David Tutera Photo SHoot

Our Team not only covers normal crafting trends but we also cover wedding, party, home decor and many more crafting trends. A large part of our jobs while developing products is also developing new brands and packaging. This being said we work with our in house product commercial photographers on a regular bases to acquire product shots as well as hold photo shoots. We work with our in house designers in addition to large r outside designers for all of our product production and photo shoots. Currently our company has a partnership with the large wedding designer David Tutera. This past spring, my colleague Rachel who has all creative direction on photo shoots held a large scale wedding photo shoot and David Tutera came to Cleveland to be in it with the rest of our models. This coming week we will be doing another large scale photo shoot focusing on three new wedding trends in David’s line for 2018. Instead of going to a venue for our photo shoot this time, we built one in our storage building called Q2. We layed flooring, built walls (that are also being used for a Martha Stewart photo shoot), installation pieces, built faux windows, and ordered furniture, and other venue specific items. Ive been asked to model for our Old Hollywood themed wedding trend for our packaging photos and will get to have that experience while working with my team as well! As a smaller business we commonly use our own staff as models and for packaging materials.

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  1. Yes, small companies can press you into all sorts of roles, modeling or otherwise. Glad you are learning to be flexible. This is a very valuable trait in that type of environment and it can help you stand out from other applicants or employees.

    One correction: basis, not bases.

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