Colby Johnson Audio Internship

The studio maintenance has been going very smoothly so far. After having a discussion with Dr. Pras, we realized that it would be in the best interest of the studio if we compiled a list of general tools and items that would be helpful in maintaining the integrity of the studio. Among such items on the list were screws, a set of various screw drivers and pliers, a drill, and the batteries required to fix the DX7. I had also been doing outside research on the best placement for the speakers inside the lab. After reading “The Studio SOS Book: Solutions and Techniques for the Project Recording Studio” By Paul White, I decided that the best route for me to go was to move the desk further off of the wall as this could create a more accurate stereo field for the listener. The way it is currently set up, the user would have to move back several feet to be able to hear what he or she was doing and of course this can be very counterproductive. Based on my outside research, I concluded that the best option for solving this issue was to assemble the speakers in a classic equilateral triangle configuration. This would help my fellow students on two accounts, one being by providing a more accurate and realistic stereo field for the user to work with, and the second being as it would be set up more like a real world studio, preparing the student for post college studio work.