Colby Johnson Audio Internship

At this point of the internship, Dr. Pras and I discussed doing a video tutorial on the DX7 and that became my additional task for the week. I spent some extra time with the device and created a miniature version of a lesson plan surrounding the device. I taught myself all of its features in an effort to become as familiar with the device as possible. After this, I rented a camera from the library and started filming, I did multiple takes of all the scenes so I would have more footage to work with during the post production phase. It took me about 4 hours in total to create the tutorial and upload it to YouTube, not including the time it took to research the DX7. I learned a lot from making this tutorial, I became extremely familiar with the DX7, learning how to program my own patches, using the on board effects to further manipulate them and make them my own. I also learned about the various features within the DX7 that could change its play-ability, such as the Keyboard split where one half of the keys can play a patch while the other half could play a different one. Filming the tutorial also taught me the importance of multiple takes, the creative use of lighting and how to properly prepare the camera for recording. It has also come to my knowledge that the list of required tools previously compiled by Dr. Pras and I has been ordered and should be in by next week.