have achieved a lot and very happy to have completed this wonderful opportunity. I am finishing up some of the posters for them and will be able to present them to Marta on Monday in order to be sent to printing.


back_coverspine front_cover

page 1page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 page 9 page 10 page 11 page 12 page 13 page 14 page 16








Weekly Reflection 14

Week fourteen 04/18 through 04/24


This week started with me finishing up the posters that I have been creating, but then I was asked to make them smaller changing the dimensions from 2ft by 3ft to 18in by 24in. Once I was asked to do this I sat down with Marta to go through the photos of the planes, so that she could just pick the planes that she wanted made into posters. Now that she has picked these it made making the posters a lot quicker and now that they are finished I can show them to Marta, hopefully get them approved and start creating the book that she wants so showcase her work. The website has been apparent again in this week for little changes through out.  Which consisted of moving some pictures that were again in the wrong place, repositioning a paragraph on the interior page. I also put more transportation and lodging information on the contact page, in order to make it easier for customers to find a way to their facility or a close place to stay. The last thing that I updated on the website was a promo tab for future promotions, which Sonya a new employee will be creating a design for my to put on this tab, I believe, every month. With next week being the last week I have a couple things that I hope to finish. One being the book of examples and two, a way to showcase different interior and exterior samples that Marta would like made to make it easier to showcase different combinations.


Note: The posters are too large to upload onto this forum.

Contact Page

Interior Page


Weekly Reflection 13

Week thirteen 04/11 through 04/17


This week at East Coast Aircraft was no different from the rest, but a little more rewarding because I was able to complete a lot tasks for them that were all basically approved. I started off the week creating more posters for them, which I was able to complete about half of the Piston Twin Planes. Another task that I accomplished this week was the sixth Eblast Advertisement for an aircraft magazine like I’ve done before for 5 other advertisements. This week also consisted of going back to the website and reconfiguring some pages. First I was tasked to Remove the Primary interior and exterior pages and consolidate them as a list in the corner of the existing interior and exterior sub pages. I also was asked to take the cockpit page and cabin page and consolidate them as well to make one interior page with no sub-tabs. For the exterior page I was asked to do the same, where the strip and paint page is now the primary exterior page instead of a sub-tab. Also we noticed that some of the titles on the home page and through out the website there were links that actually weren’t links, so I went and removed the ability to click on these titles. The last task for the website was to change some things on the contact page. First Marta wanted the google map to show the satellite view first instead of the map view. Second she wanted the ability to have an area where people could easily find Hotels around the area near their location, so I put some links to a couple local hotels under the map with the hotels phone number and address. That was it for this week and just two more weeks left.



Location infö added, and satellite view loaded first
Location infö added, and satellite view loaded first
All tabs consolidated into one page
All tabs consolidated into one page
All consolidated into one page
All consolidated into one page

Weekly Reflection 12

Week twelve 04/05 through 04/10


This week at East Coast Aircraft was pretty eventful because I was able to finalize some designs for Marta that were up to her standards. First off I redesigned some of the eblast designs because she wanted some of the layouts and colors changed and now that I have done that she is happy with most of them. I also went back and fixed some of the Sun and Fun posters for her so that she could use those for the event. I have also completed some more posters for her that includes most of the single piston planes. I still have to find a new background and a way to get the pictures to stand out a little more. Another thing that I was able to do is update all of the jet posters so that they are all the correct size, which unfortunately a lot of the pictures that are used aren’t large enough, so I have discussed that with her and she says that she might just not use those planes. The last thing that I accomplished this week was the 5th advertisement for Eblast, which I still need to show to Marta for approval. Hopefully everything will be approved this week and I can focus more on different designs and the Book that she wants created.









Weekly Reflection 11

Week Eleven 03/27 through 04/04


This week at East Coast Aircraft went well and was successful in many ways. First off after this weeks update I was able to finally see one of my designs in an advertising magazine for local businesses. Also Marta told me that the Business Cards have been printed and they look excellent. For the design work that I completed this week I took the signs for the Fun and Sun event and enlarged them. After doing this there was a big Set back because it pixilated the logo so I had to spend quite amount of time recreating the logo so that it would not be pixilated once blown up to the 20x16in dimensions. Another thing that I achieved was fixing the Eblast advertisements 2 and 3. Also I was able to create a new advertisement for this week. After the update on Thursday Marta had asked me to redo the advertisements that have the black logo with gold trim and make it a plain yellow logo because she feels like it will stand out more. So after a long week of making advertisements I will be going back to improve them once more. Hopefully this week I will be able to give her a final copy of these advertisements that are up to her standards.


