Balancing work and school.

The main office floors were cleaned this week, so I spent most of my week working with Ericka and coming up with plans for the outside of the school.   There are brick pillars that she has requested me to paint with inspirational words, such as: believe, achieve, hope, etc.  I’ve decided to keep this simple and just have an eclectic style font in black and white, with a color background.  We have also decided to have it facing on both sides of the pillar so no matter which side you are walking on you will see the words.  I cant wait to see how that looks.  Today I spent my morning working on the mural again.  I am quite uneasy today about how its coming along.  I find myself jumping around on ideas but know that I just need to stay focused and just keep painting.   Next week I would like to have the mural finished so I can start and finish our other projects we have set up.  I am excited for the end result but have to remember to enjoy the ride and make the best out of what I can.  This weekend I plan on sketching ideas that maybe can work for the mural or just let it be, we will see by Monday.  On a personal note, I am tired.  Between my full time job and this, I return home exhausted.  But I am grateful.

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  1. I know you have been working hard this summer. I hope that the mix of this opportunity with your regular work is worth it. Now your task will be to figure out how to make an income through your art, and hopefully having this project in your portfolio will help open some doors to do just that.

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