Busy times at Stetson University

Hopefully, it was clear that my title is playing off of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But if not, it certainly is now.

It is the fifth week of the semester, which means the time for ‘beginning’ has passed. Deadlines in nearly all of my classes are fast approaching, whether it be for a research project or essay. Interacting with those around me, it’s clear that my schedule is not the only one in a tumultuous state. Both professors and students are facing a demanding part of the semester.

So what do I do when much of my internships requires the time of these busy people? Go where they are. It certainly saves me time to send out a few e-mails and find content for my next post in my inbox, but I’ve had to spend more time recently meeting with people in person, catching them in their spare moments.

In-person interviews naturally take up more of my time, but I’m learning that adapting to different circumstances is what makes a good employee (or student, or intern). If I ignore the need to take that extra step, my tasks simply won’t be accomplished. The responsibility is on my side, to make the extra effort. This is a lesson I hope to carry to work I do in the future, at law school and beyond.

It is always easier to blame the outside factor: he didn’t respond to my e-mail or she wasn’t available during her office hours. I always want to be an individual who goes above and beyond, even when it might mean sacrificing some extra time on these busy days.

One thought on “Busy times at Stetson University”

  1. This so true, and such a great lesson! Same goes for businesses that need customers. You can have the best product in the world, but if it’s too hard for your customers to get to you, you will struggle. You have to go be willing to go where the people are!

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