As I have mentioned in previous posts, my company Darice sells art supplies. Therefore commonly we need to test our product by creating new crafts. This process will happen in one of two ways. The first option will be that we get in new product and we need Packaging photos. If we need packaging photos we will first take a picture of the individual product, then we will find a way to use our product in a craft. Crafts like this can range anywhere from Popsicle stick houses to 4ft canvases full of acrylic paint. This method spirited a lot of crafts but I was lucky enough to work on this summer. My favorite being a large canvas that was 78 inches by 60 inches with a new technique called pouring that we are researching for our Trend Department. We are working on a new line called studio71 which provides classic artist materials instead of crafting. I have attached photos of this canvas to the bottom of my post. The second option to Spirit our crafts this summer was our renovation and new design implements in our showroom at the Strongsville and Atlanta headquarters. In order to make our showroom and products more appealing to our large buyers, we decided to redesign our entire showroom. A showroom in our company is a mock version of what you will see when you put our products in your store. Our redesign featured Spring Garden and several other holiday featured product. In order to keep our store fresh and Innovative we crafted more than half of our display for the new showroom look. From this we created multiple crafts such as new signage banners from our product, new pallet signs from our product, and even built brand new shelving units and stained them with our product.  As mentioned in the past our company likes to create a very comfortable and family-oriented work environment. This being said another way of crafting at our Corporation is stemmed from Health Wellness days. During this time, our project managers who do the majority of crafting, will lead the entire department in a group crafting day. That day will consist of an openoffice forum in their crafting room for anyone in the creative Department to come by and relieve stress or to find therapy in making crafts with our product.