Colby Johnson Audio Internship

My first meeting with Dr. Pras was very insightful in regards to what it was that I would be doing this semester. We discussed the best options for how to accomplish certain tasks and also decided on set days for me to go down to the studio to clean up and organize misplaced items. It was decided that I would go down to the studio at least 3 times a week to perform my basic duties as an intern. I decided that Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday would be the best given my work schedule. During these weekly sessions, it was my responsibility to make sure that no equipment had been accidentally misplaced or stolen, to gather any lose microphones and cables and put them in the right place, and to make sure the desktop of the studio computer stayed clean. The way I was told to clean the computer was to create a separate folder on the desktop and name it with the date I was cleaning, and to move any of the unorganized files on the desktop to that folder. After a week, if those files were still present in that folder I was to delete the files as they were taking up disk space. I was also assigned the duty of finding a better placement for the speakers. Amandine and I discussed several different options for going about doing this, and it was decided that I should do some outside research to find out the best way for the speakers to be set up. We also scheduled to meet every Wednesday at noon.