Communication is Key

Throughout my internship, I’ve had many issues with communication. As mentioned before every week we have a conference call, however, up until last week those weren’t happening so I was sort of guessing with what I should be doing. Attempts at reaching out were never answered, and with a new semester, we had to pick a new weekly call time. After finally getting that all figured out I was assigned another task! The last project I worked on was the 12 days of Christmas campaign that they did (I’ve attached a few of my favorite designs below). Most recently, I’ve been asked to make a worksheet template for their event they have coming up. Additionally, I was assigned to research binders. I was a little confused by that assignment, but they need a binder to put the worksheets in and they wanted a sustainable option since that’s what their company is all about. So this week I’ve been delving into the world of sustainable binders. Surprisingly, there are a lot more options than I originally believed there would be. So until next week, I will be researching different options of sustainable binders and compiling them into an excel form for Heather (my boss) to review.  So if you’re ever in need of anything sustainable you might be shocked by the countless options you have available at your fingertips.

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  1. Thanks for including some images of your work! This really helps me better understand what you have been producing for them.

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