02_eblast_version2 03_eblast_version2 04_eblast20x16_interior_black_trim 20x16_interior_combined_trim 20x16_interior_gold_trim 20x16_paint_black_trim 20x16_paint_combined_trim 20x16_paint_gold_trim 20x16_Paint_interior_black_trim 20x16_paint_interior_combined_trim 20x16_paint_interior_gold_trim

Weekly Reflection 10

Week ten 03/21 through 03/27

This week was pretty successful in getting stuff to printing for upcoming events that Marta will be attending in order to advertise East Coast Aircraft. First off I was able to create a business card for her husband which was pretty easily since all I had to do was replace her name with his and she tells me that these will hopefully be printed in the next couple weeks. During the week there was a set back due to the fact that I had to go in and resize of the posters that I have been creating because unfortunately I was making them 2×3 inches instead of 2x3ft which obviously is a huge difference. I so far have gotten caught up for the most part with resizing all of the posters for the Jet category. Also marta asked me to stop into the Stetson print shop to get an estimate on how much it would cost to print the posters that I am developing. I also was able to complete another Eblast advertisement, which will make 3 of 10. Last I developed signs for Marta to put up in front of the planes that they either refurbished or painted or both at an event that she will be attending called “Fun and Sun. Next week should be an even better experience at East Coast Aircraft and I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish for them.

Paulus Business Car

3rd Eblast Ad

Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign

Weekly Reflection 9

Week nine 03/14 through 03/20


This week everything has been pretty slow due to the lack of website improvements. For the website the only that I was asked to do was to add an icon for Linked in and add a few more photos to carousel on the home page of For now since the website is basically complete I have been focusing on creating advertisements for Marta and her company East Coast Aircraft. After my update with her she only asked me to change a couple things on the advertisements in order for them to be complete. So this next week I will try to finish those in order to get them into the newspapers/magazines. Also she asked me to revisit the business cards one last time to improve them slightly before printing. What she asked me to do was remove the title under her name and to make them all glossy instead of the leather texture that we were thinking about doing. Another thing that I completed were mock-ups for posters that will be made for customers/office display. After I am done with all of the posters she wants me to get them printed and then also using them in order to make a book of their work. Hopefully these up coming weeks pay off and I can finish a lot of advertisements for her and start on the book that she wants me to make.



no title under name
no title under name


I don't like the middle sections color on this ad and hope to improve it somehow
I don’t like the middle sections color on this ad and hope to improve it somehow

Weekly Reflection 8

Week eight 03/07 through 03/13

This week for my internship was great. Unfortunately Jewel has moved on to Grad school, so I lost my main contact for the internship, which I was a little worried about because she is the one that gives me all of the work to do and kept me busy for the week. This turned out not to be a problem because Marta the president was just as attentive to keeping me busy for the entire week. I’ve moved away from the Website now since I’ve almost done everything they’ve asked from me to update. So for this week I was assigned a bunch of photoshop based designed, which is great because it expands my skills from not only web design but to photoshop now as well. This week I started off by finished up the business cards which she still wanted me change slightly even though she was happy with it the week prior. Also I finished the postcard flyers because again she wanted me to change them slightly so that she could fit the stamp and the to: address. I also took it a step further and designed both of these in a web application called Layar, which enables augmented reality, which I hope to show her in this next week. Another task I completed was an advertisement for an upcoming newspaper ad. In addition I also started to work on a design for posters that she hopes to give out to past customers and to hang in her office for display.


I would upload some examples but for some reason it keeps showing an error. I will try later on.

Weekly Reflection 7

Week seven 02/28 through 03/06


Week seven of my internship was a lot like the rest, a bunch of photo editing, resizing and uploading. Luckily I was able to finish the advertisement for them to be put into a magazine that will be advertised for about a month. Also I was able to almost finalize the post card sized flyers that Marta wanted to send out to her customers for more advertising. Another item that I was able to start on were templates for posters that Marta is hoping to make for around the office and the workplace to show off her work in an easy and professional manner. I was suppose to get a design drawn up for the promotions tab because she wants it to be a picture that the customer can possibly print out and bring in to the shop or just view from their website. Due to it being spring break however and me spending some time at home I was not able to complete this for her. Fortunately I am meeting one of the other designers that they have, so that we can brain storm on some of these tasks to make it easier for all of us with communication. I hope by meeting the other designer that not only will it help all of us to communicate our ideas better, but also for her to give me some ideas in order for me to complete the promotions page and other advertisements that Marta needs for the upcoming magazine entries.


Unfortunately the posters exceed the file size that is required to upload.





Weekly Reflection 6

Week six 02/21 through 02/27

The internship took up a lot of my time this week and I went well over the 12 hours that is required for me to spend. But I felt that it was better that I didn’t allow the time constraint decide whether or not I was done for the week because by going over I got mostly everything they wanted me to get done completed. The things that I completed consisted of getting the gallery done, I imagine in the weeks to come they will ask me to upload more photos to the gallery, but for now it is done and they are happy with how it looks. They asked me to add the photos, but also they asked me to make sure that all of the pages within the gallery had the title of the aircraft as well as the job that was done, whether it was a paint or interior job or both. Another thing they asked me to do was create a page that had a list of testimonials on it in order for other customers to see how happy other people are with East Coast Aircraft’s service. The last thing that I completed this week was a advertisement design that they could send to various different magazines, so for that I went in to East Coast Aircraft and discussed what they would like the design to look like and their overall design. From there I took their ideas and design and made them a mock-up in Photoshop. Overall they are happy with it, they would just like to add one other picture that they will be sending me within the week.


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