Beach Week

Week 3 of my Chesapeake Family internship revolved around the same stuff as well as some new stuff. On Tuesday and Wednesday I made more advertisements with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, some consisting of photos and some with designs. Since summer is near, these ads were beach and vacation related.

On Thursday, I went to Ocean City, a beach about two hours from work. The National Aquarium was releasing a seal back into the wild and Chesapeake Family wanted me to do coverage of it. Mom live streamed the event on Facebook and I took photographs with my Nikon D3200, which are on the Chesapeake Family Instagram and Facebook.

After the seal release, I visited the Ocean City boardwalk to take photographs and videos. Some photos are “postcards,” the usual shots you see in media , and some are a bit more “artsy,” shot from different angles to make them more unique. One shot, for instance, was taken with my camera on the ground , creating a view from a lower level and giving the boardwalk a Main Street kind of feel. I also took photographs of the beach, water, pods of dolphins swimming by, and The Haunted House, one of the oldest dark rides in the world. The owners let me ride for free since I am a fan of it and I will be writing an article about The Haunted House for the magazine.

Speaking of writing, I am also writing an article about Disney bucket lists for Chesapeake Family. Since I am a huge Disney fanatic and the company wants to give families Walt Disney World vacation tips, they’re having me write about it, and I might go to Disney for a weekend next month to do coverage of the new Toy Story Land that’s opening.

After the beach, I visited the Salisbury Zoo on my way home to do animal photography, and I’ll write about that too.

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