Colby Johnson Audio Internship

Our second meeting I was assigned more tasks, I was to go through all of the synthesizers in the studio and see which ones work and which ones did not. Among the synthesizers I worked on I found the Yamaha DX7 to be the most interesting. However, this synthesizer had several issues that needed to be addressed before the students could use it. The first issue was that of no audio output from the device. After doing some research online I found that the issue was easily solved, it was just a matter of going through the menu and finding the setting called “Note on/off” and making sure it was on. This would need to be done any time the DX7 was unplugged then rebooted. If it stayed plugged in then it wouldn’t need to be done. This brings me to the second issue with the DX7, that of a dead internal battery. After notifying Amandine it was my duty to get the synthesizer back in working order. I did some more online research and found that the batteries that go in the device are very inexpensive and could be ordered through the school. The next issue came with how to replace the battery, we would have to unscrew the entire device and remove the housing and re-solder it back on with the new battery. The decision was to order the batteries the following week and once they arrived, to enlist the help of Dr. Roberts to help solder the battery back in the device.