Continuing Work and Projects

For the past few weeks we’ve been working a bit more on the theme and image for Collective’s ‘Lent’ series. Surprisingly, it’s been very┬áchallenging to find an image that relates to mortality in a positive light, but I did suggest the theme of New Orleans funerals and the idea went over very well. The image would either be one consistent image or a variety of images, but it seems to be leaning towards one consistent image. It’s still a nice change to be working on something more cohesive rather than projects that vary in purpose and theme, especially in such depth. This also goes for creating a graphic related to the theme of each Sunday. This week’s theme is “The Gift of Mortality” which transitions┬áthe Lent theme. It was challenging to find something appropriate and not too intimidating, and also not related to New Orleans since that’s a separate series. I went ahead with an hourglass rather than a skull.

The sponsorship packet has gone though multiple revisions, primarily related to what benefits each tier of sponsorship will receive and a typo here and there. Thankfully the design has stayed and I’m glad that’s still the case. I’ve also made runs to the print shop plenty of times and it’s been beneficial to become familiar with what is provided there (at a low cost). In relation to marketing for Sunday Soul Brunch, I’ve been posting the event in various online calendars and gone around town to hang up posters.┬áThe first time I went a few weeks ago I was pretty nervous to walk around and ask people to hang a poster, even though I wasn’t the one asking. Today I went around on my own and I was still nervous and stumbled my words a bit, but the actual process was incredibly easy and I feel much more comfortable doing the task myself in the future.

Things are going fairly well so far, and I know it’ll be vamping up in the coming weeks with the start of Lent, as well as Easter.

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  1. Glad you are getting experience interacting with people and businesses. It can be scary at first, but it is such a necessary skill. People-to-people form the bedrock of most businesses.

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