Colby Johnson Audio Internship

This week Dr. Pras asked me to spend our scheduled meeting time to help a fellow student with a project she was working on for a competition. She had created a vest that was covered in sensors that interacted with a program she wrote that created various sounds as the sensors were adjusted. She had explained to me that she needed to record the output from her self-created device and wanted to know how to do so. I told her all of the various ways to record what she needed to do. The most obvious method and in my opinion the most effective was to create a direct line in from her laptop to the studio patch bay. I told her using an 8th inch headphone jack to a split quarter inch cable would be the most effective. I then proceeded to show her how to set up logic to record her output. I told her all about signal flow and how to trouble shoot if something were to go wrong, explaining to her to try to record at a max volume of -12 to -6 db to avoid the possibility of peaking and distorting the recording. We then discussed possible real world applications for her device, such as a track jacket with motion sensors that a DJ could wear to switch and navigate between tracks, adjust eq settings, trigger effects or speed up and slow down the song. Overall, this has been one of the more creative weeks of the internship, as it allowed me to share ideas with another student.