Colby Johnson Audio Internship

This week Dr. Pras has brought to my attention that my speaker placement was negatively effecting her ability to do class hearings. I was instructed to put the speakers back into their original positions and to make markings on the floor using tape to show the two different listening positions. I’m assuming the original placement of the speakers was mean for class listening, and It was up to the student to move the monitors where they were needed. This week I also met up with one of the students to work with them on how to mix songs. I taught him mainly about using an equalizing plugin, and how attenuating frequencies was often more effective than boosting them. I taught him the importance of listening to his tracks in mono, and mixing the majority of the time in mono. I think this was a helpful thing to teach him as its helped me for two reasons. The first reason I think it’s helpful is that it makes all the instruments collapse on each other, it’s the most effective way to show frequency masking among various instruments within the same octave. The second reason being that the stereo field can be very misleading for the mix engineer, it can make instruments sound like they have more room than they actually do. I always mix my songs in mono, it is one of many small tricks I have learned from other engineers that has helped me get to the level I am currently at.